Even a transsexual knows there are only 2 genders

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      I love Blaire White. She should be an SJW and a feminist since she’s a male to female transsexual. But she’s not and it just pisses them off. She even recognizes that trans people have a mental illness. Meanwhile, SJWs are furious with her. Um, she is trans. I think she knows herself.

      Only TWO genders: quick breakdown… by a tranny (face palm)

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      That is a transexual!!! Gorgeous. Are we sure s/he was not born a genuine hermaphrodite?

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        Lol. She’s definitely male according to the DNA but does make a pretty girl. Check out Gigi Gorgeous who is a male to female transsexual. The name gorgeous is totally fitting! Any straight guy would probably date her – but they might not admit it. Ha

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        @hopingfornemesis This is Gigi, the person I mentioned. I wish I was this pretty! Lol

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          Not me plaster. This gorgeous ?… i would admit it but what is the use. Unless it is a God-given vulva it wont work naturally will it?

          As for you love, you were right; Redheads do set the world aflame.

          Arizona? Hot weather! Sunshine and away from the ratrace!Yum!


          I need to start following these trannies on the web. Any hot hermaphrodites you know of? They have God -given vulvas! Haha

          I mentioned somewhere that two of my workmates turned into girls. Did you read it?

          Bye for now.


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          She is lovely !Her boobs are very nicely shaped and sized as well. I really don’t think she needs them any bigger.


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          He/She’s gonna be up shit creek when that male pattern baldness starts. It looks pretty thin already.
          And please, you’re way prettier than him, plus, your a real woman…with a brain.


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      Lord Wankdust

      This made the headlines here. Really funny. He decided to point out the lunacy of allowing Men to self-identify as a Woman and stand for elected office in women’s posts. He won. Then they sacked him. For not actually being a woman. Even on Wednesdays.


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      GDPR Harvester

      If Blaire came on to me i would be in serious trouble ..that’s it.

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