Feminist Gives 9 Reasons Women Can’t Find “Good” Men

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      Here’s Amanda Chatel – the feminist who wrote the article:

      Amanda Chatel

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      Feminism is poison.

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        She should try getting back in the Water/Ocean where all Whales Reside, and then she might attract a Walrus As A Mate,,, Yea? Lol?

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      Empty soul

      The orator puts too much of a Christian spin on his argument which throws him off course somewhat.

      It has nothing to do with remaining chaste and waiting until marriage before giving it up and everything to do with the erosion of society and the community system by the various battling groups over the years.

      Pre-internet dating era, 90’s and before, people would usually interact with those in their own communities and via friends of friends you would end up dating someone. Your average working class woman did not expect to date the 10 percent, it was out of their reach and so they had reasonable standards.

      Nowadays the “community” is your online social group with the internet at large taking the place of society in general and of course dating is a click of a button on someone’s profile and so the 10 percent became reachable regardless of ones own level and chance of actually netting one.

      To add to this our real societies now in the white west are a shithole of unfettered immigration, multiculturalism and ideological difference so much so that community cohesion is completely broken and so is the bond between people and the sexes. Its basically a battle royale at this point with everybody trying to get the belt.

      As a result of the above dating nowadays feels more like a ideological struggle and a chore when it used to feel like closeness and good old fashioned fun.

      To conclude. Feminism is just one of many groups that have destroyed community cohesion and the bonds of people over the years. The far left and traitorous politicians are just as much to blame for pushing for open boarders and globalisation, just look at all those white women at the black lives matter “protests” for fucks sake.

      As a people we have never been so split and at odds with each other so of course its fucking up the dating game.

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        Well put. You and your big IQ, LOL.

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          Empty soul

          Zion, You make fun but you know its true.

          That creature up there, Amanda Chatel, has morphed into that as a result of her feminist belief system. She believes herself to be the ideal woman and is now at odds with all the normal men who now found her unfuckable.

          Its the same with those woke far-left women. Some of them may be pretty but the shit that comes out of their mouths makes normal men run in the opposite direction.

          All these women from their various ideological backgrounds complain all the time that they can’t find a good man when in fact those men they chase after have their pick of the fruit and will not settle for retards. Look at the actor Lawrence Fox for example, these kind of women were screaming and complaining about him recently because he publicly stated that he would not date woke women.

          So my point stands, the warping of society has warped women themselves into things most men find unattractive and can’t stand.

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          @empty-soul I’m with you all the way bro, I was agreeing with you.

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      I do not understand this. One look and you see why she struggles. Does it not make her “arguments” mute? What is point of listening to her whines or because she speaks for a collective? Seems it would just irritate me and it is .

      She needs to love herself first and maybe a bath ..scrub brush. What is with hand over belly? Is this to signify empty womb? Do feminists want babies? What is she looking at? Next meal?

      She strikes me as someone who gave up. Surely she knows that strap is hanging like that. Does she know someone is taking her picture? Does she have gas? That belly clutching looks weird. If she doesn’t know what to do with hand , use it to pull up your dress. So sloppy

      I bet those butterflies were 7 centimeters when originally done

      I know she is looking over horizon to her future she destroyed when she became feminist?

      Aha now I got it! Took a minute but she is definitely in line for the bathroom

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      Gubment Cheese

      She can’t find a good man? That’s because good men don’t want a shitty woman. Most good men want a traditional woman. Not a feminazi who’s going to “henpeck” them to death.

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      The problem with her is that she looks like a feminist who would never split a dinner tab or share her food.

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      Mr Spock

      Stereotypical Feminist, lol. Not attractive to the male gender. Tattooes, slightly tubby, glasses, surly demeanor, lots of misandric opinions.

      Finding a woman is like buying a used car these days LOL. It’s about damage limitation.

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        My take as well. Maybe even too “lesbian-looking”?

        The poor woman may infact be hetero as she says, but even on a physical basis -not even taking into account her rabid First World Feminism -she is giving off the wrong signals.

        Spock and despy in particular.

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        It’s better to stick with an attractive sex worker service. Why bother running through the course with a woman who’s only into you temporarily while monkey branching Behind your back.

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      What an ugly hag she looks like she hit her 60’s already.

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