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      Cuck Marriage

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      Lord Wankdust

      In my fucking dreams. A decade of doing that shit everyday got my cock in a deep freeze and my bollocks in the outhouse.
      It’s only words on paper and even a verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

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      I don’t think this is bad, necessarily. I’d be cool with a list that had stuff like back rub, foot rub, etc. It depends on whether this was in addition to their regular sex life or as his only way to get sex. If it’s “extra” sex, then it’s not “cuck’s marriage.” If it’s their only sex, then it’s fucked up.

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      Another excellent use of the word cuck. For those of you who disagree that the husband isn’t a cuck, let me explain. The entire concept of being a cuck revolves around being taken advantage of or used without any benefit to ones self. Even if he does all those things, there’s no absolute guarantee that he’ll get sex plus she could easily go out and have sex with other men, knowing that her faithful i.e. cuck husband is waiting at home for her.

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