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      Dear Male Students...

      Dear straight white male students – you work hard and achieve something with your lives. Without you the world would be thousands years backwards. Consequently, your concerns and opinions are irrelevant, and thus racist, homophobic, xenophobic, bigoted and sexist… We want you to be mindlessly obedient, conformist citizens.

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      Pérez Soriano

      That’s the nasty part of society

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      Wow…why does it feel like white people have now became the minority? The need for giving sympathy for those that are so upset about Trump winning the presidency is beyond stupid and is showing the rest of the world that maybe it’s too many educated white people that are protesting and clashing with police rather then take the loss and prepare for hell to begin in January. At least it has cut down the rate of cop’s killing people. Thanksgiving is coming and black Friday so I’m sure the cops will be out in force.

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        More specifically, it’s a war against white MEN. It’s like everybody who weren’t as powerful as white men at some time in history want them to pay for it. To pay for their successes as if they weren’t earned. Nobody just reached from the heavens and gave white men brains and bravery. It’s genetic. You wouldn’t persecute someone for being a good athlete – so why persecute someone for being an innovator? It hurts ALL of us. The more white men get pushed into a corner, the more they strike back. It’s already happening online frequently. Soon, if not already, all these special groups will seem like 1 big machine mowing down white men. And even if you aren’t part of it, you may get hurt because this ball of SJWs doesn’t leave room for individuals just as war doesn’t leave room for civilians.

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          Empty soul


          The SJWs operate on faulty logic but because of educational “safe spaces” it never gets corrected as they effectively shield themselves from ever having their viewpoints and opinions challenged.

          In the above, SJWs basically operate like a cult because the ideals on which they devote themselves are maintained by keeping the outside world away and by excluding anyone seen to be dissenting. This way they create echo chambers where everyone shares the same opinions and they congratulate and praise each other for expressing that shared opinion which over time creates emotional dependency for those ideals and towards the people who share them which is why they tend to get angry, scream, cry and basically lose their shit whenever a challenger appears.

          To the point then, what is this faulty logic I refer to?, it’s what you touched upon already, the idea that the “white man” is oppressive and therefore the enemy.

          Why do they feel that the white man is oppressive?, because white men are the ruling class and shape society therefore the white man is privileged in their eyes hence the term “white privilege” and it’s opposite term “white fragility” whenever white men complain about this labelling.

          The above is where their logic is faulty because the reason why white men are the ruling class and shape society is because the countries in which these SJWs reside(America, Europe ect) are in fact predominantly white countries. In India it is Indian men who are the ruling class and who shape society, in China it is Chinese men who are the ruling class and who shape society etc, ect and yet nobody accuses the Chinese in China of having “yellow privilege” or the Indians of having “brown privilege”.

          The SJWs also say “but, but, but, what about the evil whitey slave trade” yes, well, many different races had and traded in slaves they got from other countries most notably the Arabs, Ottomans etc. The SJWs then say “but, but, but, what about the evil whitey conquests”, again, many different races conquered other races throughout history most notably the Arabs, Ottomans etc.

          So, all in all, everything they can accuse the white man of having done pretty much every other race on the planet have also done including the races of those “vulnerable minorities” the SJWs like to champion.

          To conclude, once you unravel the blanket of shit they have cloaked themselves with their argument basically boils down to the fact that they would like the majority white populations of predominantly white countries to stop exercising their majority held influence in favour of themselves and instead to exercise that influence in favour of minority concern.

          Would these same SJWs go over to Pakistan and demand that the majority population there relinquish their “brown privilege” in favour of gay, white Christians?, the fuck they would because they know what would happen to them if they did.

          The white race is a toothless tiger nowadays, we know it, they know it, everybody knows it, and that is why people come from all around to give it a good kicking.

          The “evil white male” then is basically the brand they use to chip away at white majority held influence in white countries and feminists despise the cock and balls anyway so of course they would add a set to whatever was their intended target and that is why “majority white influence” became “white male influence“(ie privilege) hence the “evil white male” rhetoric.

