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      I’m writing this here because I don’t know where else a topic like this could fit.
      I’m not totally into gore myself and even though I watch it sometimes out of interest, it doesn’t do too much for me.
      However, I fucking LOVE girls who enjoy gore, like REALLY enjoy it, laughing at it and everything.
      I’m a bit into female domination, so I guess that’s the reason. However, even when asking the sickest dommes you can find, their reaction is usually bad, to the point where they act like they wanna send the cops after you for liking that stuff.

      So.. for all the ladies here: Do you just like to watch this stuff out of interest or would you consider it a fetish?
      Now, I`m not using this as a contact platform to find chat partners or more, but I love to watch videos of women reacting to gore.
      The closest example I could find on youtube is this:

      If anyone here would enjoy to create a video like this, please hit me up with a PM.

      To all the guys:
      Do you enjoy the thought of women watching gore and hardcore videos? If you want, feel free to discuss or share some material.

      Also, I’m sorry if this thread goes against any rules. Feel free to move or delete it if that`s the case.

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      Lol yeah I’ve asked a couple of dominatrixes to go full psycho on me with sharp objects or bite me hard enough to tear my skin open and start drinking the blood but it was too much for them. Most of those women think they’re hardcore sadists but really they’re a bunch of sissies. Fuck it. I actually prefer being the dom now anyway.

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        I like being dominant as well. I can’t envisage a woman being a Dominatrix with me.Don’t get me wrong I like women that are assertive sexually as well ,but kitted -out Dominatrix, whipping and chaining me ? Just won’t happen unless it is against my will and then I’d have to kill her to escape…

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      I wouldn’t consider it a fetish since it doesn’t turn me on but i still laugh and joke about it, consume it almost everyday, „enjoy“ it. But i can’t really link it with sex because on here you see real gore (Most of the time), cutting myself during sex isn’t the same thing.

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      I’m not here just for the gore, though I thoroughly enjoy it and appreciate I have a safe place to view and comment on it and not feel judged… because it’s seen as abnormal by a lot of the populace. As Violet said, I don’t consider it a fetish because I don’t associate it with sexual gratification..though I can’t speak for other women so I’m sure there are some who get off on it. I’m mostly here for the humorous comments.

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