Has anyone seen the movie "Lion In The Winter?"

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      Road Pavement

      This film (the original is good too) is about why women shall be loyal and faithful to their owner (Husband) and other shit that comes along.

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      GDPR Harvester

      No. Is it good? Patrick Steward with hair. 🙂

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      Lord Wankdust


      It doesn’t exist.

      But I have watched “The Lion In Winter”. It is a British feature film from 1968 and stars Peter O’Toole and the incredible Katharine Hepburn. An incredible piece of cinematic story-telling. The eagle-eyed will notice a young Anthony Hopkins (decades before Hannibal Lecter). Initially the film seems to be about nothing, fuck-all and a bit pointless… and then within a few minutes the viewer is locked into a vicious closing net of intrigue and fear. Really great movie.
      The Glenn Close – Patrick Stewart Amerikan TV remake is shit. A bit like the shit US remake of The Wicker Man. Utterly terrible.

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