COVID-19 Was Mass Homicide – Professor Denis Rancourt Suggests in Academic Paper

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      Former University of Ottawa physics professor Denis Rancourt suggests in his academic paper that COVID-19 is not a plague, but rather mass homicide by the government response.

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      I’m up to the 11min mark . He so far does not account for the fact that intervention is what may have kept the numbers down to “normal” figures. This does not mean there is no plague. It is very remiss of him and something that needs to be taken into account. I will add more as I keep watching.

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      Tall sharp peaks can also occur because there is much more attention being given to things. If I was to ask everybody out there if they were robbed , then the crime figures would skyrocket,simply because more attention means more data being noticed. Same here. If the plague did exist and the causes were nailed down then the sharp tall peaks would still occur.So sharp peaks does not just mean it is due to gov response . It can mean a real plague is now noticed.

      Now up to 20 min mark. Narrow width of peaks is also consistent with bio and CHEM weapons as reportedly used in Italy and Iran.

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      Good info re this Covid 19 peak as I do believe oldies were allowed to die off too easily. Also I must say that countries who did not have interventions are still dying like flies Ie Sweden and Orthodox Jewry in Israel.Fantastic info on limiting a transmission and I will keep my ceiling fans and windows on and open often when people visit. Seeing as we are in our Winter now ,Australia is still very vulnerable to our Winter Burden. I’ll freeze my few allowed guests!

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      Lord Wankdust

      My initial belief that this was a deliberate over-reaction by Governments to deliberately poor mathematical modelling seems borne-out by Denis. This years flu was a nasty virus but well in line with other years and the overall all-cause total death rate is pretty much unchanged (we’ll see if there is a Summer dip).

      This has been used to cover a massive financial re-set (in the UK certainly). It has been used to tank the economy which provides cover for massive fraud. It has revealed the Tory privatisation of our National Health Service with companies like Deloittes being handed massive contracts. It has meant the deaths of the weakest and most vulnerable in our society which was part of Government Policy. It has turned into a massive exercise in mind control and public manipulation through panic news.

      The science of how viruses are spread has been ignored and replaced with Lockdown (mostly pointless) and the removal of personal freedoms (right to travel, meet, see family & friends).

      Denis Rancourt explanation is 42 minutes of your life which you will not consider a waste of time. Well explained that man!

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