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      Empty soul

      Nobody likes niggers it seems, not even niggers.

      In my country and in much of Europe niggers refuse to date their own race. They are repulsed by each other physically speaking and yet always talk a good game about liking and supporting each other. “Black Pride” they call it. A contradiction their simian brains always seems to jog on past without much thought.

      Every nigger athlete, singer, actor etc always tends to go for a whitey. Only the poorest niggers tend to date and fuck other niggers and they only do that as a last resort, often preferring to rape white women instead.

      Niggers are also the most prolific killers of other niggers as well despite them ranting about “blacks lives matter”. Yeah right. How about you lead by example you stupid violent fucking niggers.

      Niggers also commit crime many times their own headcount despite being “goot bois” who “din du nuffins”.

      So, the question is thus. Does anybody truly like niggers?

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      I dont like niggers of ANY race….. and I come across many in EVERY RACE.

      But since we are being honest, I can say, I dislike Jews more than any nigger.

      I can defend myself against all niggers. But I haven’t found a way to retaliate against the jew, without detrimental effects to my livelihood.

      I dont discriminate.

      Nice talking again E.S.

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        Empty soul

        Hi youngHitler. Nice to see you again too.

        There is a parallel to be had between are chosen targets for scorn.

        Both the Jew and the nigger behave in ways that are detrimental to white society and they both play the victim card when challenged. The Jews with their anti-Semite card and the niggers with their race card.

        We are all shaped by our past experiences however and so you may not have had the negative experiences with black people that I have had. I lived in stab city, Londonistan for years so that probably explains to you my hatred for them.

        We all discriminate then, its just that we discriminate against different target groups. You discriminate against Jews and I discriminate against both niggers and Jews………amongst others.

        We are the sum of our experiences guided by present circumstance.

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      Lol! I’m beginning to think that you don’t care much for niggers and have no mixed feelings about them.
      Imagine being a mud farmer in Alabama USA where high school and college football is huge. Almost all of the top tier recruitments are blacker than hell. They love thier football but they hate niggers. They’re like, “Whooo yeah… ROLL TIDE! but fuck them niggers.”
      You should see the tailgating at an Alabama/Mississippi game. It’s all exposed ass cracks, huge lard guts hanging out from under chili stained t-shirts with the sleeves cut off and lots of beer. The rednecks start barking at one another and throwing bratwurst. “Our niggers are better n yer niggers!!!”
      Well, I got a little sidetracked there, but, you can see the dilemma that these football fans face.

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        Empty soul

        Lol. I don’t hate them per say. Its kind of like when you get jumped by a vicious dog and manage to get away. You don’t hate the dog. You don’t stay up all night thinking about how much you hate them, you just make sure to avoid them whenever you spot one and hope your new neighbour doesn’t have one either lol.

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          Hmm, not me. I will find a way to kill that dog or get it put down if it went after me. I feel the same way about niggers. Most of us don’t have direct contact with jews in our everyday lives. The closest we typically get is their gentile front at the bank or any other place they have control of your livelihood and future.

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          Empty soul


          I hate libtards. Hate them with a passion and that’s because libtards know exactly what it is they are doing but do it anyway because they are greedy self serving, virtue signalling little shits.

          Niggers on the other hand are just stupid animals. They have no more self control than a dog does. They act on primal instincts and live to eat, fight and fuck which is why they are a drain on the state because they’re dependant on their owners(host country) financially supporting them.

          That niggers kill over the smallest perceived slight, steal other peoples stuff and generally piss and shit everywhere they go is standard behaviour for that particular type of animal. Its just in them. Its what they are.

          Libtards acting to find and place more niggers into white society then is the equivalent of a nature lover finding and placing lions into human habitats knowing full well what the end result is going to be and just as I don’t hate lions so long as they keep to their side of the fence and I don’t hate niggers either so long as they stay in Africa.

          To conclude. Niggers are dangerous beasts but libtards are dangerous humans and therein lies the difference in that the beasts have no power or influence without the humans.

          If it were up to me then I would prosecute libtards under the dangerous dogs Act.

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        Empty soul

        As for football, its the same in my country too. Full of Niggers. We throw bananas at them whenever they get close enough to the fans.

        The world cup was also a laugh a few years back. You couldn’t tell the difference between some of the European teams and the African ones lol. France vs the Congo was an absolute hoot, not a white man to be found on the pitch.

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        He looks just like #14, only a shade or three darker.

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        Empty soul


        You should see our athletic runners during the Olympics etc. Many different athletes from many different countries all competing against each other from Europe, America and Africa and every single one of them is black. It really is a “my nigger is better than your nigger” competition.

