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      GDPR Harvester

      When I click add friend on a profile nothing is happening. When I click public message it’s allows me to type but when I click post nothing happens.

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      Morning Star

      I had something similar.
      When i registered i used the correct e-mail address obviously.
      At one point in time the dots in my e-mail address were replaced with underscores.

      I was able to solve trough the WordPress website.

      Not even sure if this message will post anyways, because i wasn’t even able to post anything at all…

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      @Dark_Desires_uk Yes sorry, it won’t let me reply to your message right now. I’m assuming the site is been attacked again.

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        GDPR Harvester

        Thanks justine I thought I was the only one lol. Listen any chance you can email me direct on [email protected]? That’s nice(underscore)guy53 at hotmale dot co dot uk.
        Would be nice to chat direct, you’re the only uk female in here I know of.

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      I’m having the exact same problem! Hopefully it get fixed soon 🙂

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      We’re under attack! Launch the nukes!

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