Greatest Threat – Masses of Normal People Conditioned to Obey Authority

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      BBC documentary titled “Five Steps To Tyranny” explores the following:

      1. Us and Them

      – Define superior in-groups and inferior out-groups
      – Nationality, race, tribe, religion, etc. On a more a subtle level, things like sports rivalries or console wars can tease some the same behaviors but not as extreme usually

      2. Obey Orders

      – People claim to disobey (i.e. when asked “do you always do what you’re told”, they say no); reality is quite different, especially when authority figure is involved (e.g. Milgram experiments)

      3. Do Them Harm

      – E.g. of Milgram experiment given here (although it was not genuine harm, rather was acted)
      – E.g. of Rwandan genocide. Propaganda on a radio station was instrumental in inciting tribal rivalry and escalating to 900K deaths

      4. Stand up or Stand by

      – People are dissenters or bystanders, but mostly bystanders
      – Bystanding = tacit permission on fundamental level
      – Suppression of dissent is critical step
      – Force is common, e.g. killing protesters, torturing political prisoners, etc

      5. Exterminate

      – Example of Stanford prison experiment was given which was terminated after 5 of 14 days because the jailers were too oppressive of the prisoners
      – Some prominent genocides: Rwanda, Burma, Bosnia
      – Shockingly, Holocaust not brought up

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