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          @Empty-soul I agree with what you said, or at least most of it, plus, they forget that a lot of the so called ”social advancements” were due to efforts of whites (or Europeans) themselves. For instance, the UK cracked down on slavery, and were not for it, notwithstanding their true intentions, slavery could have continued. There white abolitionists also in different countries. Slavery seems in a sense to be something cultural worldwide, like you pointed out, and one sees slavery still in Africa today, for instance negroes in the Ivory Coast enslaving negroes from Mali in cocoa plantations.
          Interestingly, a lot of the SJWs support immigration from muslim (arab and negro alike) and negro nations, which is contradictory in and of itself as SJWs usually support feminism whereas muslims want their women not to go outside their homes and to wear the burka (plus they are polygamous), all the while, despite supporting muslims, they complain that white/western males are too paternalistic and if they want they may go out on the street naked and should be allowed to do it, and to have equal opportunities in the workplace (despite the fact that they’ve already attained it nowadays, as the number from the US, the UK and even here in Brazil show that 55% of undergraduates at universities are females, which can be proved simply by going to any university and observing this yourself).
          We might argue more arguments of the SJWs are fallacious, as despite the fact that the idea of equal opportunity may be interesting, they take numbers, for instance racial or gender proportions at uni or the workplace, and use it as a proof o non equal opportunities, all the while forgetting that we are not equal, both along gender or racial lines, so it’s natural that either through natural talent or life choice the numbers are bound to be unequal.

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          Empty soul


          As you say, that the SJWs support immigration from Muslim nations despite the ideologies of those from these countries being contradictory to that of the aims of the SJW just goes to show that they have no real core beliefs from which they draw, they merely act on “feelings” instead of facts and their choice of who to defend next is purely a reactionary one based upon the social, political climate. They are much like a political party in this sense then in that they toss all their past defended “victims” aside once they have used and exploited them before moving on to those who will score the most social, political points in the present.

          The above is why they fought for, defended and supported gay people previously whilst now they fight for, defend and support immigration from Muslim nations despite the fact that people from these Muslim nations tend to hate gays with a passion and throw them to their deaths from rooftops. They also hold terrible views on women, far worse than any white man may hold, so if it is truly equality for all that the SJWs are seeking they would not be supporting those with views contrary to those aims.

          As you also stated, the SJWs claim that they are still treated unequally despite the facts showing otherwise.

          To conclude then, the SJWs are a party without a present purpose therefore to keep their existence going they must come up with new reasons for being there. For example in the UK we have UKIP, a party born from the desire to leave the European Union and dedicated to that purpose however since they have now achieved that aim they are struggling to maintain their existence and infighting is now taking place as a result.

          In the above, the SJWs have equality for women, they have equality for gays ect so now they are desperately trying to find new “victims” to defend in order to justify their present existence and that is why many of their new “victims” are actually direct enemies of their past victims and therefore a direct violation of their aims for equality and that is also why they desperately attempt to counter that by focusing on ”feelings” rather than facts because they know none of their present actions make sense from the perspective of social, political equality.

          They complain that the white man is oppressive and paternalistic and yet fight for, support and defend Muslim men who are far, far worse offenders of the above. Yeah, I don’t think we can ever accuse the SJWs of being logical and operating on facts that’s for sure.

          I could write a book on how full of shit these SJWs are but sadly it would be in vain because they would take no notice as they are professional ostriches with their heads permanently in the ground.

          I guess every race has brain-washed idiots and self-loathing imbeciles.

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          undergroundweller & emptysoul:
          Some extreme SJWs would take pride in being a martyr for these radical religions. ie “My hand was cut off but now I truly know how Muslims feel.” They really might say something that psychotic because being a victim (for anybody) is better than being unknown and ignored.

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      it seems @dethbyplaster is becoming a fully fledged gorian. her vision and spectrum has broadened and she is seeing life from different sides and vantages and is debating to her self and also reinforcing her views in agreements and also questioning the ‘old’ views she may have had which she now sees might have been skewed. well done plaster you are progressing in awareness and spiritual enlightenment.

