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      I’ve been regularly watching videos in bestgore for more than 2 years . I remember well the first video I watched , thanks to a friend who challenged me , it was that one which so many people talk about and say its a myth , the Russian neo-nazi beheading video. From then on i discovered a side of me I didn’t knew and had to kept it to myself cause I knew it wouldn’t be lightly accepted in society but I knew if I needed a place to share it , it would be here . I never pronounced myself and never made an attempt to join the community because I thought I wasn’t good enough since everyone here seemed to have such deep and thoughtful opinions and I was like :” I’m just a kid compared to them ” , i didn’t have material to share so I decided to keep on the shadow . Also I was a little afraid that people wouldn’t accept my points of view qnd also I was well aware that I didn’t knew anything about this world but has time progressed my fears subsided and here I am willing to discover , willing to see the real side of things .

      My name is Natalia and im 20 .I’m Portuguese , don’t know if I have any fellas here who are too and if so , feel free to speak 😊, I’m a college student and the thing that is more prominent in my personality is my curiosity . I am very open minded .

      I’m not looking for a place to fit in , I’m just looking for a place where I can speak without being judged or criticized about my passion for gore and gruesome stuff.

      Thanks for taking your time to read this and sorry for any grammar mistakes , my English skills are still in construction .

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      Der Kopfsammler

      Olha mais uma tuga… 😆 Eheh, sim há outros tugas por aqui, embora muito poucos, e também zucas.

      Mas bem-vinda a casa. 🙂

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