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    Gorey Boys ♡
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    How many times during The Xmas will you think of baby jesus? The poor crater, born homeless. Thank God for the 3 wise kings for providing the baby essentials when no one else gave a fuck.
    Make sure to fill in your census y’all!

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    Hahaha. I believe the Jeezus person did exist and was also quite wise, but I also believe many other “prophets” where erased from the annals of history. And no, non of them had supper powers except Aqua-man.

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    hmmm… i don’t know… some man that allegedly existed some 2000+ years ago, that supposedly healed the sick, walked on water, and brought hope to humanity, is still being talked about, on a global scale, to this very day.

    must be a hoax.

    i bet you believe William Shakespeare or Christopher Columbus existed.

    Christmas is pagan. was never really about the Messiah, Yahushua.

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        I’m totally serious about those hot stalks. 😛

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      Zeus is still being talked about. Older than 2000 years.

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    Yes, yes, Jesus did exist. But he was far different than the iconic figure people are thought to believe. No powers or anything of the sort. The filthy christians tried to take our sacred and true religion out of context in order to create theirs and they did manage to do that for quite some time, but then we quickly infiltrated Christianity and got on the top the power struggle by turning most of them into cucks by literally removing A LOT of antisemitism (also known as facts) from christian literature, which was quite antisemitic a few centuries ago. Of course there was a lot more involved in this cucking but that would take me the whole day to explain. Judeo-Christianity, the perfect combination!

    Now go on and continue to worship the kike on the spike, goyim!

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      Mr Spock
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      I think Jesus did exist, but I’m more curious of the historical Jesus, the flesh-and-blood human, rather than the divine-natured man portrayed in the Bible. How did he get on with his boss? What type of student was he? Was he very competitive? Did he have feelings towards women? What did he look like? Tall or short? How did he spend his 20s?

      Perhaps we shall never know.

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      …by antisemitism, do you mean the hiding of the real Jew’s identity? today’s Jews have not met the punishments in which Elohim inflicted upon his people for worshiping idols. this is revealed in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 28.

      yes, Christianity is a fraud. Christianity derives from the Vatican. Roman Catholicism was/is heavy influenced by Egypt, hence their ties to sun worship. it was evident.

      The Scriptures do not belong to them. it is pagan, all of it. The Torah wasn’t meant for Gentiles. they took The Most High’s name out of the sacred text. claiming it was out of “respect for The Lord”. wrong. it was to hide the truth.

      some claim that the Torah is a rip off of the Egyptian book, “Book Of The Dead”. however, The Scriptures speak for themselves. the evidence of a cover up is strong, and the text been proven to be historically accurate. we are all witnessing the prophecies take place to this day. just look around you. we are living in The Last Days.

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    GDPR Harvester
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    He did exist, however he did not preform any divine miracles or anything like that.
    Look at it this way:
    The year is 50 B.C. The mentality and intellectual capability of humans isn’t yet developed enough.
    You are someone who is ridiculously wealthy, you have a shitload of property, shitload of slaves, guards, your own army etc. (something like a King, but not necessarily a king).
    You realize that since people aren’t too intelligent at the moment it is easy to manipulate them, however you need something that’s just gonna blow their minds, something that will be the answer to all of their questions, not realizing they are in your trap. Getting something like this is really hard, you need something that will make assure mass manipulation. The first thing that comes to your mind is religion.
    Folk-lore, stories of ancient kings and beasts passed down from generation to generation, sure a ”King” such as yourself is smart enough to realize the fact that these things are purely man-made, that God doesen’t exist, and that people think about Religion just because they can’t handle the fact that there is no thing beyond this life.
    So, you decided that the easiest way for mass manipulation would be to make people believe in divine things, things nobody has ever seen before, things that seems unrealistic and impossible to do. But even among the earliest of civilizations, there was always the seed of doubt implemented in those who are capable to see beyond your lies and deceits. So you need something fresh, something ”Divine” people will actually see with their own eyes. And this is where it begins.
    Since basic human rights haven’t been established at this moment of history, you being the wealthy ”King” you are, you go to a nearby village, it isnt a big village, counts roughly about 10 houses with less than 100 people living there. The village survives on its own agriculture, and they don’t communicate with outsiders at all. Excellent, you burn down the village, kill everyone except one virgin girl and one baby boy (at this point its about 6-4 years BC, you have devoted many of your resources and wealth making up the perfect story which would later be known as religion). You are the person raising the boy, teaching him all kinds of tricks and schemes of how to preform stunts that seem miraculous, using the latest knowledge of alchemy to make it appear as water has been turned into wine, disguising people into looking like Leapers just to have them cured by no other than the miracle boy himself, and last but not least falsely injuring him in the chest while he is hanged at the cross, just to have him return 3 days after.

    – I can write so much about this, but i will try to keep it simple with the text above, i hope all you who read this get my point. If you really think that HUMANS weren’t capable to preform something like the things i stated above, than you my friend are indeed a fool.

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    Christmas is really called Yule, a pagan European holiday. The original Christmas tree was a yule tree. Hence the yule log. Yule is Odin’s holiday.

    Go watch Thulean Perspectives youtube channel. His name is Varg Vikernes.

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    I recommend you people check out this website.


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    Lord Wankdust
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    The entire pantheon of the Norse Gods kicks utter fuck out of Jesus and that other shite.
    Ragnarock and the Rainbow Fucking Bridge, those Vikings and Norse Cunts really knew how to worship a batch of proper Gods… Immense Feasting, Entire Winters spent Beer Drinking, legendary Week-Long Farting Battles, Epic Poems which took three weeks to recite from memory, they liked to spend Springtimes pillaging monasteries and using hand-written bibles to roast Nun’s Tits on for snacks.

    If Jesus was alive briefly 2,000 years ago then he’s dead now. He poofed around the Hills of Gaylilee and then the Homo-Romans and Jews nailed him to a couple of planks of wood. The Vikings were busy knocking fuck out of the Homo-Roman Empire, sacking Instanbul/ Constantinople and discovering America.

    PS. Yes. That is Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple on the mike amidships.

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