Donna Hylton – Black Woman Who Tortured, Sodomized and Murdered White Man

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      Donna Hylton - Black Woman Who Tortured, Sodomized and Murdered White Man

      Donna Hylton – a black feminist who tortured, sodomized, gang raped and murdered a white man in order to earn $9,000 for her modeling portfolio, is celebrated and praised as a hero by the mainstream press, and was invited to speak at the “Women’s March“.

      For over two weeks, Donna Hylton tortured a kidnapped white real estate agent Thomas Vigliarole by crushing his testicles with a pair of pliers, beating him, burning him, starving him, and sodomizing him with a 3 foot metal bar.

      Police are not sure when exactly the victim died, but he was being tortured for at least 15 days. Donna Hylton justified shoving the three-foot metal bar up Thomas Vigliarole’s rectum by stating:

      He was a homo anyway. When I stuck the bar up his rectum, he wiggled.

      Here’s some more info about the feminist poster girl Donna Hylton:

      Here’s the disgusting feminist Donna Hylton worshiped on mainstream media:

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      I wish I could articulate my thoughts to truly express how outrageous this is.

      how does this woman have a platform?

      the hypocrisy is mind boggling.

      freedom of speech of course but why host this woman who viciously tortured and murdered a man to bitch and moan of oppression. if anything she should be doing it from a cell this is ridiculous, shouldn’t even be out she is a cold blooded sadist

      please someone step up and defend her I need tto know why this is ok

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        this is why I don’t get into stuff like this what am I to do? not going to paint a sign and march down my street.

        no I am going to sit here utterly pissed off

        I just ordered a pizza and I never do that. impulse buy out of fury. but before it gets here l I’m going to take my bra off, not burn it, and sign my slip donna with stiffest nipples, nipples pointing up like a couple of sexy soldiers, pointing at Me.

        for true ladies everywhere, rock it if you got it I do it for you and You

        haw haw take that D

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      That women’s march was bullshit.. I didnt know who the hell that lady until now. But I watched part of the women’s march and all it was, was a bunch of bitches crying and trying to sound important and meaningful. It reminded me of the black lives matter movement.. like shut the fuck up already. Get over your snatch its not that cool half of us have one. And they should arrest madonna for terroristic threats like they did me.. I yell at my principle I’m going to stab him and his children to death when I was in middle school and I got sent across state. She says she wants to blow up the fucking white house?!? Kick her in the face! I don’t NOT want that bitch “representing” women..

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        Millions of women exercised their rights and freedoms by going on a march where they openly, freely and without recrimination spoke their minds without censorship, about how they are oppressed, aren’t free to do as they please, and don’t have rights.


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          But they do have rights.. I don’t get why they are all so angry.

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        I missed the march, sure to resemble rally of empowered embarassment

        bothers me that lady on TV talking about women being “criminalized and sexualized”
        when she went to jail for 20+ years for raping and torturing a dude, dude who died as a result of it!

        glossed over that one , or better yet ZERO mention of it, great interview..

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      Why was he hanging out with prostitutes? That’s dangerous territory. It’s better not to take these kinds of risks. Whores/hookers go hand in hand with trouble.

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        Victim blaming?

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          You know exactly why I said that. Equality and all that.
          I didn’t think anyone used the term victim-blaming here because it’s so PC. And that’s not a smartass comment. I really have never seen it used.

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      Donna Hylton

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      I had been trying to reply to this, have been unable to! maybe mark sending his post same time, weird

      but @dethbyplaster I have to respectfully disagree with your statement

      my whole issue with this is look at what she was found guilty of and served 27 years for. why is she a welcome commentator to speak about any anything other than remorse for her behavior

      it’s laughable she’s a revered leader of rights

      I don’t even want to imagine how this man’s family feels seeing her on TV when I as an observer am so thoroughly disgusted

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        Fruit Rollup

        Donna Hylton is a classic psychopath. She does not understand the viewpoint of anyone other than herself. She also refuses to accept guilt for her actions and does not feel remorse for her crimes.

        Liberals like her because of her minority status. Anyone that is not white, male, Christian and straight is viewed as being God-like to their cult.

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        Despy – It’s not about that woman at all. It was just a response of frustration. The hypocrisy on this site is mind-blowing. Commenters say things like a girl wearing a short skirt or being around a stranger is inviting (deserving of) rape and possible murder. Well, hanging out with three hookers hardly makes you innocent by the standards of a good deal of members here.
        I don’t think the raped dead women on this site who have comments like “was wearing slut outfit” deserve whatever they went through and neither did this man. No man or woman deserves it.
        A couple of BG members said the UK prisoners (in recent post) acting like fags deserved to be raped. That’s what this sick bitch said about sodomizing this man. “He was a homo anyway” Hypocrisy. See?
        As far as this woman, she’s shit. But I didn’t know she spoke for anyone. I didn’t really know there was a march. I just come here and Netflix. I have no idea what’s on regular news. But she should be in prison, obviously. Dead would be more fair.

