Dr. Michael Baden (JFK, Epstein…) Set to Perform Autopsy on George Floyd

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      Michael Baden, the same sketchy doctor who performed autopsy on people who died under dubious circumstances, is set to perform autopsy on George Floyd, who as we know now, worked as a bouncer for years along with Derek Chauvin, the cop who allegedly murdered him.

      Among the autopsies Michael Baden performed, oversaw, or was highly involved in are JFK, MLK, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Aaron Hernandez, Jeffrey Epstein, and others. He also testified for the defense team in the OJ Simpson case as well as the defense team for Phil Spector. He’s a “go to doctor” for the powers that be when faked autopsy results are needed, or when a high profile person needs to be declared dead.

      Source: https://nypost.com/2020/05/29/ex-nyc-medical-examiner-to-perform-autopsy-on-george-floyd/

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      I think he will be more honest than any state coroner’s office.

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      Not sure why you say fake Autopsy. Maybe fudged the books but it was still an actual autopsy lol

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        Hamburger Bob

        A road trip to a Houston cemetery with a couple of shovels may answer that.

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      An excellent story but my ears pricked up when i read he was involved with Epstein’s autopsy. This is because I remember that Epstein was actually checked by a goto lady -coroner who happens to be Jewish.

      Also ,from memory ,JFK had military guys take his body away from the hospital and all tissue samples/bloodwork were taken away never to be seen again . So i checked and found this. I can’t vouch for it but it seems true.


      He looked on as Epstein was autopsied and – surprisingly for me – said Epstein was murdered,so at least in this one instance he was not on the gov/ propaganda side. So maybe he does tell the truth to the Floyd family . In both Epstein and Floyd he is being paid by the families and their supporters ,so maybe he really is a rat who says what those paying him want to hear. I have met many people in medicine and management like this.

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