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        @haydolf_hittler there are unbearable feminists, and there are cool feminists. @dethbyplaster is a feminist even though she thinks she’s not, but she’s cool feminist and has been great sport with all of us here, providing counterbalance that makes discussions interesting. I enjoy having her around, despite obvious differences in opinions.

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        Empty soul

        @haydolf_hittler, Mark

        I may be quite drunk at the moment but I do remember when dethbyplaster first appeared and everyone was insulting her for her arguments and naivety and she also even posted in disagreement with me and yet I defended her and stated that she had promise and here we are today.

        It’s her defiance that intrigued me, anyone who can be that defiant and proud at the same time tends to grow and develop given the chance to do so.

        will never be just like me or you but that’s OK because she will now keep an open mind whilst being true to herself and that at the end of the day is what learning is all about.

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          Oh my and emptysoul? Thank you so much for the comments. I honestly thought of you as a top contributor from Day 1 – usually a voice of reason. And we did have a few disagreements but I continued respecting your style even if the content was not what I agreed with.
          Okay, everybody has made me blush and made my day but, let’s gets back to DEAR MALE STUDENTS before @Acneska has my head!

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      i agree she is a feminist and she doesnt fully realise but that is the definition of a liberal they dont understand how mollycoddled they actually are. go back just 70/80 years and we had millions and millions of young men in just their teens and twenties going to war and dieing and those coming back seeing the horrors of war. yes wome were raped but this is nothing to what our ancestors have given , our male ancestors i should add. all that blood misery and sacrifice just does not register with todays women. they simply do not give a FUCK about male sacrifice or male blood spilled. i walked around my town a few weeks back and saw the odd female wearing poppies but then thought why the fuck should they even wear them how many women went over the trenchlines or floated down into normandy? zero. but everything we have ever built or created or gave our lives for means absolutley NOTHING to todays women. we … MEN …mean nothing to them. we are a means to their end. i know im generalising and not every single woman thinks like this but im telling you now over 90 percent feel no loyalty or honour towards men and what we have sacrificed. i see them as the ultimate traitors. especially with the race treason too. i honestly find it sickening that these supposed loyal and loving companions are in truth wicked evil cold selfish and calculating creatures.

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      @haydolf_hittler @happy Mark
      Ah, how nice to come back to some positive comments from you guys. It actually does mean a lot as I feel you two don’t give free passes (pussy or otherwise lol) to anyone. I appreciate that I’ve been able to express my thoughts without being banned or deleted. I honestly think it is far more honorable to allow free thoughts, Mark. You could delete but you choose to let comments stand which shows you do have confidence in your own opinion. Haydolf, you and I made amends by simply communicating and then I understood why you feel the way you do towards women.
      I don’t think my views as far as defending women have changed but I understand now that men probably aren’t verbally attacking women for the fun of it or meanness but frustration and anger and a sense of being betrayed. And that does cause anyone to lash out.
      I may fall somewhere on the feminist spectrum, lol, but it’s not in the 3rd wave, radical group as I feel they have damaged gender relations perhaps to a point of no reconciliation and that honestly makes me sad. I do hate that our men have been demonized. I truly do. I wish men and women could enjoy life together. I kind of grieve for that lost establishment.
      I appreciate you guys and I understand things much better because of this site. I’ll continue to run my mouth, but you knew that. haha I look forward to many a lively discussion.

