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      I have, unfortunately, been lurking for years. I first found you guys when my brother sent me the video of Budd Dwyer offing himself at a press meeting (which is my absolute favorite and was just sick when ProChan removed it). When I found the [very well written–and accurate] article about Pelle Dead Ohlin, I was hooked.

      Anyway, I have a problem and there exists no other such forum where asking for help would be appropriate. I am calling upon the creativity of the gore community to help a fellow white Minarchist. Oh also…when my brothers and I were young, my parents used the terms branders and blakes when discussing jews and blacks. It just kinda stuck, so forgive me if I slip and say ‘blake’.

      I live in a “not so great” area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Worked my ass off, saved up and bought a bitchin’ brownstone in the North Side with plans of renovating it, renting it out, and hopefully keeping it as a retirement plan. But, as well all know, these once thriving neighborhoods are now an incubator for black on black crime, neighbor intimidation and a general acceptance for shitting where you eat. Literally.

      Over the passed few years, as I live here during renovations, tens of thousands of dollars of property damage has been caused at the hands of adolescent little brown bastard children. I’ve had bikes stolen, cars broken into, and rocks come through windows. Last week, through the night, the same group of neighborhood shits decorated my car with a brick. Every…single…window. I’d had enough.

      I invited brother over who helped me nigger-rig my new bike with a few car batteries. He amped it up and parked that beauty right on my patio. Long story short…kid go the shock of a lifetime (the same one who bricked my car). My satisfaction was short lived. I was charged with aggravated assault and conspiracy (spiked steps leading down to my cellar door, Home Alone style). This kid and his minions return almost every night. I’ve installed security cameras, called the cops (BAHAHA) and it keeps getting worse.

      I understand the easy answer is to “move”. Not gona happen…I’ve put a lot of work into the improvement of this neighborhood and I’ll be goddamned if I’m run out by little Jamaar Snow. So, if anyone has any suggestions, similar experiences, or any knowledge of more sophisticated home defense mechanisms…any help would be very much appreciated!



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      Shit I’m sorry to hear what your going through. To have k put up with that shit day in and day out must be one hell of a stressful time. Maybe I suggest home security? And also signs that you have home security?

      Also I would like to tell you that since you nigger rigged and shocked that kid. You are now the honkey on the block. Meaning any chance they get they will try to vandalize your property. Get a huge dog,home security, shit maybe even get your little cousins to pay these pest a good lesson.

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      Empty soul


      Unfortunately you now know why they call niggers a plague because just like the Black Death of medieval Europe niggers infest, infect, multiply and destroy before moving on to newer areas to start the cycle all over again.

      The best laugh is that niggers complain about white flight when it is the actions of niggers that cause whites, and every other non black race as well, to flee in the first place. Not content with the shithole Niggerhoods they create for themselves they then demand to be let into whitey neighbourhoods for β€˜dat betta lifeth” only to turn their new surroundings into the same shithole Niggerhoods they stamped their little black feet to leave in the first place thus creating white flight once again.

      I am not surprised kolmogorova that you refuse to leave because just like the native Indians of past sooner or later you will run out of hiding places and will have to fight anyway.

      To the point then, how do you fight back against these genetically failed, evolutionary archaic subhuman savages without getting arrested for vandalising state protected antiquated farm equipment?

      I recommend installing a mosquito alarm system because it creates an irritating high pitch sound only audible to those under 25 and thus drives them away.

      The above will keep the baby din du nuffins away so what about the adult(and I use the word loosely)din du nuffins?

      I recommend attaching job applications to the front of your property because nothing scares a nigger more than the prospect of work.

      Seriously though, just add a secondary normal alarm system inside your property and a video surveillance system and if the niggers refuse to be deterred and have encroached upon you, well….you are an American, buy a gun and put a few rounds in the blubber lipped sambo. The cops will have no room to prosecute you if you can show that your security systems gave the spear chucker every chance to understand his nigger folly before the shooting took place.

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      Niggers are the most vile creatures around. If you refuse to move, get a large dog and build the biggest fence you can around your property. Or if there happens to be some non-nigger gangsters around, you could possibly pay them to scare the shit out of the nigglets.

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      The difficulty of using a dog as a security measure is that it could be poisoned. πŸ™

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      Yeah, I guess a dog is pretty vulnerable. @emptysoul idea is probably the best, an accurate gun (Sig Sauer .40cal is a good one) and alarms with video surveillance so when you blast those niggers’ heads you’ll have some good content for BG.😊 Video will also prove to to cops that you were justified in your actions. Niggers trespass on your property, alarm gives them warning, if they’re dumb enough to continue (niggers will always do something against better judgement) you have every right to kill them because “you feared for you and your family’s safety” and the cops will have no choice but to rule it as self defense.

