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      Dr. Morris found that a flu vaccine could cause tumors in animals. In children it often induced fever. In pregnant women it could harm the fetus.

      Furthermore, Dr. Morris documented that the flue vaccine is loaded with various bacteria, and is ineffective against the flu. The benefits of the vaccine were so small that they couldn’t be measured.

      The FDA fired Dr. Morris for making the statements public.

      “The producers of these [influenza] vaccines know they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway. . . . It’s a medical rip-off. . . I believe the public should have truthful information on the basis of which they can determine whether or not to take the vaccine.” And he adds, “I believe that, given full information, they won’t take the vaccine.”

      (The Washington Post, 1979)


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      Awesome post Mark. I do not get flu shots, don’t trust it. I know they are always pushing that shit. My Dr. wants me to have one every year, also a immunization for pneumonia, and one for shingles. I won’t do it, and it seems to irritate my health care provider.

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        @illegalsmile55 How does it work over there in the states? Is everybody supposed to get a flu shot? Over here it is only offered to vulnerable folks, the over 65s, people with suppressed immune systems etc y’know, people for whom contracting the flu would severely compromise their health.

        Everyone else just gets on with it and if you get the flu, you get the flu. It’s only a mere inconvenience for a healthy person afterall. If it was offered though, I think I’d rather just have the flu than try to artificially prevent something so trivial. If it’s not going to kill me, I’d rather nature just took its course.

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          Yeah, they want everybody to get one, but especially the elderly (me, lol). I’m not sure about kids though, but definitely all adults regardless of age. I’m super anal about washing my hands, almost to the OCD level, and I haven’t had influenza for as long as I can remember. Knock on wood. I’ve read one too many books about the government and their vaccinations…fiction, but there’s probably some truth there.


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          Wow, seems a bit extreme to make EVERYONE get it. I’m not an anti-vaxer by any means, gimme vaccines for things that might kill me, sure but I don’t just get the persistent use of a vaccine against something so harmless amongst a healthy population. Does seem a bit suspect.

          I suppose the argument for all vaccines is that even if it’s not harmful for you, you might infect someone else whose immune system is compromised. I guess I’d say that like you, I take all the precautions I need with regards to infection control (including not going out unless I absolutely have to, because people are gross!) and people who are vulnerable ought to be doing the same, if not more to protect themselves! Educate people on proper infection control, don’t pump healthy people full of unnecesaary vaccines!

          Also, elderly?? You???? LMAO! 😀 That tickled me!


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          Lord Wankdust

          @illegalsmile55 @lady-lexis

          There is absolutely no advantage whatsoever in accepting any flu vaccines. My late brother explained to me that the actual strains of flu which each new wave of “vaccine” is designed to combat are completely obsolete within weeks of manufacture of each batch of “vaccine”. The Flu Virus is forever evolving. Big scares every few years about “Swine Flu” and “Pigeon Flu” are simply scare stories the Media spin for Big Pharma. It is THAT simple. It is to panic Governments into purchasing vast quantities of worthless gloop to inject into the Elderly, Sick and Infirm which wont help them with Flu anyway.

          My late brother was a family doctor – called a GP in Brtain. He explained it was a thing that Big Pharma did with a nod from Big Government. Especially with old vaccine stock near its use-by date. Simply offload old vaccines worth NOTHING onto Health Service injecting it into a mostly elderly population. When it is on the British NHS budget the taxpayer coughs up ALL the cash to Lilly, Bayer, ICI, Pfizer or whoever the fuck makes the Pharmaceuticals. The vaccines are worthless and probably do more harm than good. When they are given primarily to the Elderly, Infirm and Sick… no-one bats an eye if they die. They were gonna die anyway and everyone would know they had immune systems which were “compromised” to begin with. Those old folks were sick anyway. So whatever happens (or doesn’t happen) with the vaccine is irrelevant.

          In Britain flu vaccines are a complete cash spinner for Big Pharma simply because they have now managed to get the administration of said vaccines to those “vulnerable” groups made into a Government Policy. Endlessly changing, ineffective vaccines for an ever-evolving virus which doesn’t really kill anyone anyway. And the proportionally very few who succomb to Death while having a Flu would probably have died of a Cold, Diarrhea or Flatulence anyway. The Emperor hath no clothes. Read into that what you will – but don’t take the vaccine.
          Don’t take the vaccine.

