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      I wake up.
      She is standing there before me.
      Silently staring into the darkness.
      Her once golden blonde hair,hanging in strands.

      Her pale blue eyes holding in the pain.
      Shining with the truth of broken promises.
      She is so lost now…a tainted purity.
      It all feels so surreal.

      The lines on her wrists.
      So clearly seen,from the light of the moon.
      Is she aware of being an echo.
      Utterly devoid of life.

      I pray to a god,I don’t believe in.
      Just trying to feel anything,even for a moment.
      Talking to the empty sky…no reply.
      A faint echo to my own words.

      It’s windy outside,cold and suffocating stale.
      I turn to look at her again.
      The full moon illuminates her fragile soul.
      Her eyes are closed,a single tear falls.

      It hurts me so to see the beauty lost. 
      It hurts to be so far gone.
      She lets out a scream,chilling me to the core. 
      A desperate cry,a mournful call.

      It echoes over and over.
      I hears her agony,a lost lone sound. 
      She opens her eyes,the look in them.
      So alone,so lost and so scared.

      She cries,weeping a river.
      Thunder crashes,lighting flashes. 
      It begins to rain all around. 
      She is crying to me.

      I sit here on the edge of the bed.
      Quietly whispering to myself.
      About things faded and lost.
      As my soul…my heart fails to listen. 

      I hear her calling.
      But my chest is a broken cradle.
      The shattered remains of a childhood lost.
      Yet still the Memories persist.

      When will it all end?
      My miserable paradox of dreams.
      She is nevermore,a forgotten sad song.
      The lack of will to go on without you.

      To fade like broken wishes.
      The sensation to die manifest itself.
      In a world that never stops.
      The dread is Sorrow…I drink it Deep.

      Sitting here on a river of broken dreams.
      Wandering through the ruins of myself.
      Hearing her eternal weeping.
      On quiet whispers of some Dreary Days.

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      Woah. Fucking gorgeous

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      Thanks RaeRae,thats very kind of you to say😆😅😍
      Nothing but great people here,if I must say.

      BG Forever!!!!

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