Feminist News Goes Berzerk When Man Does What Woman Have Done for Aeons

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      I literally don’t know one person – male or female – who’s done that to someone. I guess I know pretty decent people. Although I feel a little cheated that I’ve never known someone doing something that shady. I’m joking. “Boring,” good people are much better to have around.

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      Any kind of dating website or social media is used by women to gain some kind of advantage. This era of social media and cellphone addiction is pure brainwash and attention seeking, from which men can also benefit, but it’s a fact that women have the upper hand. As I said in other post, the sluts are not the only problem because for every one of them there are several pussy-whipped cucks bound to their will.

      These two articles are very interesting and I can’t recommend the site enough:



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        Empty soul


        I’m nearing 40 nowadays so I grew up in the era before everyone had a cellphone, the internet and a social media account and I can tell you from experience that women on average have always had the upper hand dating wise and have always used it to their advantage.

        In my day the onus was still very much on the man to make the relationship happen and to keep it working and always to blame when it didn’t.

        Biologically speaking men have a greater sex drive on average than women of course due to higher testosterone levels and such but there also exists a social paradigm wherein men who lack romantic experience/success are seen to be pitiful failures and therefore undesirable and to be scoffed at whereas women who lack such experiences are seen to be pure, untainted and desirable for the most part.

        The above gets further compounded and defined via concurrent desirable traits of course. In Victorian England for example men with gigantic and artistic moustaches became sex symbols and in America of the same era mutton chops made the man. Fast forward to the future however and it is now the metrosexual man that wets the pussy and in all instances it was always the wealthy and well placed celebrity types of the day that set the trends for the rest of us to follow and not much as changed since.

        What has changed though, and quite considerably I might add, is working class male job security. Out sourcing industries to the third world and unlimited uncontrolled immigration has decimated job security for many of the first world male working classes and this in turn has poisoned the pond of relationship between them and their female counterparts.

        To put it simply, the average low waged female now stands far above the average low waged male due to the differences between expectation and result sex wise.

        In the above, all dating websites and social media have done is promote and speed up the narcissism that already existed.

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          @empty-soul I see your points and I’m not disagreeing but I will speak to the mention of trends. Women’s style role models also tend to be the celebrity crowd. And I have to say that women have to go much farther than facial hair grooming (if we had it.) Women get fake boobs, fake butts, fake hair trying to compete. My point is just that trends are set pretty harshly for both genders but is almost unattainable for women many times.

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          Empty soul


          If only keeping up with the trends was all it took for men to get laid we would be much, much happier. Unfortunately, it is money that spreads a woman’s legs for the most part.

          The above gets broken down into job prospects and wage level which goes towards deciding whether you are relationship material or not. Women for the most part are not screened equally like this however because as long as they don’t look hideous it doesn’t matter if they flip burgers for a living and have no job prospects they will still get men chasing after them and will still get relationships.

          The reason why men and women get so much sex and relationships at college/university is because they are equal in status there. Nobody is a somebody yet and everyone is aspiring so there exists equality for the most part. Obviously physical appearance plays the greatest part in you can attract but for the most part even your average looking man can get laid and attain relationships.

          The above ceases to apply however when boys become men and they must show far more than just keeping up with the trends to keep getting action.

          I speak from experience when I say the greatest destroyer of men’s ability to attract women is employment and wage level. I was a working man before uncontrolled immigration began in Europe and am still a working man now and I have personally witnessed the shift in attitudes of women towards men who lack prospects because I work alongside many women everyday and I can tell you right now that when uncontrolled immigration pushed down the wage levels and prospects of the lowest workers those men became undesirable and women wanted nothing to do with them.

          I would hate to be young again nowadays because for those men on the lowest rungs the game is fixed.

          Anyway. In the above, social media and dating apps and such act to hasten the screening process and boost narcissism on the whole because humanity gets taken out of the picture. It would still be this way without social media of course but would go at a slower pace.

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          @empty-soul Well, I’m sorry you’ve experienced that. And I don’t doubt you but sometimes I feel there are two different worlds going on. The husband and I were talking about how so many scenarios described by mgtows (not sure if you are but we were discussing that) seem like something out of movies or “Sex in the City” or some Hollywood fiction. Now, I am NOT saying these scenarios don’t exist but we’ve never seen it except with the very wealthy or on screen. I honestly don’t have friends who like guys for money and I’ve said many times, my husband had no job when I met him. I truly didn’t give a shit. I never see these scandalous encounters in my real world. I seriously wonder why. And I mean that literally and not in a smartass manner. Where is this drama? Why don’t I see it daily? It’s puzzling. And again, I’m not trolling or doubting your experience. Mine is just so different. Maybe my parents being strict and sheltering did make me miss seeing things like this. They were picky that I didn’t have “slutty” friends and I couldn’t date till senior year in HS. Hubby was also a late bloomer. I’m starting to think being a little sheltered is good. I never got tainted, if you will.

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          Empty soul


          I’m not mgtow and never have been. I have been dating the same woman for a number of years now and am quite content if not a bit bored.

          I am also against the incel mentality as well. There is absolutely no point in hurting women just because you can’t get laid. In fact, getting yourself thrown in prison for murder like that latest Canadian guy did is not going to improve your chances of landing a woman. Quite the opposite in fact.

          Still, it is my experience and that of my friends that most women want to date upwards for reasons related to social mobility.

          In western Europe for example uncontrolled immigration has pushed up the house prices and now most working class people cannot afford to own their own home anymore. The cost of renting is also very high in relation to the shitty wages which forces a lot of people to live at home with their parents for much longer than they want to.

