Corey Feldman’s (my) TRUTH: The Rape Of 2 Coreys – Official Trailer

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      Corey Feldman’s upcoming film exposing pedophilia in Hollywood.

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      Have you ordered your ticket? @happy I wanted to but I’m sure as shit not putting my cc info into the site ( oh no my jewiness is showing ). Would have been happier if they used a out side source. Have a feeling from the amount of coverage it is getting that it’s going to be a flop. Barely talking about it on Reddit, was actually surprised to see this post.

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      barely talking about it because he is money-grubbing whore. one of the biggest scams going. he is not going to name any actionable high profile names he has been running this schtick for years, teasing it for years and for dollars

      guy is a mess I don’t doubt he has been through some awful awful shit. was either him or the other Cory Charlie Sheen allegedly raped.

      tragic life/story but he is total con and I wouldn’t give him a dime. do some research

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      On March 9, 2020, Corey Feldman is to name six abusers and one of them will be someone that we all know. My money is on Steven Spielberg, but let’s see what comes off it. If Corey doesn’t somehow commit suicide overnight by shooting himself twice in the back of his head…

      Corey Feldman Truth Bombs

      Feldman has said before that big directors and producers are a part of the inner Hollywood child abuse network. The late Isaac Kappy repeated that for 2 years before he was suicided. Elijah Wood (Frodo in LOtR) said similar things as well.

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        Hoping for Nemesis

        Elijah Wood said he was raped as well? Or that he just heard or saw it happen in Hollywood ? Wow. I didn’t hear that .

        There was a guy here on BG who said he saw the Queen of England come to an orphanage picnic and walk off with a girl that no-one ever saw again. Reckon she was adopted by the Royal family and just likes staying in as a recluse? I don’t think so!

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      charlie sheen

      corey haim

      charlie the rapist

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      The rumour is that Charlie Sheen raped Corey Haim. He sodomized him on a movie set when Corey was 13 years old.

      corey and charlie


      Charlie Sheen got Aids from sucking dick.

      charlie aids sheen

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        Feldman continued: “He told me, ‘Charlie bent me over in between two trailers and put Crisco oil on my butt and raped me in broad daylight. Anybody could have walked by, anybody could have seen it.’”

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      Charlie Sheen and Corey Haim did a movie together in 1986 called Lucas. During a break in filming, Charlie Sheen allegedly sodomized Corey Haim in his trailer.




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      Corey Haim was just 13 years old, just a little boy. Look at how young he is in the Lucas trailer.

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      The documentary was scheduled to stream 2 hours ago, but allegedly the site is being attacked so the stream cannot go through:

      Not sure anymore what to make of it – is the site really under attack, or are we all being played by Corey for his own financial gain? Let’s see if in the end he does drop any big names.

      Corey Feldman Documentary

      Site Hacked

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      Corey Feldman named 6 people, and apparently they’ve all been named before: Charlie Sheen, Bob Hoffman, Alphy Hoffman, Marty Weiss, Dominic Brascia, and Jon Grissom.

      was right, Charlie sheen was the one “everyone would know”. @happy was wrong, Steven Spielberg was not named.

      His publicity stunt with “We are being hacked in real time” stank. He charged $20 to see the docu. He was dressed like a magician and even had the traditionally attractive female sidekick. Then, the great disappearing act….

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        “Corey Feldman named 6 people, and apparently they’ve all been named before…”

        I downloaded the “two coreys” tv series a few years ago, and have kept an eye on the situation since. Its true, i have heard all of these people named before…. by Feldman as far as i remember.

        But TBH, what if it WAS a bunch of new names?? WHY did Feldman attempt to crowdfund his doc. , then charge 20 buck each to see it?! If Haim was such a good friend – whos story Feldman was desperate to tell – and if [as he has said] children are at daily risk in Hollywood… then why the FUCK did he just not report the names from day one? why was it essential that he made money from his “expose” documentary?
        According to his accusations kids are diddled there every day… yet he has basically played a part in the continuation of this by not revealing names immediately and for free?! How can he argue that he has NOT been protecting these paedos when he has kept shtum until there was a cheque in it for him? Everyday he has kept his gob shut, more kids are being abused.
        Ok, as we’ve seen – the names have already been named. But Feldmans promo for his doc. strongly implied that he would be naming UNKNOWN names
        What a piece of fucking shit.

        Now, im not saying that paedophilia in hollyweird is NOT happening.
        All im doing is questioning the motives of the money grubbing cunt Feldman.

        Im not generally a violent man, and no-one at BG has ever seen me threaten anyone. But i would love to smash Corey Feldmans stupid fuckin face right in

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          Hoping for Nemesis

          Karmen! I have never seen you get so worked up! Yes, very misleading and questionable ethically. He should have reported those names earlier and /or at least given new names. Very anti-climactic.


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      He can be quite creepy, Corey Feldman

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      LOL @ stream being “hacked”

      heard the documentary didn’t even play. So Corey collected $20 a head to view a film that was “being hacked” according to the “tech support” Corey lined up and had on audio so the theater audience could hear their conversation. And also, conveniently, the “moderator” Corey had hired for a discussion after the film also bailed on the event.

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        I dont think i have ever seen anything as theatrical, camp, and nauseating as that twitter clip that @happy posted above.
        All that you mentioned was highlighted in that clip.
        The “tech support” voices sounded like the U.S war room when our planet is being dominated by an Alien assault!!
        “We’ve see em in the dark, coming in..”
        “we’ve been dealing with it, and clearing it, but they keep coming back!”
        “We cant fight it off,..’eyr too strong”


        Didnt know about the moderator, thanks

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      Hoping for Nemesis

      I didn’t bother to watch any vids guys but I take your word for it. He is a shit singer and weird but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is lying. Even the shit organisation doesn’t mean he is lying. If he was raped ,and I believe he was ,it is entirely consistent with paid hackers trying to stop his vid showing .

      Watch this space.

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      Here is the full documentary in HD, for anyone interested

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