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    I lie awake at night.
    Dying in my nightmares.
    These cold blue eyes…staring.
    Empty…hollow…seeing nothing.

    My cruel intentions.
    The horror of madness.
    Flashes across this face.
    This hideous,ugly face.

    Sitting…alone inside the darkness.
    Do I dares to call these my dreams?
    Razor sharp teeth…
    Devouring my silent screams.

    I cry myself to sleep.
    Dying over and over in my nightmare.
    This putrid mouth opens…
    Fangs sharp and surreal.

    Waiting inside the blackness.
    My breath…leaving me.
    Forming a cold mist.
    I just smile…with my grimacing glare.

    I touch…hidden desires.
    Torturing myself self worth.
    The shine of daylight’s death.
    All around me.

    At night I die…alone.
    Forever…haunted my nightmare.
    Listening inside to the stillness.
    I stop…to consume my soul.

    How does my soul taste?
    It is bitter…but sweet.
    Laughing at myself…
    Feasting on the rot.

    Siting here…Alone.

    Devouring My Soul.  

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    Marculius Rose
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    I like it!

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    Thank You Death.
    Everyone here sure has been nice to me,really glad the stuff I’ve been writing/posting has gotten positive reviews…

    But don’t be to nice to me.

    I need to keep the Dark & Moody side of me fueled with negative things to.

    Kanabus…aka…The Kid.

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    Not to be to nice but im saying great work just so that you can continue your poems.
    if the poem is great one must give feedback
    plus i understand being in a dark place can create master pieces.

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    Not to be too nice either still enjoy these writings as I read them in my mind pondering what such dark beauty, for I think I can understand the tone or at least I think I can, but I wonder if you ever thought of writing poems from the view of someone who wants to rid themselves of human emotion but still be human, nah forget what I just said I want you to keep the darkness within you for as you say, “Don’t be too nice to me” for you want to remain Dark and Moody, imagine the darkness consuming one’s soul to the point where the soul is taken from you not by Gods, Angels, Demons, or Devils but by choice to try to remain empty, devoid, and desensitized of it all. Something like that I don’t know what will increase you skills of such but it seems inspiring to me for some reason. This gives me kind of an Alter Ego been checking things out of this site started looking around in the “Chill Out Zone” wondering into undiscovered areas of the forums.

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    Seraphim Serenata
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    Your poem makes it sound that you need a cuddle buddy at night to keep the night frights at bay

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    Love it. I got one.

    My soul is dark
    My dick is hard.
    My cleaning lady
    Is Jean-Luc Picard.

    I had a fat girlfriend
    Until I shrinked her.
    Now I make cheezy lard puns
    Like my good friend Spinkter.

    My dark soul
    Owns a black heart.
    Fuck! Now I gots sickle cell
    And a chicken skin shart.

    I dropped a massive deuce
    And choked on the vapor.
    Then I reached for a wipe
    But had no paper.

    My dark life sucks
    I hate how I feel,
    But a mortgage and car payment
    Make me keeps it real.

    By the way,
    How many genders are there.
    Pussy lips and tits
    With beards and chest hair?

    But I digress
    It causes me stress.
    Dudes with back hair
    Wearing a dress?

    Yes, the world is gloomy
    All dark and shit.
    Like going to prom
    With a shiny new zit.

    I spray my balls
    With a can of Raid.
    It knocks down the bugs
    Before I get laid.

    Be happy @kanabus

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    Sphincterpiston #59535
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    … With Plumbus in hand and a pocket full of Chewly Chus..
    The Gorlaxian begrudges the normal worlds views,
    with Fluggerlings present along with Ploognog pheasants..
    The Voorjplume dons its interdimensional shoes…
    Alas!… Bygone are the days of the Chuurgar Sheem..
    T’was extremely important for my social Bleem..
    For I am considered a handsome Smegmaengineer as it would seem..
    Woe betide all of your Ghoulcobs..!
    Woe betide just some of your Chiknswords..!
    Lest ye be weary for the Snumsnom,
    Will insert its Javis in your Bumbomb..!

    … This is a small dark passage from my peom… “THE GRANNYFISTER”…It’s very deep!.. Thank you and hope you guys enjoy!

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      THE GRANNYFISTER! That was you? I cited a portion of that in my Ph.D Dissertation. Don’t worry, I cited my sources.

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    Sphincterpiston #59535
    Goints: 2,032

    … I hate to brag!

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