          In the above, not many women will date a grown man still living at home with his mother whereas men will date a woman still living at home. This creates a situation wherein those men with low prospects and/or in low paying jobs get passed over for men with better prospects.

          You see, most women will obviously deny that they date for money but when you boil it down and look at what it is they are actually seeking out it is undeniably so. There is nothing wrong with that per se of course because not many women are going to want to date the destitute in a society where money is needed for survival. It is still an observable fact though and one that hinders many men.

          Personally, I own my own home but was only able to do so because I bought it before uncontrolled immigration came in and pushed the prices up. Same way I have long term employment really in that I was able to establish myself and rise through the ranks before being forced to compete with millions of cheaper workers from abroad.

          , perhaps it’s a location difference in our experiences. My experiences are from living around and working within big cities. Do you perhaps live outside of city life?.

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          I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with a woman seeking a partner with good financial prospects if that’s what she wants? Isn’t that a biologically sound practice? Provided she’s willing to hold up her end of whatever relationship both are looking for, what’s the issue?

          I definitely agree it’s harder for the average working class male to have those long term earning prospects, what with uncontrolled immigration and the demise of traditional industry here in the UK anyway. Like @itsplaster, when I met my now husband, he was unemployed and I was still finishing up with University. I didn’t really spare a lot of thought to his earning potential at the time but I knew he was smart and capable and that at least combined, we’d do ok if we decided to go the long run.

          I don’t have any women in my acquaintance that have made any issue of how much money their partner has or might have, possibly because I know a lot of working women with their own means. I don’t doubt the gold diggers exist but I don’t know any.

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          I was going to voice your last paragraph @empty-soul to @itsplaster and then i saw you mention it here.

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          @empty-soul Oh, I grew up in a town of about 3000 people and in the Southern US, at that. So yes, I was definitely outside of city life.

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          Empty soul


          I agree with you. People are free to choose their partners based upon whatever they want.

          I am just pointing out the fact that women of all socioeconomic levels have an advantage over working class men when it comes to social mobility and dating. Successive governments have personally seen to it in fact by bludgeoning and dismantling the white working classes so much that the straight white working class male is now the new nigger. The untermensch if you will.

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          No doubt about it! Yet where were the masses when globalisation was coming through! I saw no protesters. I only saw G20 rioters demonised by established media. Of course,the ill-read, ill-informed masses believed everything they were told so di nothing to unite. So the sheeple helped tge globalist fatcats disarm them . The victims ….your native stupid populations! Fools…every one !!

          There is a new reality! No nation states.. just diff market segments and demographics we call “countries”and “nationalities”. In case,you think i love this state of affairs..you are wrong! I despise it! Blame your New Labour , conservatives,Bushites and clintonian/obabaiites for the shit you are in!


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      Mr Spock

      @empty-soul, what you say is indeed true.
      Many women are indeed hypergamous, they want to marry upwards and this is the case in all socio-economic levels.
      Wheareas if I met a woman in a low-status job or without a degree, I wouldn’t mind if she had something going for her in other ways.

      Last year when I was between jobs and talking to a woman online, I happened to tell her that I was between jobs.
      She took that as “unemployed” and the emails dried up very quickly after.

      Funnily enough, as a contractor, my favourite times are when I’m actually taking breaks between jobs, that is when I do whatever I want to do, chill out, and smell and roses and am at my happiest, developing new life skills and bettering myself and my home. As my daily rate when working is good, I can afford to be out of work for a couple of months sometimes. Gadzooks, I’ll even look at Dre’s Flat Earth videos if I get time. Ironically that’s the period when I’m LEAST likely to be viewed favourably by the opposite sex as relationship material.

      Still, when I go to parties, I’ve realised that if you want to impress a woman, don’t do it with your sincerity
      or goodwill. Talk about your holidays and your sports, lol. That seems to work.

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        @mrspock I realized as I read your comment that the word “unemployed” has been a red flag for me at times. But it’s odd as it was a women who was unemployed. It was hard to enjoy being friends because if we were to go anywhere, it was on me. She didn’t have a car and that got old. I’d say she took advantage a bit. Now, I’m kind of cautious about being friends with someone who doesn’t have their own resources. I think I would want either gender to have their own transportation and spending money. After awhile, you find yourself as this person’s taxi and ATM. I’m sure men face that more than women. For the most part, sex isn’t a bargaining chip men can use but women do.

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          Mr Spock

          Good point, @itsplaster.
          However your friend was genuinely unemployed, had no income, so she had to rely on you. Cars are expensive for long term unemployed people, you have to pay annual insurance, road tax and MOT to maintain, so she didn’t bother buying one – staying afloat by feeding herself and having clean clothes and underwear daily is more important, lol.

          My point was that if a guy says he is “between jobs” or “on a career break”, he is assumed to be an unemployed loser, when this is not the case and he had high professional status. He was in fact, really expecting a job very soon, and subsequently got one soon.

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          @mrspock I totally hear you. But I did find as time went on that this particular bitch was just lazy and lied. Lol I’m definitely not saying your point isn’t legitimate. And the circumstances of my situation are more rare than the circumstances you speak of. I think your example is much more common.

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      GDPR Harvester

      That woman was so in love with him, she talks about his eyes, she was just butt hurt that he ran out on her before Giving her a much needed penetration. I have no idea why this would the mainstream media. It just shows how the media is run by a bunch of snowflakes, libtards, left wing loonies or whatever you call them. I’d like to know how many men have lent money to women only to have them run out on them without paying but that is not a crime?

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