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      Let’s blame the low fertility rate on men and their…

      *spins rolodex*


      Hong Kong’s libido takes another hit, from herbivores and hermits


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      Wow! Seventy percent of in -their-prime men! Scary. Way to go, from martial man’s world culture to grass -eating beta cucks in three generations! Faster than it took to go from ninety percent Christian Kosovo to ninety percent Headchopper now! Very very sad. What do you expect from a work- all- day no- play and electronic- game culture!

      Hey …..isn’t this what Modern America ,Neocons and the Koch Brothers want for us all! So those ugly,hairy,old farts with their wrinkly ballsacks can get all the chicks whilst we are all working with low testosterone from lack of sunlight and exhaustion! No thanks ! Fuck off !


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        Yeah no. Even attributing 1% of this degradation to Video games would be generous. M/F relationships have crumbled because of feminism. Feminist laws and feminist/female culture. Men have 0 authority in the family. Yes means yes. All this bullshit has caused men to walk away. Simple.

        Anyone who can do a basic cost-benefit analysis knows why men are walking away from women in droves. Look at this nonsense in Nottinghamshire where simply offending a woman in any way is a hate crime now. Scotland is enacting similar laws. The rest of the West will follow.

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      In one fell swoop they blamed every offshoot lifestyle except the one where the men work themselves to death (at their own hands sometimes) for an unforgiving, and often ungrateful, wife. Maybe when men can speak to women without being registered for harassment, then we’ll see.

      Notice the argument isn’t how stay at home men are doing X to society, but how they’re leaving women “unsatisfied”. In other words, men being happy makes women unhappy. Now we understand women. Their goal isn’t freedom. It’s to make men as miserable as they are.

      But it’s more childish than that. They are hopelessly solipsistic. Their feelings are all that matter. But It’s not so much that they hate men, but that they only care about themselves, and hate everything that isn’t about them.

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