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      Akbar Shabaz

      Just had a curious thought. I want to know what you all think of this kind of stuff ? Things like ghosts, spirits, demons, Angels, things of the sort. Anyone ever had an experience or feel like you’ve seen or felt proof of such entities ?

      I’ll start off by saying I’ve experienced something that felt dark or demonic about a year ago . It was the middle of the night and I think this part was a dream but I still question it to this day. I got out of my bed to go take a piss . The hallway light was already on when I opened my bedroom door , before I walked across the hall to the bathroom I look to my left down the hall towards the living room and notice the light from the hallway stops at the doorway , so it is pitch black, which made no sense. I stare at the darkness wondering why the hallway light isn’t shining passed the doorway and hear a voice. It’s not coming from down the hall but it sounds like it’s right by my ear. The voice says “I know you can see me..you’re looking right at me” as I was next to the bathroom it was easy not to piss myself and just go to the toilet, ignore it, and go back to bed. So I did that. I walked back in my room and layed in my bed , I feel like that’s when the dream ended but I’m not so sure if it was a dream at all, as I’m laying in the bed I suddenly can’t move, blink, twitch, roll over, or even speak. I wanted to tell my girlfriend to help me snap out of it but I couldn’t do anything. I don’t know how long I was stuck, but luckily one of my legs was positioned where my knee was up. My leg slid to a flat position and that’s what snapped me out of it and I was able to move again. Very weird experience.

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      I’ve never had that type of experience, but my aunt had many with her sister who she believes is possessed by a demon.

      One creepy event with her was when the sisters ex-boyfriend moved out and far away from her because he woke up in the middle of the night and she was standing over him with a knife and he said “what are you doing” and she didn’t answer and then he grabbed the knife out of her hand and she still didn’t say anything and to this day, she doesn’t recall that ever happening.

      There’s been many other instances with her sister, but this one creeped me out when my aunt said the she was in the dining room with the t.v. on and was whispering to her friend about her demonic sister because she believes she can hear whatever she says, but she was all the way in her room with he door closed, so no need for her to worry right?

      Well, my aunt tells her friend in a very low voice that her sister keeps calling all her (my aunt’s) friends begging them for rides to the drug store all the time and then her sister came flying out of her room that is all the way across the house and said “I do not call your friends for rides”
      They were both in shock because you couldn’t possibly hear what they were saying from her sisters room to the dining room even if her door was open and the t.v. was off.
      She says that demons can hear everything from anywhere in the house, so I guess she’s done her research on this stuff.

      It’s also been said that she’ll be in the kitchen with the hot water running for no apparent reason at 2:30 in the morning and would start laughing like a witch for about 5 minutes straight until my aunt woke up and went in the kitchen to turn off the water and shut her up.

      She is so obsessed with Neil Diamond too and tells people that they’re gonna get married, listens to his music every single day, almost all day long. So my aunt is living in fear of her crazy sister.
      Her sister is so bad that she literally refers to her as “The Demon” or “It” .

      So she’s either crazy or possessed, but most likely both.

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        Akbar Shabaz

        Holy shit ! The first incident with the knife sounds horrifying. & That second incident with her super hearing is quite creepy too, she very well could have been in touch with another entity . Im still somewhat skeptical about actual possession , perhaps I’m just being naive because I’ve never experienced it . I honestly feel like being human has a power in itself that even demons don’t have.

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      Don’t believe in any of it. Love hearing about it and watching movies about it, I’ve listened with interest to peoples experiences with mediums but it’s nothing more than entertainment value to me.

      Waking dreams, sleep-walking, stress, anxiety, other mental health disorders and plain bare-faced lying are all real to me and explain it all away easily.

      I suppose the militant atheist in me is not receptive to any suggestion of paranormal 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️👻

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      @akbarshabaz Sleep paralysis is actually pretty common and can be related to anxiety or stress disorders, as well as vivid dreams and disturbed sleep.

      What you describe there at the end would definitely have been ascribed to an Incubus/Succubus in more superstitious times! Classic case!

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        Akbar Shabaz

        Certainly was sleep paralysis ! It was the second and last time I had ever experienced it. The first time was a tad less disturbing , but still unnerving.

