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      anyone ever check out this site? I actually learned about it here a couple years ago and had forgotten about it until I just received urgent request for Covid X-rays ,just call me drdesp lmao
      (nah, you must register email to view)

      anyhow it really is cool cause it’s all sorts of random stuff but I like it cause you get nice backstory of the trauma. all areas of medicine discussed but ER has most trippy views, IMO

      not all totally mesmerizing,lot of scrolling but there are some gems..

      last I visited they prohibited screen shots but now seems allowed. this was guys first day on the job

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      Thanks for this hun, as i always look around for other stuff, as many of us also do i’m sure. Although i want to make it clear that it (The Other Site) will Never,,, Ever replace my,,, (or sorry) Our Beloved Best-Gore, it will still most-certainly be a **Trippy** LOL, LOL, Place To Check-Out. 😉

      So i guess that you have become a member there?? And if so, was it quite easy & safe to join??
      B.T.W. I have not heard the word Trippy or Tripping-Out for multiple decades girl, and it made me laugh, and hard when i first read-it. That’s yet another reason why i have always liked you Girl.

      And i don’t mean like in a perverted way,,, i just mean like you like a good friend, or Sister. Actually You Are My Sister My Best-Gore Sister from Another Mother, lol.

      Love Ya Sis,,
      Andre. 🙂

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