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      Sorry, but this is talking about a flu vaccine that is 40 years old – it is not referring to the vaccines of 2018. I’ve had flu vaccine since 2000 and I haven’t even had a cold……

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        Influenza vaccination has had no beneficial effect on flu mortality. The CDC indicates vaccine effectiveness has oscillated between 10-60% from 2005-2017, while systematic reviews show little to no benefit of inactivated influenza vaccines on flu morbidity:


        Seasonal influenza vaccination increased the risk of pandemic influenza illness:


        2018 scientific study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) finds that people who receive flu shots emit 630% more flu virus particles into the air, compared to non-vaccinated individuals:


        According to this placebo controlled study, you are 5 times more likely to catch a non-flu respiratory illness if you’ve had the flu shot. Your cell-mediated immunity gets disabled by the vaccine:


        Annual vaccination against influenza virus hampers development of virus-specific CD8⁺ T cell immunity in children:


        Influenza-like illness was more common in children vaccinated against influenza in this observational study:


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          Because of the many advances made in the treatment of heart-diseases, & Cancer, The need for longer, and more past money-sucking treatments, that they just had to be made-up for it, and come up with another way to make people sick. So with These Disease causing flu-Shots,, I Truly Believe that they have made lots of money with it. And This Is Why my Whole Family, & I, have steadfastly Refused to Take The Flu Shot, no matter how much our family Doctor, or Pharmacy push-it.

          And when i tell them that in the past 15 years or so, we have never gotten sick from the flu but we have seen many, ()Especially Cathy At Work) who get it every year that get sick as A Dog, but too fucking brainwashed to listen to Her, saying That if they did not get the flu shot,, their Doctor said that it could/Would have been much worse, maybe even fatal in us Older Individuals, lol. Holy-Fuck Mark,, Can You Believe that nonsense, and complete crock-O-Shit Fear-Mongering Bullshit??? Can People Be So Fucking Lost To Not See It???

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          I must admit that i am not an anti vaxxer and i do get flu shots every year. I must admit i also get very sick with flu straight after the vax but overall i feel that it has helped me. Why? I do not get feverish or stay in bed for a week anymore. It screws me for a few days.


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          Great refs. I now have to see them all.

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        Lord Wankdust


        I have had one flu vaccine in the last 18 years and I got Flu about a month later. Nasty Flu. I have had no flu vaccine any other year of my life and have never had flu on any other occasion.
        I have a slight physical (spinal) condition which means I do stretches and bends most every night and morning. Helps inflate the lungs and expand the chest and diaphram. We should all do that. Helps combat respiratory infections from shallow breathing part of many of our more sedentary lifestyles. I get about one cold every five years – if that.
        Remember what doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger. We need a few viruses to keep our systems running at full tilt capacity and kicking against the bacterial and viral pricks.
        Big Pharma needs endless prescriptions for worthless drugs to combat non-threatening viruses. They want everyone paying for them all the time. They don’t want people to be well… they want them to be (slightly) sick, living long lives with lots of prescriptions to pay for. It is their BUSINESS.

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      Muja Mi Rona

      They been mooting having mandatory vaccines as a requirement for schooling here this past while. And it’s against the law if you don’t send your child to school.

      I have/had(?) hay fever, and that’s worse than any cold I’ve ever had. Alcohol cures all…for me, and a bit of doobie.

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        In Aus it is now law. Moms that do not vaccinate are not allowed to take their child to school and do not get any gov payments at all. We have had major hits to “herd immunity”


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        Muja Mi Rona

        Yes I’m aware of some states having the mandatory legislation. As for government payments…fuck all that, nothing is for free. Make your own way and don’t rely on government to be daddy.

        I’m highly sus of all institutions, especially GOV. My neighbours pensioner father went to A&E with a cold and a week later he was dead, and his brain was stolen. It all came to light when the coroner wouldn’t sign off the death certificate. And I’ve heard similar stories from real life people (not on internet). The hospital that the homey went to even has some sort of gargoyle at the gate with 666 carved on it.

        Just try to be happy, eat naturally, not too much meat, stay far from tap-water, but most important is a good attitude. Fuck Vaccines. In hindsight, I’m glad I played truant and missed some shots in pox school.

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      most, if not all governments are spraying you with vaccinations and other poisons from planes. the australian government admitted to spraying it’s population twice with a cholera vaccination they were testing. good news for everyone. try to escape that shit.

