Cops Are Useless When Not Breaking Innocent People’s Skulls

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      Cops Are Useless When Not Breaking Innocent Peoples Skulls

      When there’s need to help someone instead of hurting them, cops are nowhere to be found.

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      I like it and a great example of lateral – thinking.
      Also proved that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing in our countries anymore?

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      It is a free for all here. They closed offices way back in March and told us whoever has expired plate or drivers license it is “okay” If you are fortunate to be able to do by mail, do so. They waived all requirements, like showing proof of insurance to renew plate but many still cant do so

      Now governor just told car insurance companies to unilaterally refund all drivers premiums cause everyone was locked down and not driving. Utter chaos with no end in sight

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      Gubment Cheese

      It’s not just cops that are useless. Many “Gubment” offices are useless as well.

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        Mr Spock

        May I ask what ‘Gubment Cheese’ means, if it is meant to mean anything that is?
        Governments don’t have any cheese worth naming yourself after?

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