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      dont you agree that by biting the very hand .. the only hand that can really feed you that you are opening pandoras box? i know we are not perfect and we do bad things but we have never set up movements or groups to bring you down. i mean the more men you go against just means when it does to come blows which it always does with humans .. when all the men you have turned against or insulted have had enough …. then who is it to protect you when the very people you are fighting with are the ones protecting you? anyway to be honest im almost not bothered anymore because i know whats coming and i also know the suffering that you have inflicted by turning your backs on family values and instead choosing the devil in inanimate form (money) is coming back ten fold. you went to the dark side and it wil come full circle. and the equality thing .. worst thing you will ever experience, especially when you get to the battlefield in wars which is what your brainwashing masters want you to do next. but like i said i dont care anymore i will just sit back and watch everything play out. watch how more and more gore involves women from now onwards, in fact i think over the coming 10 years you will get your equality you desired 🙂

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        @haydolf_hittler This is relevant to the thread and not personal discussion. You’re angry about things that I honestly don’t even relate to. You mentioned in one of your posts that women reaped the benefits of men going to war. Why haven’t women seen combat? Men wouldn’t allow it. Men made the legislation that didn’t allow women to fight in war. Men created Selective Service draft in the US. Women have actually fought to serve in combat situations but men have blocked it. Newt Gingrich, back in the 90s, said straight up that women shouldn’t be in combat because they have a period each month. Many dislike the idea of women in combat because they would hold the unit back for several reasons: physical strength, mental capability for stress, distracting male soldiers who do have that need to “watch over” women. The case has been made that women wouldn’t be a good person to have in combat. But you’re pissed at women for not ever having served. Take that up with male legislatures. And honestly, do you think a woman would make an efficient soldier? The simple fact is women don’t make good soldiers and that’s not a jab at women. We are biologically not as efficient as a men for that environment and would be in the way. Is the female privilege?

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      MGTOW are just indications of where its all heading. oh you will get your equality alright, men are pissed off and we are waking up to the treasonous monster right in front of us. And you know how angry and vengeful us men can get. oh believe me no traitor will be spared, there will be nowhere to run, no one to protect you. you are descending into hell and you dont even know it. the tables will turn and nobody likes a traitor. enjoy relative peace and prosperity now ladies while you still can. thats all il say over the matter now.

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      im not bothered about women serving id rather they dont because they are shit at anything physical. i was angry that some women showed fake sympathy and had the nerve to wear poppys when you werent the ones who died in the front lines. one day i will explain in detail the decay that letting women vote and become a big part of running a civilzation has caused. and you will understand better then. seen another news article today of a woman who has stabbed a child, assaulted a fellow worker and then when arrested found 3 videos of her having sex with her pitbull and she strutted brazenly out of court as she was given a big fine but no jail. the mind boggles. women are proving over and over how vile and devious their real nature really is. things will deteriorate even further because the essence of a woman is that she is basically a child and has the nature of a child in an adults body. this is why you when off the leash make terrible and selfish decisions and do not know real consequences. i honestly believe that 1 in 10 women are either pedafiles or into bestiality or had an experience with one or both of the two. and thats what you get with the vagina .. they know its desired and they know they can fuck anytime they want and fuck anything….but its the society that has given you a green light to do what you like and promote zero morals. the family unit is gone. an so is humanity. look deep into what im saying and you will KNOW that i am right.

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        @haydolf_hittler You’re talking about Jenna Discroll in AU? Actually she bit a child, which is worse than stabbing because of the genuine savage nature of the act. She stabbed an adult with a fork. I have no idea why she only got probation. That’s fucked up. She needs to be, at the very least, in a mental (criminal) hospital. Again, I’d look into who ruled on the case – a male judge. Why isn’t he answering for the light sentence?
        You said women have been given a green light to do whatever we like and promote zero morals. Who gave women the green light? There are more men in politics and law (in the US.) I hope at some point you also hold the men – who have totally enabled this society – accountable.
        I won’t address the issues of women actually being children (except that I disagree) and as far as the number of females who are pedophiles or commit bestiality, I don’t have any stats to even guess what those numbers are. I also won’t address the issue of “woman not caring about men or faking sympathy” as that’s your personal belief and I don’t think anything will change your mind. I will say it cuts me a bit considering how much my father means to me. To ever think I would fake caring for my father is unfathomable. Some of your issues are on a personal level. But some are fair and those deserve an answer.

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