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      So far everyone I’ve seen seems to be anti-vaxx (besides one), but I’m just gonna say it right now. Vaccinations are good. Vaccinations against something like the flu? Sure, but only for a kid in school. Vaccinations are like training your body, putting the memory of the antibody in your immune system. Although ineffective comparatively with other modern vaccines, the flu shot still has it’s purpose and those bacteria he was talking about? Most likely strains of the flu, just like strains of strep can be more severe. If they’re not flu, then yeah, it’s lost it’s purpose. Either way though, if any of you skip your vaccinations, please stay away from everyone else, if nothing else for their own delusional security. One more thing: A few of you were talking about governments vaccinating the population unwittingly. I hate to point it out,but vaccinations taken through oral or respiratory methods wouldn’t even be that effective, it’s be like having you drink IV fluid instead of putting it in your veins. As for cancer? Correlation doesn’t mean cause. The tumors in animals part I do understand, as you’re not supposed to test out a disease that infects people on lab rats. Flu isn’t really able to cross species boundaries, so no wonder those animals grew tumors, their body was being given instructions to fight off something that can’t live in them. The glycolipids on the cell membranes were probably mistaken as a match for the flu antibodies, which explains the tumors.

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        I agree with most of what you have said. Yet the flu virus resides in the pig population of china and has for as long as we have had flu. I am not even talking about the pig specific virus “swineflu”.

        Although generally correct,some bacteria and virii can jump between similar species ie Aids betwen apes and us ,flu between birds and pigs and us.

        Having Scientific Training I can say that vaccinations do provide a net benefit but they are not cost-free. I do believe they cause problems to some people and infants.
        Pray to God it is not your child.

        Now. Some smart ass new-age mums in Wales only a few years ago stopped vaccinations of kids and they started dying like flies. You should have seen them line up with their kids for gov vaccinations all of a suddens.retards!

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          I was unaware that the flu could inhabit multiple species, I’ve always just assumed that as a virus it would have an incredibly difficult time proliferating outside it’s optimal host. I do know it is possible, just usually unlikely. There are a lot of carrier animals too, so for the sake of my curiosity, do you happen to know if the pigs are affected by it? Or are they just carriers?

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          I am honestly not sure. It has been a long time since i was in uni and i am not a virologist but these facts i still remember.

          We did have a really killer strain maybe ten years ago called swine flu that killed many and you probably remember SARS(AVIANFLU) THAT WAS VERY VERY dangerous and they stopped flights around the world. Both of course emanated from China with their enormous swine and duck/chicken populations.

          I was always told flu resides in the pig population of China and new strains break out from them every year via mutation.


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          I’ve been kind of brooding over this, but I wonder how many hidden viruses are implanted into our DNA, y’know, the ones that don’t activate until the time is right? I just keep wondering if maybe one of the viruses in the birth canal is a hidden one and waiting for just the right conditions to literally cause an epidemic where vaccinations would be ineffective due to the high number of infected cells.
          Just quickly, I find bacteria more interesting than viruses, they take in DNA from dead bacteria and can adapt saying, “Their cell wall was made of X, I’ll make mine from Y,” . What is that little circular piece of DNA? The one they eat? Idek I’m going to sleep now.

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          Yeh. It is fascinating. They now reckon the mitochondria ,our energy factory, in our cells were originally a virus that colonised our Dna. How cool is that. Also we inherit this only from our mothers. So our mothers were aliens!


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          I know what you mean when you say virus, it’s actually bacteria but at the time the difference was next to nothing except the way they reproduced so I can see how you’d get mixed up. Back on track, I found something shocking that didn’t make it to media. There was almost an Ebola outbreak over in the gulf of mexico, pharmacists suddenly got sick and died so they burnt down the building to kill it. Not too long after they found the culprit and exterminated some 400+ African monkeys used to study Ebola. It was a military operation, just sent the flames ablaze. Normally, this would be happy, right? Turns out, it’s a lot more sinister. The virus mutated in the monkey species, it became AIRBORNE. Luckily, it was a monkey strain and lost its ability to leap between species with the aerial adaptation. It started in one room so they killed all the monkeys and bleached it. Next thing you know it’s in the ventilation system. All someone would have to do is take a sample of the virus from there and expose it to the proper human cells and voila! The deadliest virus known to man with a 0% survival rate just became infectious. They could release it into a ventilation system and no one would know. Oh yeah, I found out what the circular ring of DNA is, it’s a plasmid and allows.bacteria to share genetic traits, like antibiotic resistance or airborne survival. Something else scary, Ebola has taken in plasmids. A virus is adapting as quickly as bacteria, even if we developed a vaccine at this point it would be ineffective in just a generation!

