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      So found an interesting read on my FB feed. Some stories are way to so I’ll skip those. Below are a few I found interesting.

      Inside Out
      “I was at a regional medical center in rural Guatemala when we had a case come in from an RTA (road traffic accident) involving a pedestrian and a chicken bus. For those of you who don’t know, a popular (but incredibly dangerous) form of public transport are retired American school buses that have been painted all sorts of vibrant colors but underneath the mechanics are shot to sh*t.

      “Anyway, this pedestrian had been hit by one of these rolling death traps which was fully loaded, going around 80 mph, and ended up getting wrapped under the front right wheel arch and completely mangled beyond recognition. They found bits of this guy spread 2 km down the road as the initial impact had split his torso down the middle and basically turned him inside out. When all the bits had been collected, the height of the body bag was around 2 inches so you imagine the state of the remains. Passersby helped us pick up bits from the side of the road but dogs and cats ran off with a fair amount of the smaller bits. Guatemala is a cool place.”

      Plane Crash Remains
      “Worked at an MEs for a bit, had a couple pass away from a two-person plane crash. When the autopsy began it smelled a bit like burnt BBQ and the people in the body bags weren’t in your typical dead, lying flat position. They were kind of stuck in a fetal position-ish. Opened up the bag and I saw weird bumps on each of their heads. Asked the ME what was up with the bumps. I guess at high temps the brain expands and needs somewhere to go, at some point it just kind of pops out of the skull. So their brains were some inside, some outside of the skull.

      “Then we try examining the body, and it looks like a cheap prop from a movie. I notice a wedding band on the female passenger and try my best to remove it. The whole finger comes off with it, felt kind of bad. Then I spent 10 minutes trying to clean off what I can only imagine was human grease and burnt flesh off the ring so we could package it up and eventually return it to the family. Plane crashes are pretty crazy.”

      Straight Through
      “Officer I used to know was telling me of this kid’s suicide. The parents had left for the day and the kid decided enough is enough. He grabbed his dad’s shotgun and sat down on the sofa.

      “With the shotgun in his mouth, he pulled the trigger. Blood, brains, and teeth covered the entire room and ceiling. The blast created a huge hole in the back of his head. Since the gun was in his mouth, he just sort of slid down the barrel.

      “The parents come home and walk in to see their son sitting on the couch, shotgun in his mouth with the barrel protruding out of the back of his skull.”

      Like a Teddy Bear
      “This is a story from my fake uncle, a forensic officer who was leading a team of juniors in a suicide case. The victim of the suicide had filled a water pressure-based fire extinguisher with explosive material (he didn’t go into detail) and hugged it like a teddy bear. Naturally when he went off and out with a bang, he went all over the roof, walls, and floor. My uncle proceeded to find a foot with all the tendons hanging out and paraded it in front of the juniors and pulled all the tendons, making the toes wiggle. His only regret was not finding a hand.”

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      Very cool stories ^^

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