Donald Trump with Melania and Their Pimp Jeffrey Epstein

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      Donald Trump with Melania and Their Pimp Jeffrey Epstein

      The girl in the photo with Epstein is Maxwell, daughter of Czechoslovakian Jew. Her father worked for the Mossad. Epstein has ties to former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak. The two are in a multi million dollar partnership. Epstein’s financer, the billionaire Wexner, is a Zionist.

      MELANIA TRUMP, 49, is the wife of President Donald Trump, 73. It has been reported that Jeffery Epstein, who has been arrested on charges related to trafficking minors, bragged about introducing Melania and Donald.

      It has been reported that Jeffrey Epstein, 66, who was arrested in New York in early July on various charges related to the trafficking of minors, introduced them.

      The New York times wrote after the 2016 elections Epstein was “claiming that he was the one who introduced Trump to his third wife.”

      But is this true? Donald and Melania have a different version of how they met and it does not include Epstein.

      Trump has fulfilled none of his promises to America, but all and some to Israel.

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      Many have said they saw Melania at parties where rich powerful men were entertained by beautiful paid and aspiring women. It is well known that Melania was an illegal alien working as a “nude model”.

      Also many remembered seeing her with Trump at parties like this but before she was bigtitted and plastiqued. Have you seen photos of her pre-plastique? I was shocked! Not just the boobs!

      The face was dog- ugly but now i think she is very beautiful with those blue- eyes and dark hair etc.She is also thicker too, whereas she looked starved and rail- thin when she was still “entertaining”.

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      Lord Wankdust

      Epstein was tried and somehow managed to get away with this a decade ago. He was given 18 months in a Golf Resort Prison for Rich Folks. If he’d been anyone else pimping 14 year old girls in Central Brooklyn he’d be inside for 300 years. But he pimped little girls in luxury resorts in Florida, Virgin Islands and Thailand.

      Giselaine Maxwell introduced this little girl to Prince Andrew. The girl says Prince Andrew fucked her. She was 17 at the time – underage in Florida. Statutory rape Your Highness. She was procured and trafficked by Giselaine Maxwell when she was 15 years old.

      Prince Andrew Giselaine Maxwell

      Later after Epstein got outta his golf resort prison he met Andrew in New York.

      This was all about finding elite people who would be influenceable. I mean if Epstein had filmed you fucking a teenage girl, would you accept the job of special envoy to sell arms to Gaddafi. Arms which Gaddafi paid for but never got. Oh yeah the Dogs of War sent in by The Usual Suspects to destroy Gaddafi got the guns.

      This is Global Elite Blackmail shit of the highest order.

      Prince Andrew Epstein

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      Those Brit Royals are pervs as is Prince of Monaco. He was also in yachts with underage girls. Untouchable?

      One needs to ask ,Where were the parents of these minors? Or were they “show bizz” parents who would allow anything to happen to their kids for them to get their big break?

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      Donald Trump Hand in Glove with Jeffrey Epstein

      Donald Trump hand in glove with Jeffrey Epstein

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      Check the right image. Classic case of a shit-eating grin. What a self-entitled, Establishment-protected cunt!

      I would love to bitch-slap him.

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