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          Wow! Thanks for correcting me. You reckon it was a US trial to knock out potential caravanners? Bahsh


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          I’m tired and have lost the ability to understand your sentence, so I’m going to say possibly related facts in hope to answer it. The U.S. military came in and killed and bleached the first room of monkeys. Then they found it in the vents, so they burnt the building to the ground. The pharmacists were working for a private company but the situation had a very real threat, allowing them to legally step in. They were reimbursed and fined with the same blow, reimbursed for damages and fined for something about improper care for hazardous specimens. As far as the legal jargin and those involved goes, it seems they took action for a form of morale and awareness earlier than they should have and in a much more.aggressive manner. My own theory is that it’s an awareness shock to discourage interaction with disease carrying animals and travel to countries currently home to the virus. It also loans credibility to the government, allowing them some wiggle room when it comes to worse situations.

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        @sadisticchild39 it’s not about being an anti-vaxxer or whatever. It’s about not being an NPC and looking at facts with the open mind, instead of nodding to what the propaganda machine feeds us solely because that’s what the herd approves of.

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      GDPR Harvester

      I can say for sure most vaccines(all kinds) are proved to be effective an saved million of lives worldwide. In the other hand, the flu is a virus that is constant mutating and pharmaceutical companies do have an agenda of pushing unnecessary drugs on to us, so in that case I do accept there maybe something going on… I can’t pass any judgment without checking those links but I appreciate them as the few that I did seem very interesting. (FDA automatic approval, etc)

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        Actually, that’s a common fallacy propagated by big pharma. Here are the facts:

        Mortality Rates

        The facts are that mortality rates have been declining due to the introduction of things like waste management, availability of safe drinking water, sanitation, better understanding of nutrition, termination of child labor, etc. The introduction of vaccination had no effect on mortality rates. They had been declining steadily since before the vaccines and there have been no significant increase in decline with the introduction of vaccines. But they did increase the incidence of cancer, and other serious and often fatal diseases.

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          Excellent graph. I have never seen this but I have one criticsm.

          To really prove no benefit caused by vaccines they really should have chosen a better scale. Yes ,it is obvious that the lion’s share of improvement in mortality rates has occured since better sanitation etc as you say however we can not tell from the graph whether vaccines still are of value. All curves hit the x axis too soon in the graph!

          Have you any other info on “vaccines have not helped drop mortality rates after the introduction of sanitation etc “apart from this graph. I admit ,I have not had time to read the other refs you have provided above. So if it is in there ,please excuse me.

          Also yes cancer has skyrocketed since the days of vaccination however it is not necessarily the cause. There is a correlation yes. However ,cancer may have hiked up because of our more sedentary living, hormones and BPA in the water etc, simply us living longer lives thus allowing autoimmune type diseases -cancer- to then take us.


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          GDPR Harvester

          Not only sanitation, but certain practices helped eradicate many other diseases as well. I think there is an understanding that they are not really great… especially for the youngests, and there are fears they can fuck up your immunologic system, and we know little of cancer… but some of the diseases they combat, in fucked up countries, are really fucked up. I was actually surprise to learn a lot of people actually die of flu… I would say most vaccines are necessary @hopingfornemesis but I read you are not suppose to get the flu when you get immunized… so I’m not sure they really work. Could it be a harmless placebo? Depending on where you live, I still think most of them definitely are worth the risk. Should them all be compulsory? I don’t know. 🙁

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          Flu influeza is one of the most dangerous diseases .It killed off many millions of people in1918 when it was called Spanish Influeza. Most people do not die as we are the children of survivors. If our great great grandparents were not strong enough ,we would not be alive now as they would have died one hundred years ago.

          I always get the flu from the vaccine. Very badly but i do not get it bad for the rest of the year. Just very minor! Ahahah so i know from experience you can still get it!

          Nothing was as bad as anthrax vaccine. That was horrible!