        EDIT: I read Mark’s attached links. It was not this woman who sodomized the man. It was a woman named Rita. So, I got that wrong. They (3 men – one who got it all together & 4 women) were hired by another man to carry all this out. Apparently the victim was in criminal dealings and angered his partner in crime. This woman is still shit as are the other 7 involved. She should be no one’s hero and have no voice for women or any of humankind.

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          I will have to agree that prostitutes can be dangerous, Aileen Wuornos is one that comes to mind. I myself have always been afraid of street whores and when I backpacked through Europe often resisted not to give in to temptation for I could get into trouble in a distant country. But the point here is not in relation to the victim, as he may have been imprudent (again, deserving of it I don’t think is an adequate word), but in relation to the treatment given to the perpetrator. Just look at what happens in Brazil to simple rapists, like, a guy who just rapes a woman (but doesn’t kill her) gets tortured and has broomsticks shoved up his ass and is often killed in prison. In my opinion while rape is a grave offense, it’s not, at least necessarily, enough to kill the guy if he didn’t kill the girl, and the treatment rapists receive in Brazilian prisons compared with other criminals (including murderers) shows the bias towards a punishment much too harsh, in comparison with what is administered for other crimes. Now, contrast such a treatment (even to rapists in the US) to the one given to the negro woman above, she not only helped to sodomized, but tortured and killed the guy, which in and of itself should perhaps be enough to send her to the electric chair, instead, she is hailed as a hero (an absurdity you’ve recognized yourself).

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          Now I’ve also read the story and it seems Vigliarole was a shitty guy, nevertheless, this woman should not be seen as an example by anyone…

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          When I made my initial reply, it was just an observation. Hookers are trouble. Of course, I said it to make a point. In the comments, people often throw in a “what if” or “should have.” That was mine. That’s why I didn’t debate at all about the woman.
          I noticed right-leaning news stories completely left out that there were other accomplices at all and placed all the blame on this woman. But as long as she played any role, viewing her as an “activist” and not a “murderer” is wrong. (Wiki. Someone should edit it.)
          And now Rosario Dawson is about to play her in a movie. What the fuck? I think it’s going to have a positive spin and that’s utter crap.

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          I did a web search and came across movie deal too @dethbyplaster. I also found a couple articles that seemed to echo our statements but was such a confusing read I didn’t bother to link

          I don’t know what we or They are missing with the backstory maybe when movie gets made it will create some real conversation but the march surely didn’t

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          what you are lobbying against is exactly what you implied by stating he was in roundabout way at blame for hanging with the hookers, just as he implied short skirt is invitation for rape.

          I echo your sentiments over lack of respect and outright scathing comments but it’s a sausage fest over there, they’ll pack their buns with that beef at every given opportunity

          we however must remain content in the knowledge that we are indeed the superior gender EDIT: just kidding fellas

          (wink wink)

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          “what you are lobbying against is exactly what you implied by stating he was in roundabout way at blame for hanging with the hookers, just as he implied short skirt is invitation for rape.”

          I know. That was the point. I made a statement implying it was his fault because it obviously was NOT. I was hoping people would see how doing that makes no sense.

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      Fuck that boils my blood. What a worthless piece of shit. Honestly I wonder what happened to the other kidnappers? 25 years is un-fucking-believable. That bitch should have been executed without a second thought. If I could get my hands on her I would make what she did to that guy look like childs play. If you ask me people shouldnt stand for this… there should be a protest because that bitch should definitely be hung.

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      So this is the true face of one of the big names in feminism?! Utterly disgusting. Most of them are laughable, but this degenerate is downright unworthy of the air she breathes. The sick part is she tries to use her time in jail as an example of the hardship she went through. What’s worse, i bet there’s women that are part of this “movement” that know of her past and don’t even care. Sure, prostitution and partaking in doing business with prostitutes is seen as wrong in many countries and by most people in general I think it’s safe to say. At times, I’m all for street justice as the perpetrator usually gets what they deserve. None of the women involved thought they were going a bit overboard?! And to top it off, not only is this worthless bitch free, but she gets air time on the news. I know terms like “the world is fucked” get thrown around half-heartedly quite a bit, but with things like this happening, how can you not think the world is truly going down the shitter?

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      It’s people like this who ruin feminism and make it out to be something evil and whiny. Feminism is the equality of men and women. So, as a matter of a fact, why isn’t anyone shoving a three feet rod up this “feminists” ass as well?

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        Your first sentence said it all: “So this is the true face of one of the big names in feminism!?!?”

        This hate filled woman, should be brought up in every conversation about how evil feminism is. They actually put her out front and center! The feminist endorsed her at their biggest ever event. Never forget that!

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      Lol..bring her here to my country and throw her in the black dolphin so all the maniacs there can gang fuck her.😂

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