Donald Trump Knew about the attack’s on 9/11

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      Donald trump did not predict 9/11 he knew about the coming attack from Israel. Had I known this prior to the election of 2016 I would had known he was going to be elected president for Zionism America.

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      Akbar Shabaz

      Well how bout that 😂

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      I still know a few people that think Muslims flew planes into the buildings
      and I’m the crazy one 😂

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      An excellent video but the truth is out. Even if two aeroplanes damaged the building there is no way for it to fall as it did. It needed tactical nuclear bombs in the basement to bring it down. How and who could know planes would smash into that building then for them to explode the bombs? Why was the building insured and bought just before the incident by Silverstein and Australian Jew, Lowy of Westfield ? How else to explain Israeli spies dancing when they supposedly knew nothing of what had happened ? It could have been an accidental crash and even if spies it would be natural for them to be upset and in shock at the loss of life . So they knew!!

      Why were they and many other Israelis and Sauds allowed to leave the country almost immediately when every other plane in the US was grounded? What was so special about them? Have you ever heard of cops allowing obvious suspects to run away while locking up widows and orphans?

      So for sure ,it was planned and Israeli and american Jews , US gov leaders and Saudis knew about it.

      Remember ,every American land and cell phone call is logged and billed to you by an Israeli company connected to Mossad. That is no secret.It is public knowledge. Israel knows every phone call it WANTS to know about in the US and probably the whole world. So it would know about phone calls made by 9/11 Saudi terrorists anyway , during the planning.

      9/11 was a false flag either done by the ISRaelis and Sauds with or without US knowledge at the same time. It was to push the US into war and the stripping of wealth and rights from American and world citizens? Why? ’cause estate only rwaythey could fool people into allowing it was by just such method.

      Covid, even if real is also played up for just such a reason My take? It is to strip away all the public and private wealth left over because corporate greed and stupidity has fritterred away all the wealth they stole from us all since 9/11 and the American -caused 2008 great financial depression.

      Why? ’cause globalist capitalists know the middle class is dead! Manufacturer Turing is dead and all because they sent it all off to China. They know China is where the a tion is so what will they do with so many people in America without jobs forthemselves? Do you think they want what they think are “useless mouths to feed”

      Americans expecially are now worse than the Black slaves on a plantation just before Emancipation in 1865. You are not wanted by your leaders . At least slaves were fed ’cause they were property . You are not and there are no more jobs for you nor will there ever be they don’t want to feed you ! They want you to just die or go away. Simple. The top in America is enough ,with some poor to do the shit work. The vast majority of the Middle Class ie Average Joes in America are now dead-weight . This is not news . This report of a 40 percent discount to people was in a Citigroup Bank in I think 2006 or 1996. They knew what would happen when they first started exporting your Jobs to China.

      I foresee a civil war in the US soon or a real plague released on you and maybe Covid is the” practise match” for it. How else will the top maintain their wealth and conditions without having to worry about uprisings? They can’t ; they need to lose population …

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