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      GDPR Harvester

      I guess if you’re a young heterosexual male who wants to meet women and possibly have sex, you are putting yourself at risk of being accused of rape if a female simply feels like saying so.

      So if you are young, handsome, in shape and horny and you see females at parties what do you do?

      Are they there to party and meet guys?

      Or are they there to look for opportunities to accuse men of rape?

      Look at what happened to this guy. He is only 22.

      This is why many men are afraid to make moves on women.

      Do women wonder why men don’t talk to them and they’re alone and unhappy?

      Why does this keep happening?

      How are people supposed to form relationships or engage in sexual activity?


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      Go MGTOW, Let them have it all…..They will come back throwing pussy at men it won’t be funny. Too bad most men will rather risk a rape charge.

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      GDPR Harvester

      I guess they can’t blame me if I want to record it 😛

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