Has anyone ever fucked a lass on a pool/billiard table?

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      I haven’t but want to. I dream of doing it on a blue baize table . Yep. I like teal/cyan.

      Tell us some detail;when ,how it came about,how did you fuck her and what happened afterwards; Get married,fuck buddies,broke up in a screaming fit?

      Lasses that have been had on such can also tell us if brave enough. Yes,you run the risk of being called a slut but I can not help that . Ladies ,if you need to ,make another false account with diff email to protect your identity / modesty if you think it is wise to do so before replying.

      ,@honkeykong, @ankun256 , @1purple8, @mattjack666 (with Runaway California girl) and @carly69 , you are the first guys I thought of.

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      on a pool table, no. i’d not want to muck up my nice felt top, man. you just don’t go sexing on the good furniture. you have to at least throw down a towel first. ot just fuck on someone else’s nice stuff. 😀

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      Pecker tracks on the felt is grotty! Maybe bent over the table would be a better maneuver. 😉

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        Haha. I get it but we have all done that already and anyway..how would you cope with getting that table of yours spic and span again for chopping up those artichokes?lol
        Actually on second thoughts all that friction will bring up a nice polish on your French Period Pieces…good idea!


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      Pump Kin

      @hopingfornemesis I don’t recall fucking any chicks on a pool table, but I have FELT up some girls on one. Back when I was around 21, a friend and I bought a case of champagne, and went to hang out with three girls we knew. It was at one of the girl’s parent’s house. We hung out downstairs. It was a nice set-up with pool table, large TV, and whatnot. After drinking a bit, the girl’s seemed restless and asked what we wanted to do. I had been drinking enough to just come out and suggest that the three of them get up on the pool table, get topless, and let my friend and I suck their tits. I took the right ones, and he took the left ones. From that point on, every time we hung out with them, they would climb up on my coffee table, and dance for me and my friends. Word spread, and more women would come over and do the same. Some would get naked and give lap dances. Sometimes when I run into old friends, they bring that shit up. They say my house was legendary.

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        yeah, well i fucked my wife at the beach and the lifeguard told us to fuck off because we were scaring the tourists.

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          So tell me Brother,,,Is that when You Pricked-Her Up, and dropped her on the Pool Table for a Continuation of Your Balls-Deep Competition??? Cause You Know That To (Snook-Her Good) Ya Must Always Sink “BLUE-BALLS” In Dat-Pocket First Right??? Oh, & BTW,,, Fuck Boston, as There Is Way Too Much Color/Multiculturalism in Those Balls Dude.

          Just Some Friendly, (Looking-Out For Ya) Advice, From An Old-Fart,in Dude, who gives-it whether asked to or not 😉

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          Sounds great @svarg26. Beach fucking is great apart from the sand ,the flies and the fucken heat in Australia but I remember doing some of that in Europe and it was delightful. Yumm.

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        Case of champagne! Oh @honkeykong .. I wish I was there to be sucking on some tits. Sounds like a vision out of The Decameron or Sodom and Gomorrah!

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      I don’t get enough action but I have fantasized about being fucked like this.

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      Never fucked on a billboard table. And honestly, for me it doesn’t matter where to fuck. It’s all about the girls themselves and their amount. I think the most sexy moment of my life was when I fucked one insanely beautiful girl, while her bisexual girlfriend sat of my face and they kissed on top of me.

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      Lord Wankdust

      I don’t think masturbating behind a ping-pong table is quite the same. I did have a lovely GF at University in Norn Irn. She (or I) would book a study carrel (a small lockable study room within the library equipped with a desk and chair). After a few hours of hard studying and essay writing I would knock on her door (or she at mine) and then quietly wrangle out my Kidney Nudger while she yanked her knickers to the side and then proceed to oil the lobster-trap, varnish the baton and pump her steaming clunge. The library work carrels were in the silent reading zone at UUC library and we developed silent fucking to an elevated art form. Our favoured position was with her perched on the desk at waist height – either regular front-entry or doggy – with myself standing.
      I remember one particular occasion where I was ramming the Salami in with some gusto and there must have been a tremendous build-up of air pressure up there… because after she’d slimed out an orgasm for about the tenth time and I had finally launched a massive salvo of love custard up her chuff… when I slid my love missile out of her minge there was a loud hissing pop and a wet farty spray of fannybatter and man gravy which soaked the desk and slurmed its way up the inside wall of the study carrel.
      Not quite a pool table, but a work-desk (a sort of table) and because it was in a University Library it makes it sort of more posh, exclusive and specialised.

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        you have the absolute best sex stories. i often wonder, are they all true?!

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          Lord Wankdust

          Yes they are all true. But so in the Past now.

          I used to love taking the old Wellington Bomber out on a mission over Berlin and dropping a few payloads. I got to know the route quite well. I could read the geography like a natural. I could ride the thermals, cope with the distances and gain lift from air currents and suchlike. Sometimes I could make the journey repeatedly in one night and only drop the payload right on target on the last bombing run. The hanger is quite abandoned now however, the plane sits grounded, unflown and quite redundant… no-one wants me to bomb Germany any more.

          One last night flight over Berlin with a full payload would be nice, but I fear my technical skills in the air do not seem to be required now. The lands around Wankdust Towers is quiet, beautiful and misty… but cold and empty.

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        Haha. I remember those carrels from my uni days as well.

        You Horny Hibernian Hoss you.


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      Lol. Of course. Haha.


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