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      Hello everyone! Decided to finally make an account after lurking for a few days. I like discussions or just reacting to stuff so that’s why. Maybe I’ll meet some like minded people here, or even not-like minded people! I don’t judge that quickly so… I rather understand why someone has some kind of view.
      I don’t have a dead fetish. More like an interest into understanding death. Why death happens and of course, why people like to watch videos of people dying in them. Trying to understand why I myself like to come here everyday, haha. I have empathy, I can feel bad for these people. But I put my feelings off most of the times, to try and understand.
      I also am not afraid to make jokes out of serious things. I myself have been through a deal, seen many horrible things myself for someone in my early twenties. It’s stupid to get offended by life being harsh. And the people who get offended the most, are mostly the ones who have been through nothing (my experience). Also, understanding my own life has made me to believe that human life in essence is pointless and insignificant. Only we, can make it meaningful and only human beings are able to make life meaningful, in the extend that we do. Isn’t that just funny? We are the only species on earth, able to find meaning in a meaningless world (or one that has so many possible meanings, that there is none), that’s part of a universe that doesn’t give a fucking shit if we die or not. Because it’s not able to give a shit. I think that’s funny.
      But! That doesn’t mean I can be serious though. But that’s not why I’m here. I’m here partly to understand why death and the gore that comes with it intrigues people of all kinds, including me. And a bit for the lulz.

      Long ranty intro, anyway, hope to meet some great people in here and whatnot.

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      Welcome Lulz.

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      Pérez Soriano

      Hello & nice to meet you

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      Anon 12345

      Greetings hope you stay a member.

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