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          All I saw was anthrax. I’m tired so facts: Downstream and upwind of a Russian laboratory, 5 different strains of anthrax broke out. Two airborne, three aquatic. The three aquatic strains killed around 50 people before they cut off the water line and banned going near said river. The aerial strains wiped out a city which was quickly quarantined. After a few months, it had died on all surfaces and it was safe to revisit. Any major websites to discuss the topic at the time were forcefully taken down or paid off. The cover up lasted about five years before news got loose. Biological weapons are illegal in the laws of war. If you think war has no rules, you’re wrong. It’s just that people disobey the rules. That’s what war crimes are! Shooting a pilot who survived a plane crash! Gas! DIsease! Radiation!

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          Thanks for that. I was working with livestock so anthrax and brucellosis were very real risks. Anthrax vaccines (three courses )made me very sick and i feel i nearly died. Had fever thrice and was bedridden for days!


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      I confess I’m a little bit ignorant regarding this particular subject. I’ve been postponing my homework regarding vaccines for quite a time. I’ll get to it, eventually. One thing is certain though: I always had my doubts regarding vaccines, and definitely there is something fishy going on there – just like there is something fishy going on for decades in the big pharma business and all the medication propaganda they push on the population. They manage to do this by being in cahoots with a great number of doctors, who prescribe said medications to their patients.

      I already took some vaccines, and I’ll probably have to take more in the future because soon I’ll be entering Med School. If I’m not mistaken, healthcare professionals need to be up to date regarding some vaccines, otherwise they can’t work. This depends of the country, of course, since vaccine protocols varies from country to country, but again if I’m not mistaken there are a few vaccines which are mandatory for healthcare professionals no matter if they are in the US, Canada, Australia or somewhere in Europe.

      Oh, and don’t worry guys: I will not become that kind of (((doctor))), if you know what I mean.

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        Congrats on Med School @eraserhead-2 . I feel like a proud Uncle. Is that weird?
        Tell me Shlomo,what does this multiple bracketting mean? I have seen it around. No one has told me about it even though I asked here once or twice.

        Is it code for something pertaining to Jews?

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          Thank you, my friend. I appreciate your support. I’m still a couple years away of entering MD, though. I still have to finish the course I’m currently taking, and then study hard to pass the difficult exams with a good grade and finally enter MD. Nothing easy to accomplish, but then again: what in life is worthwhile and easy at the same time?

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        Also, entering college you need proof of your childhood immunizations. I went back to school at 40, of course I didn’t have any proof of mine, so I had to get them all again. I wasn’t happy about it, but had no choice if I wanted to enroll. Fuckers.


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          Spill girl! Was this schooling for your med coding or did you study Med/Nursing etc


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          At 40, I was doing med transcription, later for billing and coding. I haven’t used either…I’m much happier doing physical work, although in a few more years I may fall back on my schooling. Sitting at a computer isn’t my thing. (As I sit in front of a computer writing this..lol)


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          I know . You really are a HANDS ON kinda woman!**winkwink**
          Jokes aside . I know you love the outdoors which is good for your spirit.


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          Well reminded, you’re completely right. In some places proof of vaccination is not only mandatory in the healthcare area, but several others such as registration for entering school, college and university. They also require it for athletes and trips to other countries. The latter depends where you’re going obviously. You wouldn’t want to go to Africa without some Ebola protection or something of the sort, now would you? Btw, why the fuck would you want to go to Africa anyway?

          I’m currently taking a radiology technician course (I’ll graduate next year) and vaccination is required for starting the residency, which obviously needs to be completed before graduating and being able to work in the trade. Some people in my class didn’t have their vaccination cards with them, either because they never had one or because they lost it. I’m assuming this happened to a lot of other people in other classes too. They had to take every single “mandatory” vaccine there is if they wanted to enroll, all in a short period of time. I can’t see how this would possibly do any good to someone.


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          Good for you, I’ve no doubt you’ll do well in anything you choose. I’ve always been very impressed with your intelligence and maturity. I’m sure many here would be shocked if they knew your age, as I was. You’re more mature than I am….really. 😀


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          Thank you for the kind words. Guess I have an “old soul”, as our friend Nemesis once mentioned.

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      I didnt know you were A Collegiate Scbolar
      But I sjppose I shudda guessed with a name like Pornowitz you had better be circumcising all the Heathens.

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      Partners HealthCare in Ma. is requiring all of their 7400 employees to have mandatory flu vaccinations.
      Employees who don’t get the vaccine and don’t have a valid reason for skipping it risk losing their jobs, even if they don’t work with or near patients.

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