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      This is what you call “public speakers”/ leaders. These people put themselves up as leaders for the public to follow and listen to. Beware of public speakers. They all interview each other as well.

      Alex Jones
      Jeff Berwick–The Dollar Vigilant
      David Icke
      John-The Prepared mind, Mason
      Sheik Imran Hosein
      Greg Hunter
      Jack Van Impe
      Israel Bible Prophecy News Analysis & Ezekiel Temple Watch
      The Jim Bakker Show
      Steve Cioccolanti & Discover Ministries
      Way of the World
      John Hagee
      The Zach Drew Show
      Dana Ashlie
      The Fullerton Informer
      Three Hearts Church
      Israeli News Live
      Illuminati Silver
      World Alternative Media
      jeremiah babe
      GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)
      William Mount
      A Call For An Uprising
      Christ is Back, He is Israel This is His Channel
      Tomorrow’s World
      Robin’s Hood
      Brother Nathanael
      The Nation of Islam
      Perry Stone
      Ella F
      Mark Passio
      grace powers
      Lisa Haven
      Dr. Katherine Horton – Stop 007
      Gabriel Cousens, MD
      Red Ice TV
      clif high
      We Are Change—Luke Rudkowski
      Press For Truth—Dan Dicks
      Ron Paul Report

      And there are many many more I haven’t listed.

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      Gregory Mannarino
      Natural News
      Jim Rickards
      Peter Schiff
      Lynette Zang ITM Trading
      Erin T Scott

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      Muja Mi Rona

      On this day (April 13th) in 1953 the MK Ultra program was officially launched.

      And yes, in recent years I’ve realised that “gurus” only prolong a man’s misguided-ness. Follow no one.

      You ever watch that Church Militant chan on the tubez?, that’s some funny shit. Alex Jones is a fucking legend too, funny bastard. Russianvids I see is back on the scene now too, he was funny, haven’t watched any of his new stuff yet.
      My favourite “truther” is Gabe from EndTheDrugWarToday, except he made most of his vids private. Fuckin buzzer of a lad, funny cunt, but hasn’t uploaded in a few years.

      PEACE m’niggas! ✌️🙏✊❤️🤘

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      Akbar Shabaz

      Surprised I did not see Joe Rogan on the list xD

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        Yup, Joe Rogan too. There are so many of them, I can’t remember them all.

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          GDPR Harvester

          Schiff a government agent? The government murdered his father in prison.
          C’mon PoZ, you have to do better than that.

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          Why murder his dad? He wasn’t another Madoff was he- in for fraud etc?

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          GDPR Harvester

          His father was jailed for refusing to pay taxes because they were unconstitutional. I’m not going to argue that one, it’s another debate for another time. The thing is, whilst in prison his father got cancer and they didn’t treat him for a long time; they didn’t even notice he had it for a fair while. He had done most of his sentence, was in his 80s, and the Schiff family asked to be able to treat their father AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE. The government, out of spite, refused. In my mind that’s murder. You can argue the legalities of it all but morally, it’s murder.

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          Oh ok ,thanks . I would be interested in how his Dad paying taxes in the US was unconstitutional, but as you say that is for another day. In any case , even if valid ,that won’t mean we can use the same defence as our laws are almost certainly drafted differently re tax law.

          Nope, I agree with you . Even criminally wrong and murder, if intent was for him to die due to lack of care. I wonder if a case of nonfeasance may be applicable ,but winning against the gov is hard as fuck. Look at how they murdered Epstein and we can’t do shit.
          I ordered magnets.
          @protocols? You bought more Argentum ?

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          GDPR Harvester

          16th amendment: have fun reading, it’ll give you an idea what it’s about. One day a Judge with balls will rightfully strike it down. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tax_protester_Sixteenth_Amendment_arguments

          Magnets will ease your worries.
          Metal hard to get so in ten minutes time when the market opens I’m buying stock in the mine itself! 😂

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          Thanks . I had a quick look and if not ratified then de jure it is not law , but you know how the elites work. Precedent baby. Even the current Brit Royal family is not legal as Richard murdered his two prince nephews all those years ago in the Tower ,right? So every dynasty since is tainted. Apparently ,the real royal family are the Hastings? Or some such and the last living relative is a country- bum farmer in Outback Aus!



          It all boils down to the Boy Princes being ” disappeared” by Badguy Richard III.

          Anyway ,I hope to read more of what you sent and get back to you.

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          GDPR Harvester

          I actually watched the documentary about the Aussie farmer. It went into a lot of detail about the past and I quite enjoyed it. The guy seem like quite a jolly decent sort of egg but I got the impression he was rather glad it turned out the way it did. He didn’t appear to like the idea of him being King of England.

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          Lol me too, About twenty years ago. I saw it as well and they showed him in his bush -hat. I went through his town as well. Flat as far as the eye can see probs like what Oklahoma is to the Yanks. Good series . From memory his mum was a slut but very chic like they all were those days.

          Our ex pM Turnbull’s mum was the same ,left his dad and kids for another man and was “murder she wrote” TV show’s actress’s cousin!

          Six degrees of separation at most and we all know each other!

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          @hopingfornemesis Yup, just picked up three more pieces of silver this morning. 😀

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          Do have you got thirty pieces all up then? Lol

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          Fucking spellcheck bullshit and interrupted midstream. Damn.

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          #34 LOL!

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          Johnny Blade

          Income tax is illigal. Some asshole wrote it in the constitution.

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          Why illegal? Who will pay for the roads , police,army and courts you use or shall we all go live in the woods on our own like Grizzly Adams or The Revenant?

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          @robc He’s a Jew, he’s on mainstream news. He’s been on Joe Rogan, Russia today, natural news, Alex Jones, Jim Rickards, Fareed Zakaria on CNN, Keiser Report, Mike Maloney, Cambridge House International, Doug Casey, etc.

          You have to look at the circles he is involved with.

          100% he is part of the elite. I have absolutely no doubt about it. The Jews do punish their own people sometimes.

          Bernie Madoff, a Jew, was ripping off other Jews. So they fucked him over.

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        Muja Mi Rona

        Goes without saying re Rogan.

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      Luke Rudkowski and Dan Dicks so far down the list?

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      John Pilger – snake in the grass planted to criticize Israel as limited hangout
      Abby Martin – promoter of gynecentrism, feminist propaganda, negro propaganda
      Julian Assange – top Israeli intelligence asset, key player in tricking the public into eating the idea that Donald Trump was anti-establishment

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