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      JUNE 26–A machete-wielding Montana woman broke into her ex-boyfriend’s home, directed him to disrobe, and then forced him to have sex with her, according to police.

      As detailed in a criminal complaint, Samantha Mears, 19, broke into the victim’s Great Falls residence Friday when he was not home. When the man returned, Mears “confronted him from behind with a machete.” Mears then allegedly told the man to “get on the bed and remove his clothes.” . . .

      “After the intercourse, Mears sat on the bed, still armed with the machete, with her back against the wall,” the complaint notes. It was during this time that the victim took several photos of Mears “with the machete in her hand.” The man, who provided the images to police, had a bite mark on his arm when later interviewed by cops.

      After surreptitiously calling 911, the man backed out of the bedroom and escaped his residence . . . ”
      Cops: Woman Forced Ex To Have Sex At Machete-Point | The Smoking Gun

      Since she and OJ like knives and living in jail, this could be a love match!

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      How the fuck did he get an erection? If i had a machete held on me i would be excited and aroused for all the wrong reasons. It would not be for lovin’ that is for sure!

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        The penis, like the vagina. reacts to physiological stimulation. There are justice system case logs, with women’s vagina becoming lubricated from touch, during a rape. Some women have even reported reaching climax or orgasm during their rape.
        There have been women who use threat of deadly force to tie men and boys up, then proceed to rape them. Sometimes, it is best just to acquiesce so to insure survival. Of course that doesn’t negate the victimization.
        Are you saying you would hit a lady, HFN?

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          All you say of stimulation and physiological reactions against one’s will are true.I am saying that i would be excited for all the wrong reasons and probably sexually so against my will.

          If i honestly feared for my life, i would probably be more interested in escaping than using my erection to satisfy her.Of course,satisfying her may be the best course of action and i may endeavour to do just that.

          There was a case in East Africa where two women held a much larger fitter man than themselves hostage with a machete and forced him to service them multiple times over days. It can and does happen.

          As for hitting a woman? Sure,i would hit or kill a jihadi head-chopping child to save my life so why would i baulk at hitting or killing a woman?


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          Just figured you were the type to never hit a women. As for being aroused, I am sorry to say, I doubt you would be so easily enjoying sexual abuse if your life was threatened. Having dignity, would also make that unlikely, for what that is worth.

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          I just told you that sex would not be the first thing on my mind but escape would so i do not see the relevance of your statement.

          Furthermore,nowhere did i say i think this man’s rape was comical.


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      Another thing i found fascinating is that a man does not even need an erection or physical stimulation to cum.

      All that is needed is stimulation of a certain group of muscles in the groin to start contracting. This caused by brain stimulation and totally unconsciously can cause a wet dream.

      I once knew a woman who could make herself cum by just thinking about sex . she didn’t even have to tighten her pussy or grind /cross her legs or anything else.

      They say mankind and chimps are one of the few animals that we know who can just have sex for the fun of it.


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      I find nothing amusing about this rape. Rape is serious and should be accepted as serious.

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        Empty soul

        Rape can be amusing though depending on the context and subjectivity to the external viewer.

        For example. I remember a news story from a few years back regarding a libtard white woman who wanted to show the anti-immigrant brigade that they were wrong about African migrants being mostly rapists and such and that the naysayer’s were all bigots and racists.

        Anyway. What she decided to then do to prove them wrong was to go visit the Calais Migrant Camp in France and speak to African migrants. The end result of course was that she got gang raped by African migrants continuously for over two hours before finally being let go.

        I must say at the time when I read the story I did break out into tears of laughter. It truly was amusing.

        This topic’s particular rape story though was not that amusing. I guess it all depends on the context.

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          Yeah E.S. Those Muslims raped her fair and square huh? Lol…foh

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          I did not know about this one. I did hear about an Italian bleeding-heart though in Turkey.
          She wanted to prove that moslems and especially Turks are nice people etc the usual claptrap.

          So she travelled there in skimpy bridalwear. She was found in a ditch within a day or two of her arrival with her throat cut and arse filled with semen. True story.


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      It would take a machete to get me to fuck that ugly bitch too.

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