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      Sums up how I feel about “branders and blakes”

      niggers jews bad news

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      tragic story

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        Von Skittles

        Not as tragic as you not fucking me

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          dont worry I’ll fix this

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      The job application idea might be the most fulfilling and remunerative idea I’ve heard! I’ve got an alarm system, security cameras outside (which have been destroyed 3x) and a huge Staffordshire Terrier named Clemente. But alas, he is my baby and sole life-mate for the past 9 years…I could never purposely put him in harms way.

      This brings me to the guns.

      The day after someone tried busting my window while I was at home, I went to AA&Arms and said, “give me something that won’t miss”. I left with a Mossberg 500 Persuader, and later purchased a S&W M&P Shield for carrying purposes around the neighborhood and very much enjoy shooting at the range. Anyway…

      Here lies the problem… Its a row home in the city. No property fences. My property (and landowner rights) end about 3 feet from my front door. Most of the damage is done from across the street with rocks, sling shots, night sticks, and my favorite….bricks. Which means that I can only shoot someone if he’s standing in my front door….or I shoot him across the street and drag his skinny monkey but into my living room, smoke a j, take some video, and maybe call the cops. Or let Clemente eat him.

      I thank you all for your input. In the coming weeks…I will either have ample material for your viewing pleasure (in the form of unintelligible nigger parts strewn rampant up and down my street) or I will, in fact, be the viewing pleasure…beaten to death by a bunch of 16 year olds and most likely…with my tits out.


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      Try calling your Mayor. Sounds silly, but if the guy running the show recognizes a problem, sometimes they get shit taken care of. Call the local news. Get it publicised somehow. Bring these people out of the shadows and into the public eye. Let it be known you are reclaiming the neighborhood. Get like minded people in the area to come out from hiding and drive back the scumbags. Or just slaughter them all.

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        @Sadistic I kinda like the last idea. Besides, if this is publicized, people with a low IQ will turn it into a meme or turn them into shitty remixes on youtube.

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      A few weeks ago, had the pleasure to wake up to this πŸ™‚ They also threw a brick at my cable box on the side of the house, taking the cable and internet out for about a month. How I slept through this, I do not know.

      Apparently, the 7-11 delivery man saw these kids bricking our cars. He tried to take video footage, but they threw rocks at him, and when he didn’t stop, fired shots at him hitting striking him in the shoulder. Nothing hit the news, not even the poor 7-11 guy being shot. Local police and news are very sorry but they are “very busy with other violent crimes, such as fatal shootings”.

      ALL of these fatal shootings in my neighborhood and I have managed to capture ZERO material to contribute. Not even the delivery man, who is literally…right across the street. I am sorry Best Gore community, I have failed you πŸ™

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      Aegrescit medendo

      1)Put a sign on your door that says “Come inside for white woman rape”
      2)Sprinkle liberally with Mossberg
      3)Remove sign, call fuzz
      4) Repeat

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      Plant C4 on each of those niggers crack homes and blow them up.

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      Well maybe you shouldnt have bought a “bando,” thats your own damn fault. A bando is a bando. If you bought a bando then its like buying a haunted house dealing with ghosts realy fucking sucks so its best just to move on and forget about it. You say you wont move then i hope you are armed with a bunch of cash because your struggle wont end. Especialy since theese kids seemed to have you targeted. They either know your a racist fuck or you bought a bando. Either way its your own fault that theese things are happening dude. Might i suggest investing your hard earned cash in one of those beuatiful towns an hour outside of pittsbergh?? (Btw a bando is a place that is used for selling drugs and generaly destroying and comitting crime. Usualy a bando was already a shitty fucked up property when it was abondoned. Thats why its treated like shit and called a “bando.”) Sorry dude it sounds like your in a lose lose situation.

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      Also your realy gay/ugly yellow mini cooper doesnt help. Have you thought of getting a real car??

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      The fact that you electrified your bike and shocked one of them is hilarious. You should electrify more things around your home and get some good cameras that can film hidden from an upper corner inside your house through the window (a little harder to see and get at), film them getting zapped, and post it. Maybe invest in some grenades, get really good at throwing, and chuck some into their house. Or like Dr.FeelGood said, maybe pay a gang to put the scare on them. The home alone style stair spikes was pretty good too. Were the spikes big enough to do damage?

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      Road Pavement

      Last time that happened to someone they tracked the fuckers where they live and waited until every last fucker is in the house and boarded up the building and set the place on fire and shot any of them that escaped.

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      I don’t think my little dog would eat anything from anyone else either @ladybug_lady2000 . For one thing she’s too picky, second she won’t eat for several days when I’m not home πŸ˜† . She’s not big enough for protection though. I’m not “friends” with most of my neighbors but they don’t bother us either.
      We’re actually coming to Vegas to celebrate my daughter’s 21st b-day in August, but only for a weekend otherwise I’d ask to meet for lunch or something. We’re staying at the Venetian, anything I should be aware of?

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