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      I just felt that the comments section of BG needs some appreciation. From the humorous comments, to the medical views and even political views; the comments section is brilliant. I always check it out, on every article I look at.

      Some of the users have a sick sense of humour, and that can be incredibly funny. Brings light to a lot of death and stupidity in the world.

      I think one of my favourite comments, was years ago. The story was about a guy who was basically ripped apart. The comment was along the lines of ‘give him some paracetamol…he’ll walk it off’. Simple, but made me laugh.

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      Amanda Huggenkiss

      I used to love reading them – but it’s just ALL becoming hate filled and toxic. I have a sense of humour, but i give up on the comments now.

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        I know what you mean. You make one joke and suddenly all these strangers come from everywhere telling you to go fuck yourself or use Google you stupid asshole and so on. Point out one homo or fat person and suddenly you are a filthy man fag jamming 12 packs of black cocks down your throat and choking on man milk. It’s usually, however, just dumb people who want to say something but have nothing to say.
        Don’t give up. There’s still a few good natured commenters who try to make light of subject matter that most could not laugh at otherwise.
        Maybe you could submit a joke of the day or do something to help lighten the mood in the comments section.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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