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      GDPR Harvester

      These are difficult times for many, if not all of us when you take into account the Coronavirus scare on top of the economic worries we have, and it’s going to affect us in different ways. But let’s put the Coronavirus aside with regard to the health aspect and let’s just bear it in mind for the effect it will have on us economically.

      People are going to be affected in different ways; some will not see much change in their life whereas others could be looking at unemployment, loss of savings, even loss of pensions – some may even be wiped out completely by the end of it all – but there will also be some who will make a tidy profit from all the mess. As Baron Rothschild said:

      “Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own.”

      Some of the richer business types will take advantage of the disarray because they have money behind them. Sure, the stockmarket is dropping but one day the fall will slow right down and there will be very good stocks available for pennies instead of pounds and those taking advantage will make fortunes. It doesn’t matter whether you think it’s right or not, it WILL happen so if you can, you might as well take advantage of it. But for now, problems abound and it’s affecting all of us in some way or another; so how are you affected, what is it doing to your standard of living, and is it likely to get better or worse for you? Please tell us as much or as little as you want to about how things are for you. No one wants to be nosy and ask for intimate details, but it would be nice to know how our community here is coping and even if we may not be able to do anything, we can at least give some moral support to those who are having a tough time.

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      GDPR Harvester

      As I’m the one who’s started this I guess it’s only fair that I should be first to say something. It’s not very exciting in my life so don’t expect to be riveted by what I’m about to say.

      It’s not looking likely that I will experience any major financial problems because I don’t have a job or business that might be in jeopardy. I’m 60 and have chronic illnesses which prevent me from working. I used to run a business for someone until I became really ill and from then it kinda went tits-up where work was concerned. Now I have a disability income which is neither large nor small and when I’m 66 it will gain a full pension. I don’t owe anyone anything, I live in rented accommodation and the rent is covered by my disability and, being in the UK, I am fully covered with regard to medical expenses including free prescriptions. I have more than enough to live on and am able to put a reasonable amount aside each month though I do NOT keep it in a bank nor do I hold any stocks now. All my wealth, bar a bit of cash for some bills, is in gold and silver and monthly cash excess is used for precious metals. I am not interested at all in any kind of paper money because it’s all going to zero – but that’s another story. So for now I am just sitting back, minding my own business, and keeping away from the outside world whilst all this mess is happening. When everything collapses completely I will turn to my precious metals for survival.

      So, as you can see, I’m kinda dodging the shit that’s happening right now, and as long as I can stay healthy, I should be okay. I’m not living the life-of-Riley but I’m not going hungry either. I have around 6 months of non-perishable food and bottled water stocked up – a lot more if you take into account the stuff like pasta and rice that I have. At present, food supplies are still available and I buy some every week even if I consider I don’t need it. For now I am able to maintain a supply of fresh food but if that supply runs out then I’m good for at least 6 months. The stocking up that I did wasn’t because of the Coronavirus – I’d completed my stocks before others had even started – it was because I have been saying for a long time that the markets were going to collapse. The key moment for me was when the Repo Market blew up last September; that’s when I began stocking, water to start with, and then I moved onto food.

      So that’s my position, what’s yours?

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      Not to big of a deal here yet. A guy that lived 12 miles got tested on the 17th died from “complications” on the 18th. I live in a large metro area with a 1.2M+ population. All grocery stores here are 24h but get emptied everyday and must close every night to restock. The shelves are almost empty by midafternoon so the roll out the pallets and just leave the because the are emptied faster than they could put the goods on shelves. I have talked to al the stores managers to get 1st hand info & they have all told me, there isn’t a supply issue. They get the same orders for the same amounts of product at the same times, daily. The stores & trailers they are now using for storage have a finite space & just physically, can’t hold any more. If people would stop panic buying 8 gallons of milk, etc. everyday, all the stores would look & be completely normal.
      The US has supplies of basic good for months, with basic use and normal waste. If people keep buying 5x what they need then throwing out what perishable items go bad before the use them, yes this will speed the stock reserves much more rapidly.
      Everything here is closed except basic services. Grocer/ drug/ medical etc. Disconnection of all services is suspended as well as evictions of residences. All layoff are being “fast track” approved to get get people to not worry.
      It’s actually pretty relaxing just staying & not having to deal with all the normal daily BS from everyone. Now, people are more polite than I have ever seen. I have heard the words please, thank you & excuse me more time this week than I have in the past 5 years.
      I plan on catching up on stuff that I normally put off. Detail the car, change the oil. Clean the place up till it’s cleaner than a hospital room, etc.
      Other than the normal BS of “regular” everyday life being on pause, it’s the same as before.

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        GDPR Harvester

        Thanks for the reply. Glad to hear things aren’t too bad with you. It’s 10pm here almost and in another two hours all the pubs, clubs, gyms etc. are all closing for a month. I guess people are going to rediscover what family-time is once more. I bet quite a few women get their men to finally put the shelves and cupboards up in the kitchen they asked for three years ago! 😂

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      The family comment just reminded me.
      The public health & human services here, are asking people to keep a close check on anyone they know if they think any abuse or domestic violence could be occurring.
      They want the public to be proactive in looking for, identifying & reporting/ assisting if possible.
      They are afraid conflicts/ abuse could arise from the mental stress & preexisting abuse could become much worse if the victims & abusers are confined together with nobody to intervene or even attempt to hide the abuse from.
      Police are only responding to violent crimes but they say these kind of reports will be their highest priority calls, if they receive one.
      Weird, I didn’t even see that as a possible consequence of a lockdown.
      It was already bad in some areas but there have been many assessments showing there has been an increase in domestic violence there since all the quaranteens started, especially in China.

