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      Hey guys I’m Arkham! Been following this website for a long time so glad to see it get a forum!

      I found this site while searching for a old site I used a lot back in middle and high school but no longer exist it was known as 10-7.com It had some really wild graphic videos and pictures that I haven’t been able find anywhere else but nothing out there on the web can compare to Bestgore! Keep up the good work thank you for fighting the censors who do not want the world to see the truth of life which is life is deadly!

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      @Dustin862 aka Arkham
      Welcome! You are right about the censorship. Main stream media might as well be called “Story Time”. You can’t believe any of it, because you don’t know what has been skewed to fit the agenda of the “higher ups”. So I guess that makes us here at BG the “low downs”! Works for me, how about you?

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