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      didnt you read the title??? Cant you read English??? Do you know that you dont have to read this article but you are still reading it……..I hope you dont like this….. I sware it will never increase your knowledge……..You are wasting your time it is better to read something good and different and tell your friends that not read this article…… Are you still reading??.cant you stop reading? cant you control your mind?

      I think that you will not stop reading my article……but dont worry this is fact ….
      But i want to ask you my dear friends are you enjoying reading this…???? You have to stop it now and don’t read more ……. i think magic man use his magic on you but i am not a magic men ….lmao

      Stop here while u still can …. u cant stop can u ????? There are few lines remaining stop …..dont read more…… why are you wasting your time? U still reading???

      hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhaahaaaaa I knew it u couldnt stop !!!!!!!

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