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      This is like the 6th person associated with show “Glee” to die

      Started with Sailing who ran offand “suicided” after child porn discovery

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      Now they are saying her body may never be found. I thought all bodies naturally bloat , gasses should make it rise, no?

      Very suspect all of this. I never watched the show and dont even know who she is but something is way off with story.

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      Mr Spock

      Poor woman. I hope she is still alive, but somehow doubt it.
      You have to be very careful. Even a man with strong upper body like myself always follows safety rules to the letter. Like wearing a life jacket. Why wasn’t she wearing hers? I don’t think it’s a suicide as she wouldn’t have brought her son with her in that case.

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        Unless she decided to spare him last minute..

        No clue as to any of it but her ex from show, Sailing the porn guy (described as having largest child porn collection in entire US) was outed by a girlfriend. Evidently he shared these things with his women (confirmed by yet another ex)

        Maybe it recently came to light Naya knew ,did nothing, and soon to be exposed. Again, no idea but scenario is super fishy (hmm pun intended?)

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          That guy was very good- looking and could have had any girl he wanted. Dirty perv with fucked brain wiring.

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          Mr Spock

          Despy: Good point…pun taken, it is a bit fishy. You’ve certainly provided a possible motive for suicide.

          Nem: LOL just how ironically fucked up is that? The guy is super handsome but a total paedo!

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          You both made me go look him up! Came across side by side. Nope! And shame to see she is one of Those Girls

          Definately murder as them lips are their own flotation device

          I gave boy giant Nope! But in defense of both your pseudo gayness I sought out other pics. He has many looks but to me he appears more gay than cute, sorry fellas

          This article fails to mention the couple production people that also died

          But it did remind of the show, it was high school show where the kids forever broke out into song. Unwatchable

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          Yes I heard she was a carpetmuncher . Makes sense. She always had this masculine lizard look about her that wasn’t quite feminine to me.

          I believe the whole show saw some horrible things and are being taken care of one by one. Next will be the main girls …

          Most very good -looking guys are gay though aren’t they? 😉 Like Strychnine and Billy on BG.Strychnine may be straight .

          I have to find the photo of the big -cocked guy here on a forum ,on BG .

          Lexis and Illegal say he is probably straight, whereas i say he is gay and I want your opinion.I have teen able to find the photo and it gives me the irits.

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          Strychnine is flaming fag! Just kidding. Never gave me that impression, yet never hit on me either therefore he must be gay, think I read that logic around here.. Lol I am totally playing! He is cute but not in gay way but then I only recall one photo with hat. Sunglasses too?

          I am not familiar with “billy” and yes of course I will analyze big cock guy. Find him!

          This all raises interesting point. Nothing is worse than the “too cute” gay. Like Ryan Seacrest or George Micheal of Wham days. But now I am thibking to lanky homely sissy boy, far worse?

          To each their own. I really could care less ,but I don’t want to see any PDA nor any sassy flamboyant marching (fuck your feathers)

          I would however make exception for strychnine, I like him just please no booty shorts

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        So true, and well said Spock. I Cannot see any Mother take her own child out to watch her commit suicide.
        And i say this cause everybody knows,,, Even (A Bubble-Headed Bleached-Blonde) that committing suicide in
        front of any child (Well,, Except A Jewish ) would be scared & fucked-up for life seeing shit like that.;)

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          Mr Spock

          Indeed, Dre. Poor Kid. No dad present, mum has taken her own life.
          Dammit, some people just ain’t fit to have kids.

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      Ok my two superfags I came across this (lmfao I am playing) the pedo was attractive, just in gay way. We obviously have different opinions on how we like our men

      Lol sorry I am being stupid and purposely annoying , dont bash me as I really would like your input . Would you prefer, going forward, I refer to you as private dicks? 😉

      LOL! Ok I am done 🙂

      Check this out! It is painstakingly slow but this is really off. It is cctv of her and kid parking car and getting on boat. Is it possible to zoom in on youtube video? I cannot

      Firstly that parking job, what the actual fuck?
      You can liken it to female driver but it really oozes dope or drunk.

