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      I have a question, and I hope someone can explain it to me.

      Whenever there is any kind of terrorist attack, a given group will step forward to “claim responsibility”.

      What does this even mean, and why doesn’t it spell repercussions for the one claiming?

      Oh, that was you? Ok then.


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      They are saying that somebody belonging to their group commited the attack. And of course there are reprecussions. Its called a predator missle up the ass when little snackbar takes a break from goat fucking and sticks his head outside that cave. He heers a faint wistle getting louder but by the time he realises wtf is going on BOOM. Its just very hard to track down and punish those responsible.

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      I like your theory, but I am not too sure that’s what I was looking for.

      Seriously though…wtf is the deal with this?

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      E. Verde

      It’s kind of simple. There’s an attack, let’s say the Nice Attack not too long ago. Then the group I**S says “oh we did it haha.” They’re terrorist, they terrorize people. One of these days you’ll see them wiped out. Can’t wait.

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