        I was stuck with my eyes open laying on my side and I don’t know a better way to describe this, but there was a shadow lady?? laying on my bed as if face to face with me, but I could only see her shadow next to me on the actual bedsheets out of my peripheral vision of my eye that was touching the bed (cause I’m on my side) this happened when I visited Switzerland when I was 15.

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        Exactly. A woman ,lady ghost and you were fifteen! Wetdream baby and possibly your Catholic upbringing at play. A universal dream and all boys apparently have dreamed of woman ghosts on too of them at some stage.

        Another reason,undiagnosed sleep apnoea! I know of a few people who kept seeing nightmares of people on their chests ,heavy and they would wake up with a sweat. Sleep apnoea.


        Akbar shabaz

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      I believe in all of the above. I also have had enough occurrences/ interaction with passed on loved ones to know even though they are no longer here in the physical they are most definitely with me spiritually.

      I tend to have less faith in demons,ghosts and hauntings. But I do believe people with such experiences believe they have happened ,if that makes sense..

      I am not requesting irrefutable proof of such beings or entities. thanks but no thanks, satan.

      Above all I am huge believer in energy,frequency and vibration. I feel it across people I encounter and all structures. So much so that I know it is time for me to get out of this place I currently call home. I would like to think of myself as very strong and tough but I am no match for this funk that envelops this space. I admit defeat, and continue to pray for strength

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        Akbar Shabaz

        As bold as I could be saying this , but I would like to see some irrefutable truth of such beings, my experiences alone feel like proof but idk maybe that’s arrogant of me.

        I also can sense bad vibes from people and certain places. Heightened instincts maybe ? Very well could be a sense of bad energy / vibrations in frequencies.

        And let go of fear (easier said than done) I am also still working on letting go of fear , but there is nothing to fear but God . Fear is the devil working .

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          I do not need proof .I trust it is true and carry on. Completely agree on picking up bad vibes. Sometimes a real battle to not absorb

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        When did this happen? This funk in your beloved home?

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          From the very first walk through. I can honestly say from moment I turned key and crossed threshold, was like a whoosh of heavy

          I was in such a bad way I had to take it or I honestly would have noped on out with backwards walk

          Wasnt until months later I found out someone died in it. Sure it gave me the willies but it was almost like an aha moment, an explanation for overwhelming oppression I feel in there.

          I do not feel like he is haunting the place or see shadows or anything weird. I can only describe as atmosphere of funk and sorrow.

          It is morbid for the fact I have no bedroom door. Evidently he died in bedroom, my bedroom, of massive heart attack. Fire department busted down locked door days later to remove him and landlord never replaced door, yeah all sorts of fucked up

          I have tried numerous avenues to try and “cleanse” space ,makes me temporarily feel alright but in retrospect all a fail as I feel worse than ever being in there. Really taking a toll on my psyche , especially now not working and in it all the time

          I have never had anyone over to say “do you feel it too?” It has become my own secret Hell

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      I know what happened to you because it happened to me. The government is fucking with a lot of people right now with their signals intelligence technology. One night they said my name in my right ear. They also put a golden shining light flickering on my wall while I was laying in bed.

      It’s all a big con job. They are using voice to skull and image to skull. It’s fake bullshit.

      This is exactly how they do it.


      Ok, here are a few weird things that happened to me before. One night while me and my ex wife were in bed sleeping, I was having a dream that I was fighting a bunch of guys. My back was up against a wall and I was punching at them. All of a sudden in the middle of the dream I woke up. I looked over and saw someone beside me, and I slapped my wife in the face as hard as fuck! I had immediately realized what happened and I was horrified!

      I kept telling her I was sorry over and over and over, and explained how it had happened. I was in between being awake and asleep. Fuck!

      Another incident I had was with my girlfriend when I was younger. She had met this new friend and she started reading books on witchcraft and they started playing with a Ouija board.

      One morning I woke up and she wasn’t at home and the car was gone. So I decided to take the dog for a walk. When I got home I walked in the door and she was standing there and her face was as white as a ghost. I said what’s wrong?

      She told me she had taken an overdose of pills. She tried to commit suicide. She had went to look at the ocean. She took the pills and was going to drive the car off a cliff and into the ocean. But after she took the pills she decided to go home instead.