      But then look how far ahead she walks in front of her kid! What is that about? Seriously. Even if it is desolate lot I find that completely strange. Even if she isnt most motherly that looks completely crazy to me! Why the rush for day on the boat? It looks like it even continues on when she is on dock

      Everything about that is so weird. Kid is 3 or 4. Anything could happen. I am even going to go step further and say it was bizarre from beginning how she let her kid out of the car before unloading all her stuff. In the interest of safety it would make more sense to pile your shit then grab the kid. And exactly what is in the giant bag that she seems to struggle to carry, like it has weight? It is awfully cumbersome to hold snacks and drinks. Could be water toys? Again looks heavy

      I cant make heads or tails of what is going on at boat itself, if you can stand to let it play there certainly appears to be alot of on and off between a few people

      It does appear though that she is indeed alone with her kid when it takes off. Camera does get glitchy in parts , mainly around 13:45 mark when that jetski seemingly appears out of nowhere (was it on shore?) It does however seem to disappear in same manner. No one has stepped forward to say ‘hey that was me’

      What we know (or have been told) the boy was found sleeping in boat by passersby with life jacket on, no mom in sight. Her lifekacket was left on deck. (I doubt that was what in bag as that should have been already on board)

      The son was extensively interviewed and stated we were swimming and mom never came back on boat. Implying that they weren’t on boat together and she jumped back off (could have once he slept?) But I gather they were in water and she helped him get back on and for whatever reason wasnt behind him. Why was she not wearing her lifejacket? Was the boat anchored or adrift? No idea

      I think if once she helped him aboard and she struggled for some reason the kid would have said she was splashing or screaming or calling out. Could she have instantly been sucked down by current? Sure

      Take a look and tell me what you make of this video. She could have very well been completely fucked up and whole thing tragic accident (but would the boat dock people let her ride off with kid completely obliterated?)

      Suicide mission? Would she take her kid? Did she want to kill kid too? Did she drug him and thats why he was sleeping? Havent read anything in regards to timeline. Like how long it was between time she rented boat and kid was discovered. I looked at couple videos (another cctv but only like 4 minutes long) I found this one through that one as it was edited. I read just enough comments to read that a few others thought murder/suicide as I did (kinda surprised me. Thought that was all me.) Oddly comforting I wasnt only deviant thinking that

      What we know about this lake. I cannot seem to get aerial view of its entirety but it is bigger and much deeper than I thought. Check out wikipedia page for Lake Piru it is 130 feet deep! (sorry cant do conversion as I dont want to close window as I have been typing 10 minutes now)

      Makes it super crazy she wasnt wearing lifevest alone, with toddler, on massive lake.

      In the end I am leaning towards suicide but she could have slipped in cove to “disappear” or kidnapped or killed. Will be really odd if they dont come up with the body. I feel for her family but I would like to think if that was me out there my family would demand, or hire crew to drag and scan every inch of it until I was found. Havent heard anything of parents but havent looked

      Really curious as to your thoughts

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        Mr Spock

        LOL I’m not a superfag, pmsl. I should have added “no homo” after my remark.

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      Ok. I was being half-malicious as I was jealous of strychnine and wanted to be young and as good looking as him. He may be straight. Who knows?

      I haven’t seen the vid yet . Heavy bad she was carrying? A bag of rocks she purposefully took with her to weigh her down to the bottom ?

      She may have had noone to leave her child with. Fucked up lifestyle ,lesbian with no girlfriend ,who is she going to leave the kid with? In her drug- induced and/or insane mind ,she simply took him with her with no real plan in mind or he was to die as well. She left him in the boat without a life jacket? Stupid? Why go swimming with the child without a lifejacket? My take ? She was going to kill him too and at the last moment put himback in the boat without the kid knowing there was more than just swimming with mum .

      Apparently ,they had been there many times ,so to me she knew what is what .Didn’t water police see her without a lifejacket? Or was it jetski who saw her? She was damaged, never should have had a child.

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        Kid had lifejacket on when found, mom’s was left on the boat

        I shared long video just cause it seemed unedited. You really only need to watch first 5 minutes , see that parking job + walk
        Without zoom not much else to see

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        Are you talking about strychnine from here? That pic could be like Lucy’s pic..FAKE…but whoever it is, he’s cute. I wonder if Lucy lurks here? Or better, is here under a new nom de plume. 😛

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          I bet for sure it lurks here. I cant imagine going through hassle of being someone else but I guess that is what she does. In which case she wouldhave to be one of the chattier boys.

          I bet for sure that little
          cutie strychnine is here. In fact I bet he is here right now! that tiny korean violent rape girl 😛

          What do you think? @hamburgerbob

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          Hamburger Bob

          Are you asking if there’s a cute, chatty, tiny, violent Korean rape girl around here?
          I wouldn’t doubt it.
          There’s all kinds of…things roaming around here I suppose.

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          Yes Strychnine from here. Hmmm ….so Strychnine is @hamburgerbob, heh? Hmmm.
          Well it is either fake or not and the photo is either of a pretty gay boy or a very handsome Greek God straight and it is either of the real Strychnine /Hamburglar or not ,hmmm?