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        GDPR Harvester

        I never even gave that a thought. Still, with the crooks off the street the police need someone to arrest. I do wonder though, how many people will be hauled off to jail falsely when tempers fray? There’ll probably be a bit of shouting and someone will get into someone else’s face and the resident libtard will phone the police and exaggerate over the situation, probably hinting that someone could be getting murdered. The police will then turn up, break the door down, shoot the dog, tazer the innocent and haul him off to jail, making sure he falls down the steps they don’t have at the station.

        Fuck the police….every last one of them. Only good cop is a dead cop. [/rant] 😂

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        Yes ,our news was at pains to tell us about the increase in domestic violence as if that is the worst crime imaginable. Wait till the food and medicines run out and people murder each other from hunger etc. I wonder if domestic violence will still be the key news talking point.

        Most of those women then will be quailing from fear of being raped and murdered, and won’t care if their man told them to shut the fuck up or their arse looked fat in jeans.

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      my work will remain open and as of now my hours shouldn’t be slashed I will be one among last of crew collecting paycheck. they could shorten the hours but I honestly don’t see that happening. I am not worried about food either. I saw all the empty shelves too but fresh stock coming in daily, the guy above is correct

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      Just received my first job cancellation. Nothing big, a few grand, but I’m wondering how many will follow. I had work lined up through June and a few maybes for the summer, but now I’m sure that this was the first of many. Not to mention, the phone would be ringing off the hook (like it was three weeks ago) normally, and it hasn’t rung in days. I was turning jobs down three weeks ago….but I’m still optimistic and prepared to hunker down if I need to. It could be worse…it may get worse…but I’ll have the most gorgeous food garden on the road…with an electrified fence. I heard seeds were even getting hard to find.
      Edit: phone just rang again, second job cancelled. $5000.00 job. I’m gonna kill something.

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        GDPR Harvester

        Sorry, gal, that sucks. The thing is, that might be the second job cancelled but will it be the last? The economy is going down the crapper and it’ll be the little guys who suffer the most as usual.

        Today is Sunday and I live in a normally busy residential neighbourhood with a pub across the street from me. I’m relaxing, lying on my bed with a mug of tea and I’m listening to the world outside. There is not a sound out there; no cars, no people…nothing. It’s like I’m the only one alive around here. I have 6 months worth of food and water and I’m beginning to think it may not be enough because even when the crisis dies down it’s going to take a long time for us to get back to ‘normal’. Personally, I don’t think we ever will. The world is undergoing a huge change and I don’t think it’s going to be for the better. 🙁 @illegalsmile55

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        I agree… sucks. Keep yourselves safe.
        It is deadsville here. All I can hear are birds and my cat.



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      cats can now carry the covid virus.

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      jerome powell is trying to raise the debt ceiling

      and this is the debt ceiling
      The Government Accountability Office explains, “the debt limit does not control or limit the ability of the federal government to run deficits or incur obligations. Rather, it is a limit on the ability to pay obligations already incurred.

      The debt ceiling is the mechanism that ignites the financial Apocalypse of US default and insolvency..

      This is the goal then. to push the Fed over the Debt Ceiling, and the resultant lowering of Moody’s rating. thats the trigger to Wall Street Collapse

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      GDPR Harvester

      Of course it’s now become primarily a limit on the ability to service the debt. The american government runs the biggest ponzi scheme ever and they make Bernie Madoff look like a rank amateur. Obama once said that America would never default on their debts because they always had the ability to borrow money to make the payments. So they need more people to put money into the system so they can use that money to make repayments to previous investors? Sounds like a perfect definition of a ponzi scheme to me!

      The problem they have now is that no one wants to lend America money anymore. Right now the rest of the world has their own problems and they need what money they have to be able to deal with them. Lending to the biggest debtor on the planet is not high on their list. This means the Fed has to buy the bonds the government issues and because they can’t sell them to anyone else they are, in fact, monetising the debt. This is being done to such an extent that we have moved to MMT as a policy, not a theory. (Has MMT now become MMP, Modern Monetary Policy?) And guess what? If you want to know how it turns out just look to places like Weimar-Germany, Zimbabwe and Venezuela. If MMT worked they would be the three richest countries on the planet.

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      lmao I was so wrong as I read my above contribution. that was literally my last day worked
      I caught a cold,deemed a hazard, and was laid off the following Monday

      unemployment will cover my rent so all ok for now but I must admit I am getting wee bit stir crazy. I love gardening but I rent so not really wise investment of funds. yesterday I went for a drive and cleaned out my car, in the dark. I pulled the most gnarliest thing from beneath my seat. it didn’t even make it to trash can, dropped it on ground and it stank

      I went to other side of car and continued on. I then went back to check out the gnarly. it looked like decomposing hamburger bun and I don’t eat like that in car so it truly was wtf moment.

      I then used empty water bottle to like roll it over and immediately saw remnants of a stalk. it was lil baby pumpkin I stole off my cousins porch MONTHS ago 🙁

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