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      On february 19th, 2014 at around 11:45 pm, my door front door got kicked in by three huge niggers weilding shotguns. My boyfriend heard the noise stood up and grabbed a baseball bat. They rushed into my bedroom where me and my 1 year old daughter were sitting in the bed and my boyfriend still stabding in the middle of the room. They said “dont try anything” and literally sparta kicked him inthe back across my bedroom. They kept asking where the dope was. I kept my mouth shut. My boy friend said he was out, so the bigger guy took the butt of the gun straight to his face knocking him down and two of them started stomping him in his head and back. One guy was staying by me and my baby with a shotgun to my head. I tried to scoot to a window and he didnt like that so he put the shotgun in my babys neck and asked me repeatedly if i love my baby. I said please stop and pushed my hand into the barrel to get it off my child. My boyfriend broke away from the two big guys mercilessly beating him and made it to the back door right outside my bedroom. He opened the door and started screaming for help. They grabbed him and pulled him back in and shut the door. They put him on his knees at the foot of my bed with his hands up. One of the robbers had a shotgun digging in the back of my boyfriends neck. He pulled his mask off and looked me in my eyes with a look i still get nightmares about. He looked into my eyes, popped a shell out of the shotgun, and told me if i dont say something hes gonna blow his head off. When he said that my boyfriend jumped up and out of my bedroom window. He accidentally got caught halfway out the window backwards with glass shards up his ass cheek. The guy who pulled his mask down grabbed his feet screaming “put him out” and another one went outside and just started to dig into his face with the butt of the gun.the guy holding his feet ran outside too and my boyfriend finally fell out the window (his pants still stuck in it though) and i listened for well over 5minutes of them stomping and beating my boyfriend trying to knock him out. They said they were gonna put him out to take turns raping me. Nasty ass fucking coons. Glad they never had a chance cause they couldnt get him to go to sleep. The guy that was there just to keep an eye on me started destroying my room looking for drugs and money. He took my phone and boyfriends wallet (maybe 300$ in it) flipped my new flat screen and play station i got that day on to the floor and yelled to them “lets go” so they all took off running. We had to find someone in the trailer park to use their phone to call cops . they never found the guys and i have no idea who the fuck they were. So call me racist if you want but fuck them niggers. Only a nigger would put a shotgun in a infants neck for drugs. The look in their eyes told me they were either doped the fuck up or they were god damn demons. Heres the news report on it,


      It says in the report he was injured but didnt have to go to the hospital which is bullshit cause he left in an ambulance. He had to get staples in his ass cheek, stutches to sew his eyebrow back together and his lips

      ive got pictures of my boyfriend too just gotta figure out how to upload. Has anyone else ever been in a home invasion or robbery? Its absolutely fucking terrifying.

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      Thanks man, i guess i failed to mention i was 2months pregnant with my son when this all happened. If i would’ve had a gun i wouldnt have thought twice before i had a bullet through each of their fuckin skulls.& because i went through that im now prepared for it to ever happen again. But honestly i had to leave georgia because of it and come back to my hometown in florida because i kept seeing a black man, that resembled one that beat my bf , in the gas station and stuff like he was still watching me. He would look at me the same crazy way and once i saw him he pointed at his eyes and then me. I had a panic attack and went to police but they still never did a damn thing. I was having nightmares and panic attacks daily living in fear of if they would ever find me because i knew they were still free to fuckin roam. you can say that im being racist but its honestly involuntary because of my experience. Its almost like a fear of them. But nah i only had some weed which they didnt even find. once i upload the picture it’ll really top the story off.

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      she sounds like a bad ass bitch,hold on to her! Lol but really, yeah i knew i was showing symptoms but never really went and did anything about it. I feel like its affected my son as well as i said i was 2 months pregnant with him. He doesnt seem to talk as much as my daughter did and hes incredibly anti social, and i figured it may have been from that incident. But im still trying to figureout how to do the picture on here from my phone so bear with me lol. Thanks man &good vibes your way as well ✌

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      @queeg0909 Awh thank you, im really glad i came on here and got to talk with you about this shit. Cause honestly, its not just something you can talk to anybody about especially if they dont understand and havent been through a similar situation. People start to think your either looking for attention or your just crazy. So i really just dont tell anybody about it and keep to myself even though its something i really do need to get off my chest and come to terms with. As for my son, hes showing some kind of progress so thats all that matters to me, ill always love him regardless. Can i just say thank you so much for listening to someone you hardly know, cause this has really helped me overcome this shit.

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      A real brazilian!

      If there is anything I know about living in Brazil is that some day somebody will try to fuck you up, and if you don’t own a gun to fight back, you will be humiliated, robbed, raped and beaten to death.
      Do you know how hard it is to buy a gun in my country, legally? Pretty fucking hard, I mean it. And even though it is pretty hard to put your hands on a gun, I own a gun illegally.

      You are just a sack of meat, bones and fat. You have no rights and the state is just a symbolical figure, saying things to keep you sedated and away from the truth.
      The only right you really have is the right to die, granted by mother nature.

      You don’t let other people tell you what to do. You do what you got to do and what you want to do, and nobody will stop you unless they kill you.
      You get yourself a gun, a big one.
      I don’t understand, you live in the US, don’t you? You should own a 5.56 rifle for your own protection.

      You have a son, so its not just about you, it is about him too.
      YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for anything that happens to your son.
      You should be willing to fight to death for him, for real, and i’m not saying this to sound dramatically good and “moral”. I am really serious about this.
      For your son, you should be able to let your primitive and wild spirit take control of your actions.
      For my family, I would fight to death, I would bite someone’s throat and rip his veins off, smash his head against the ground until he is dead, and that is what I would do with my hands and teeth, so you should be able to understand what I am capable to do with a gun and 17+1.
      Nothing matters and there is no consequences when you are talking about your family because you got nothing to lose if you lose them.
      Fuck the state, fuck the police, I don’t care. I would and will (if I have to) do any-fucking-thing. Would you?

      Would you burn somebody’s house because the guy threatened your family and the police can’t do shit about it, or will you just sit there and wait to get hit from the back?
      I think you got an idea of what I am trying to say with my limited-vocabulary english.

      If the state will let you own and carry guns, buy guns!
      If the state won’t let you own and carry guns, you buy a lot of guns!
      TL;DR buy guns, ballistic vests, grenades and everything you can put your hands on.

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      A real brazilian!

      I forgot one thing: Don’t let anybody take control of what happens on your surroundings.
      If you lose control, you lose the power to decide what happens (duuh), and you cannot afford that.

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      Im glad you all made it out of this terrible situation alive.

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      Long Haired Dude

      Your boyfriend jumped out the window and left you and your child while you were pregnant? I’m sorry, but your boyfriend is a pussy. What if that triggered the men to shoot you and your child? Again, your boyfriend is a huge pussy.

      I don’t want to hear the excuse “He was trying to get help”. Bullshit; he was trying to save himself.

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      Road Pavement

      I once had a problem with a white person that keeps breaking into apartments and homes, He would hit mine daily some and the neighbors decided to get revenge, So we set up a trap on a building that he keeps breaking into searching for drugs and money, When he got into the main room me and over 100 neighbors bashed his head in with crow hammers and broken both of his legs as well his arms, When we told the police that we caught the neighborhood burglar they came up with an educated excuse for not doing their job,

      We later voted out the entire city hall that election year for their educated excuses.

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