          Yes ,Lucy is almost certainly here. Someone with Lucy’s personality can’t bear to be away from BG and I am almost certainly already talking often to him/her as @despy says.


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          Hamburger Bob

          Even Lisa would laugh at that thought, come on dude lol…

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          Lol. Come on! We both grew up not trusting the Hamburglar!


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          Hamburger Bob

          Wait, Hamburger Bob is just a nickname I gave someone, and I don’t really steal hamburgers anymore.

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          Javy is a cutie too. I can’t imagine Lucy pretending to be a guy. Unless it’s that shiteater fag guy. BWAHAHAHA

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      Geez that top pic of her is rough. She was only 33 and looks early 40’s!

      I wonder if they both drowned in same area of lake. Rough story about the dad trying to save her by the hair. You know he was really trying too so probably left holding a giant chunk

      I wonder if whirlpools pop up randomly or if when the damn is open it creates them in certain spots, whereby they should have a sign or buoy

      Her going there all the time she probably would have disregarded signs but she would have to know of the drownings. Wear your lifevest with your kid! His must not have been strong enough for the both of them or she could have clung to his but if it was whirlpool sounds like it sucks you down fast and deep in which case I kinda want to see that

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      This is crazy

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        Check this one out.
        The ocean is a scary place, I worked offshore one winter on a forty ft lobster boat; you see NO land. There would be 15 foot swells regularly and I can say honestly there were times when I would be a tiny bit frightened. We had a lifeboat, but sometimes you don’t make it into it. A friend and neighbor lost his life this January; he went down to Portland to go out with a guy he had never been fishing with, he texted his wife and daughters a pic of himself and the boat on the way out of the harbor and was dead a few hours later. He didn’t even have his oilskins on when they found them, so they hadn’t even started to work yet. Sad…nobody knows or ever will what happened. He left two very young daughters. Shit…I’m almost crying writing this. A real shame, I drive by their house every time I leave my house and see those kids out in the yard and just feel horrible for them.

        I was disbelieving the whirlpool story above at first, but then I saw there was a dam that releases water; dams can create major eddies and underwater currents. It can suck your sneakers off. When I first moved here w I was 27 and I got a job with a white water rafting co. and eventually became a guide. The rivers we ran were dam controlled and I know for a fact the power of water and if you don’t have a life jacket on, no matter how strong a swimmer you are, you’re probably gonna die. There was even a hole on one river called sneaker hole, because it could pull them right off you. @desp

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          I know for a fact that whirlpools exist as an acquaintance saved his wife by doing exactly that…pulling of her hair! It was in a river and she sunk like a rock and he only just got a handhold of her. A split second later and she would have been gone.

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          The Captain

          15 footers and I will be cracking a beer. Are you promising us lobster for dinner?

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          Stop it, I can’t have anything. I’m just a helpless woman. You know how I got that job? Food. I brought the Captain food all the time when I heard his sternman was retiring, that’s all it took. That’s how good I am. 😛 Sorry, I made beef strokingoff tonight.

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          Sorry to hear about your friend. Crazy to think whatever happened, happened so fast they couldn’t even get a call out

          Whirlpool doesnt even seem possible in a lake, well size of Great Lakes, not what I saw where glee girl drowned but the damn was indeed gamechanger

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          Yeah, they couldn’t even get their survival suits on it happened so fast. He was a great dad and they were such a cute little family. He had his own boat and lobstered in the summer, but you have to fish for lobster offshore in the winter and that requires a federal permit. It’s fun in the summer, you’re close to shore and its nice and warm. Winter fishing is a different animal. I never worked so hard in my life and I wasn’t young, this was only ten years ago. I had gone with my boyfriend in the summertime when it’s easy; I had no idea what I was about to face by going in the winter. It would take 2 or more hours one way just to get to the traps, then haul about 300 traps in really deep water and two hours to get back in and unload the lobsters, get fuel for the next day etc…14 hour day.

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      Lord Wankdust

      Here in Bonnie Scotland we have the world’s 3rd largest whirpool – The Corryvreckan. It is really something. The whirlpool is created by a 200 foot spur of rock projecting up from the sea bed in the narrow strait between the islands of Scarba and Jura. The incoming North Atlantic tides must get past it and it creates massive swells, the sea flows like a river and an enormous whirlpool forms. The noise is like a very loud, throbbing roar! The little straits between all the islands in the area are affected. Even thirty miles north the force of the incoming and outgoing tides on the River Etive and Loch Etive create the only tidal waterfalls in Britain. The Falls of Lora. Amazing to watch.

      I used to holiday at a house right next to the bridge in this clip! The view was incredible. I’d never see a fully grown Atlantic Seal firing itself clean out of the water and becoming airborne!

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