      So I put her in the car and rushed her to the emergency room. They pumped her stomach and put her into an induced coma. Now this girl was always a quite shy girl. But in the hospital she was yelling and cursing at the doctors and nurses.
      They put her in a room with an old woman. One night late at night when they were both laying down to sleep, my girlfriend sat up in the dark and said to the old woman, “I’m the devil”!!!

      She scared the living fuck out of that old woman. Her mother called me and told me what happened. Her mother asked if she had been doing anything weird lately. I told her that she and her new friend had been reading witchcraft books and playing with the Ouija board.

      Her mother screamed in terror nooooooo. So I took the witchcraft books and I broke the Ouija board into a bunch of pieces and threw it in the dumpster.

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        If someone were to burn all those death towers up, they wouldn’t be able to fuck with you anymore right?

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          @hamburgerbob I think so, unless they also have satellites doing it as well. But those cell towers in our neighbourhoods are nothing but offensive weapons against us.

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        Akbar Shabaz

        Thanks for the link , I have been familiar with MK ultra since my teen years but I’ve just recently been learning about mass governmental interference of mental states . You’ve helped alot and I appreciate the digging you do and all the research you share. I believe both could play a role in the global phenomenon. Like there very well are entities just as well as there are fucked humans doing this to their countrymen.

        & Wow that’s fucked what happened with the girl you took to the hospital ! When I hear situations like that i use to wonder why it happens to those people, were they spritually weak and easily preyed upon? Or at this point I wouldn’t put it passed humans either considering the brainwave tech developed , Idk.. but My sister also played with an Ouija board when we were teens with a couple of her girlfriends. The experience was mild but extremely creepy. They used a shot glass as the tool for the board . At first there wasn’t anything, then they closed off the ritual but maybe incorrectly? They were playing it on the floor then they put the glass up on the counter when they were done. The glass fell and broke, and the dog that was sleeping by the board, one of his paws started sliding accross the fucking board. Don’t remember what was spelled, if anything , but fuck not the dog!

        Weird you mentioned that fighting dream that caused you to wake and slap your wife (ouch). I had a similar experience . I can’t tell you what happened in the dream , but it must have been extremely violent because all I remember seeing was a bright bold red , like a sheet of red was just covering my eyes . Im laying on my back and I woke up shooting both my arms out into the air with tense hands in a gripping position ,as if I was trying to grab and choke someone on top of me.. scared the shit out of both of us . I just got goosebumps and a weird flush throughout my body just now recalling that .

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          The government has turned my vision red before. They did it twice. Both times I was laying in bed. My whole room turned red.

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      I definitely would never mess with Oujia board. I had one when little but it always felt like someone was pushing it and cheating so never into it. We used to do other weird things though like go into the dark closet by yourself and chant into a mirror medusa something and then when you came out your friend looks like medusa with snakes in their hair. That worked. Surely it was more a trick of the eye than summoning spirit.

      I quit that when closet door collapsed on me

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        Fighting with a bunch of guys in a dream while sleeping in bed with your girlfriend? That happened to me PoZ. I think it may be universal dream in All cultures though..just like the falling dream.
        Apart from that. Wow!

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        Akbar Shabaz

        Dark closet chanting Medusa ? Hm never did that as a kid but we did do the bloody Mary thing in the dark bathroom as kids, never saw anything but it certainly felt scary as a fuck ! That’s quite funny about the closet door though lol.

        & @nemesis That falling dream sure is surreal! During one I had I could FEEL the wind making my eyes water! and the extreme waking jolt right at impact..whew , never get used to that xD.

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          Haha. Science now says it is simply all your muscles relaxing at once as a sign of Deep sleep. Ie sleep paralysis ; so that you can’t injure yourself acting out a dream?

          Kick and punch,me too. She reckons she was expecting it as my body was jolting all over the place and she covered herself to stop the blows.

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          Oh my gosh I had forgotten about bloody mary! Did you also do the light as a feather stiff as a board or is that girl thing?

          My closet had two wooden doors on rails, tracks? And the inner one completely fell on me, like off the rail and diagonal fall trapping me in it. We never did any of that again nor did we ever speak of it

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