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        The Olyimpics was my very first thought when you mentioned the soccer/football teams. Were it not for a shirt sporting a national emblem of sorts, who the fuck could say where they’re from?
        Not too long ago, and it may still be an issue, many of the black colored athletes from civilized countries would suddenly decide to compete in the Olympic Games for some obscure African country from which thier ancestors emigrated. Essentially, they are given a free pass in Europe or the U.S., given the best of the best training facilities and treated like rock stars only to switch it up and go win a gold medal for Senegal or some shit.
        That’s fine though. The U.S. and many European countries win enough gold medals from the niggers who decide to stay “home”.
        It’s poor Inoogaboo from Togo that truly gets fucked. He trained his black ass off in dust storms passing off a zebra femur in place of a relay baton and chasing Cheetahs only to be edged out of a qualifying spot on his national team by RayRay “Purple Drank” Washington from fuckin St. Louis.

        Oh, throwing bananas at darkies on the soccer field is hilarious. That gave me an idea. Instead of casting aspersions on the niggers via limerick, as funny as they can be, maybe the entire stadium could trash talk in a really loud series of clicks and grunts.
        Actually, giving it more thought, that would be way too much time invested on Just keep throwing bananas.


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          Empty soul


          The sporting authorities and government in my country does the opposite. So desperate they are for a gold medal they grab niggers from the jungle and give them a passport.

          Our greatest “British” runner is Mohammed ‘Mo’ Farrah from Somalia. He even got knighted by the Queen for fucks sake. Now he is Sir Mo Farrah, Knight of the fucking realm. Its like that movie Black Knight with Martin Lawrence.

          The above shit is why I don’t support local sport teams anymore. The players aren’t even from the same country as me let alone city.

          “Oh, throwing bananas at darkies on the soccer field is hilarious. That gave me an idea. Instead of casting aspersions on the niggers via limerick, as funny as they can be, maybe the entire stadium could trash talk in a really loud series of clicks and grunts“.

          Oh but we do. We make monkey noises at them and do the hands under the armpits dance. Makes them very angry. Great fun.

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        You think of a mime with a striped t-shirt, a beret and some cloves of garlic? Nope!

        Just like they supposedly got toppled by the Nazis they’ve been completely toppled by the pawns of the Jews – the Africans.

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      Empty soul

      I thought I may as well copy and paste myself from another thread that got disappeared for some reason because it adds to the topic at hand.

      “In Britain blacks are 4% of the total population. 1.8% of that number are black males. That 1.8% are also responsible for around 65% of all violent crime in England.

      Low IQ and excessive physical strength is a terrible combination. Ok, its useful in sports which is why they excel in that field but worthless anywhere else.

      As for why they are like that. Testosterone is the short answer.

      If you look at the symptoms of testosterone overdose you will see that it causes loss of concentration and diminishes clear thinking. It also creates excessive aggressiveness and gives rise to spontaneous acts of violence and hypersexuality. This is why bodybuilders who take too much testosterone boosting drugs such as steroids exhibit roid rage so often and want to fuck all the time, even when its not appropriate.

      The above is why black kids struggle to concentrate at school and so never learn anything and why they chimp out so often(roid rage). It is also why they are hypersexual. Simply put, they have too much testosterone in them.

      Why?. Why do they have excessive testosterone compared to other races?. Evolution is the answer.

      Sub-Saharan Africans spent thousands of years longer than other races as hunter/gatherers. When the rest of the world was creating tools and farming practices and building centralised civilisation based upon trade and its supply and demands the Sub-Saharan Africans remained cut off from the rest which is why they were still living like tribal hunter/gatherers with no technological prowess to their name other than the pointed stick and the mud hut.

      Evolution then tends to be a rather unbiased thing. It does not hate or fear. It simply provides what is needed for survival and so it was that survival in a hunter/gatherer lifestyle required traits related to survival in such an environment. Larger amounts of testosterone was one of those factors. So was a focus on fast twitch muscle fibres and traits focused on strength and speed etc.

      Humans in an environment that had developed farming and tool building required different traits though such as traits focused on intelligence and creativity much in the same way as humans in colder, cloudier environments developed whiter skin in order to absorbed sunlight better.

      To conclude then. Sub-Saharan Africans have a thousands of years difference in their evolutionary design to us whites. Climate and sunlight penetration gave us different skin colours and environment gave us different needs and subsequent evolutional traits.

      It really isn’t that much different from dog breeds. Dogs have different temperaments and different levels of aggression and intelligence based upon their evolutional paths etc. Nobody denies this and yet they shit their pants and throw a fit when somebody points out that humans might not be so different.

      Anyway. The short of it is that black people are ill-equipped from a evolutional perspective for survival in white society because white society is built with white people and their base functionalities in mind which is why niggers are always trying to pull down rather than reach up because they know that is their only chance of survival“.

