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      Hi Mark & everyone!

      Am i being blind or is this a new feature? i recently noticed that i had
      a white round ring next to the username in the upper right corner.

      So i checked it out to see what it was and obviously there is a profile.
      Now to the topic. A while ago i wrote a reply to one of Mark’s comments because
      I would like to be able to follow my own comments and others reply to those.

      I don’t know if Mark responded to that comment since i can’t follow my comments or replies atm?!
      and no i don’t remember what article that was and even if i did, have you ever tried to scroll
      and read thru a several months old article? i think you all get my point.

      However when i go to: Activity > Comments it says 0
      I assume that is some kind of feed for personal comments on the profile.

      Now the remaining questien is if i somehow can follow my own comments and replies to those somehow
      made on articles and forum?

      O.B.S i do NOT want “follow-up replies via email” i want them to be here on the site.

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      I’m not sure if I’m answering your question correctly but I think you wanna follow who replies to your comments? In a forum, when you post, such as this one, there is a little box at the bottom you can check to be notified of replies, as for having them on the site, Yes, there’s a way to get them solely on the site and not your email but I know when I get replies, they show up here as well as through my email. You can turn off email notification in your settings under the email link. That way when you sign in, the little white circle will turn blue with a number of how many notifications you have whether it’s replies or friendship request or whatnot

      Hope this helps

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      Hi Bloodlettinggoo & thank’s for your answer!

      As i mentioned in my first post i’m not interrested in any email notifications.
      They are all turned off.

      I did get a notice about your post here. so far good, but it’s the wrong section of the site.

      I would like to be able to follow up replies on my comments on articles/videos in the same way as here in the forum but for new articles instedt.

      Is that possible?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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