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      Sanguinary Dreams


      Seeing as I haven’t had the time to introduce myself yet, despite making my account almost a full week ago, I thought I oughta do so now. So hello, I’m a painfully shy, 21 year old Scandinavian/Korean with an affinity for cute things, tea, weed and gore. I am also an artist who specializes in acrylic landscapes for a living.

      I assume everybody has their own personal reasons for visiting this site on the regular, and I’m no different. One of the main reasons for my continued browsing of this awesome place is that I find it strangely fascinating. My most favorite content is articles in which you can really see the insides of a person, such as in shotgun suicides or autopsy videos, or videos where a person is just… leaking blood like a faulty faucet.

      I suppose this might be the main reason for my making an account on a site like this. I can’t really talk about my interests in gore with the people in my personal life, so I thought perhaps I’d try joining this community!

      Anyway, this post has already become much lengthier than I originally intended, so I’ll bring it to a close here. 🙂

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      Pérez Soriano

      Hello and I understand that this website is really good. It’s interesting here & love the gore.

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