      To add to the above and to further evolve my original topic do you ever wonder why niggers choose white western countries to invade and not East Asian ones?.

      They choose white western countries because they know they can pull down and survive in them whereas they would be expected to excel on their own merits anywhere else.

      White western countries are the only places that offer Affirmative Action and race quota systems that ignore individual failings in favour of physical representation.

      White people are also the only race that can be tricked into self flagellation, even for things they haven’t done.

      A dumb-fuck nigger from niggerstan can come to white land and reach the top echelons of society just for being a nigger. Just look at Ilhan Omar and Diane Abbott for example. They don’t have to be intelligent, capable or successful they just have to be black to survive and be successful.

      The American and European “Democrats” (in name only) and the libtards in general thrive on the dumb-fuck dark skins for votes in fact because it is the only way they can wrestle power from the indigenous working class populations in favour of themselves.

      The nigger is merely a tool for the libtard then because they don’t ever choose to live near them, preferring high priced white areas instead. They don’t have their children educated alongside them either, preferring private paid-for education instead and they don’t socialise with them also. They just use them as a tool to attack everyone else outside of their libtard bubble with.

      To conclude. What with all the observed negatives in opposition to the government stated positives both the libtard and the nigger have exhausted most peoples ability to believe in, deal with and cope with them.

      What say you?. Use your own experiences and opinions and let it all out.

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        ” The American and European “Democrats” (in name only) and the libtards in general thrive on the dumb-fuck dark skins for votes in fact because it is the only way they can wrestle power from the indigenous working class populations in favour of themselves.”

        The sad thing is that Classical Liberals or Progressives once stood for the interests of the masses rather than the economic elites yet now in the Western World , the masses are turning toward dangerous parties .

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          Empty soul


          The classical liberals are now deemed to be far-right Nazis according to the modern left because the modern lefts circle of influence has moved so far to the left that everyone else slightly to the right of Chairman Mao is now seen to be extremely rightwing.

          The liberals nowadays stand for, work for and support the wealthy economic elites. Not the working-class masses.

          The masses are therefore not turning towards the “dangerous parties”. They are instead turning towards the only groups wiling to stand up and speak for them even if it is only a lie, thus one mans danger is another mans gain.

          You can blame the middle class moneyed modern day libtards for the above confusion then because they have hijacked morals, action and sensibilities and turned them against the most impoverished, desperate and needy in society. The working classes.

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          I agree with you . My only fear is that these new “dangerous parties” will sell us all out as they have in the past. Right wing conservatives are traditionally allied to Capital and the Left with the People. We are now in a topsy -turvey world where the Right Wing Conservatives now are attracting the People (at least in the short term)and the New Wave Left is with Capital ie cheap wages etc.

          However ,Capital always thinks of Capital so once the masses get what they want ,Capital will put the squeeze in again. Trump for instance is still a money man and his fight with other Republicans and Dem Elites is all about intra-Cartel bloodletting. He still has done nothing for the masses in the US .Boris Kemal -new Brit PM- is still a money man and although unrelated to the topic at hand will do nothing to deliver Brexit. You watch ,he will say lots but do nothing that really works.

          I fear nothing will work short of a war. Even if UKIP or Tommy’s Party get in ,they will get the hard word from Uncle Sam and instantly pipe down as did the Hard Talking Right of Italy. I am sorry ,it wont happen,nothing will change unless you go to war against Uncle Sam or a severe blow is dealt to the USA to take their attention off the UK leaving. Your army emasculated and has been for some time. All weapons of consequence have been decommissioned or sent to Europe. Europe (US vassal) have you over a barrel. It is to cry for!

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          Empty soul

          All anybody can do really is keep acting for their own group and choosing representation for their own group. Eventually when ignored enough and when numerous enough that group then has nothing to lose and so engages in violent revolution.

          Nobody thought the Roman Empire would fall. Nobody thought the British Empire would fall and the French elites never expected their working classes to march on them, lop of their heads and start a revolution.

          With every action there is the chance for change. With no action however there is zero chance for it.

          To conclude. Don’t give loyalty to any particular party and keep choosing the groups that promise to act for you. It doesn’t matter if those parties sell you out. Just keep moving forward, building momentum as you go and eventually it becomes dangerous for them to sell you out and they start to fear you and not the other way around.

          The Brexit will happen for Britain because the working classes throughout Britain are at the point where they will kill to make it happen. Our sell-out politicians are already dropping like flies over here and have to go around with stab vests on and security 24/7. Ignoring us any further is the most dangerous thing they can do and they know it so keep moving forward nemesis. Don’t let the what-ifs and the doubts stop you from moving forward and acting in your own best interests. They want you to be weak and sloth like, don’t give it to them.

