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      Izhevsk M44

      I’m new here. Don’t remember when I made the account. Been visiting the site for years and years, figured I’d make an account.

      One thing I’ve noticed is the search bar is gone. Makes it hard to search for my favorite topics like electrocution and ISIS and suicide. I dunno if it’s just on phones or everyone is having the issue. Seems right around the time that video hosting site shitcanned BG, the search bar also went away.

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      Hey there… If I turn my tablet sideways then the search bar is there. Maybe it might be the same with your phone?

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      Search bar is still there. It’s in the sidebar. The sidebar is to the right of the content, and the search bar is on top of it. If your device’s screen is small, then the sidebar is moved below the content, so you need to scroll down.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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