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          Thanks for that heartening response as sometimes my disillusionment shows through a little too much.

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        Well i know white women like niggers, that’s why peckerwood boys keep complaining about how “niggers always take our women” lol peckerwood men are the most pathetic animals on the planet, all you can do is complain about a more superior race of men than you cause you’re too weak to do anything about it. You wanna send niggers back to Africa but it would take a superior man with superior physical strength to do that, peckerwoods are not that whatsoever so here you all are making blogs about it on bestgore,cause what else can your weak race do about it? lol!!!! Pathetic little cowards. Have fun complaining about your women taking nigger dick you fucking low lifes!

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          Ha! Do i seem the type of guy who cares if a guy has a bigger dick than I ? My conversation here is on sociopolitical grounds and not on some crap about blacks stealing “our women”. I come from a race of warriors so fighting back doesn’t scare me. Any cunt -black or white – who wants to take away my sovereignty or freedom of action will have to fight me for it.

          If you read up you will see I don’t want Americans ,Chinese ,Russians ,Blacks ,Zios nor Headchoppers invading my home and telling me what to do. Fuck you all, cunts!

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          Empty soul

          Lol. The only things niggers take from the whites in my country is our trash. They “steal” the fattest, most ugliest ham beasts we have. The ones nobody wants. You niggers are our garbage men then. Thank you for taking away our rubbish nigger boy. Keep up the good work.

          Once they go black we don’t take them back anyway. Coal-burners are despised in my country and have a life time of being single mothers to look forward to once they engage in bestiality.

          Niggers are superior you say, lol. I don’t see how prancing around in jungles with pointed sticks and mud huts is superior. How constantly fleeing such conditions for the white mans land and begging at his feet for entry is superior. How relying on the white man for everything in life is superior.

          You niggers are about as superior as the domestic dog. Everything you have in life was given to you by a white man. Your clothes, your education, your technology, even the computer you are talking shit from, all given to you by whitey.

          You are our slave nigger boy and you always have been because your entire existence has been at our hands.

          Oh, and we don’t just rant about blacks on Bestgore either. Take a look at Eastern European politics and also the British Brexit, we are acting against you in real life too. So sorry nigger.

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          I really hate to point out errors, but I’m compelled in this case. Whitey did not give the blacks everything that they have. We did not give them those giant fuckin air intake nostrils. That’s an evolutionary characteristic that they’ve acquired to facilitate their own unique needs.
          You see, footsbaw, bassetbaw, armed robbery, rape and beat boxing all require a large amount of oxygen rich blood supplied to them trough what you once called “jet engine intake” nostrils.
          The next time you take your garbage to the curb, please do them a favor. Leave it 6-8 ft back from the curb. They really don’t mind. It’s what they’re built for.


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      There is too much racism on here right now and I’m tired of it. Can we all just calm down a bit and discuss this rationally over some big fat slices of watermelon?

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      “White western countries are the only places that offer Affirmative Action and race quota systems that ignore individual failings in favour of physical representation.”

      Why is this though?

      The only reason I can see is that it’s part of the greater plan to create a one world totalitarian state.

      Africa has a huge population and if it remained where it was then the West would still be autonomous, so the issue of melding that huge population into the rest of the world was taken on by those in charge – multi-pronged task, they own the universities so fill them full of ‘humanities’ bollocks that preaches ‘diversity’ and ‘equality’ with no regard for fact or empirical evidence.

      They own the media so absolutely saturate the West with race rhetoric and the promotion of miscegenation – which is now at a level that is truly beyond belief, spot a white man in an advert and I’ll give you a tenner – and then batter the schools with bullshit – literal bullshit, lies – about ‘slavery’ and all this nonsense. That in turn gives the blacks a sense of entitlement, delusions of grandeur etc.

      Those pulling the strings really have done a number on the West, as fuck all can be done about it now you can only marvel at how well they’ve pulled it off.

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        You nailed the sociopolitical strategic Grand Plan.
        I have said it before , I am not against Africans ,Asians and moslems coming into Europe but ONLY when invited and only when they assimilate to all intents and purposes. I am not interested in not mentioning Christmas because it will affect their sensibilities ,like they now do here!

        In their countries they put you to death for preaching Christianity and no I am not joking.

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        “Those pulling the strings really have done a number on the West, as fuck all can be done about it now you can only marvel at how well they’ve pulled it off.”

        Well yes, all you have to do is not want your daughter fucking niggers and that is enough that they will take your job and any other source of income, your wealth that you have accumulated from working, hound you in your home and in all media platforms. Make sure you can never get a job again and try to have criminal charges against you as well.

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