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      Alright – I know I’m lining myself up for a shit storm…

      I had never heard of someone actually denying the Holocaust until I arrived at this site for… ahem… *other* reasons. I was super curious and so I read and researched *a lot*, and now I’ve got a few questions for the Holohoax crowd.

      Ahead of time: My position is that the event happened – I have multiple reasons for arriving there and am willing to discuss them if asked.

      Meine Frage:

      1) Is it possible to separate the event from the people? By that I mean, are there people who believe and/or research about the denial of the event who are *NOT* anti-Semitic? Is anti-Semitism crucial for the theories against the event?

      1a) Similarly, can you separate out Nazism and the event? Deny the event happened *and also* think the Nazis were idiots, etc?

      2) How does one deal with the problem of the size of the conspiracy required to maintain the hoax, assuming there was one? I am a big believer in two adages: “3 people can keep a secret if 1 kills the other 2”, and, “don’t ever mistake bad management for conspiracy”. The sheer size and scope of the falsification seems like a very big problem to overcome – so how do you do it?

      3) Do Holohoax supporters often posit that other massacres, those that happened in and around the same time period with similar types of evidence (pics, transcripts, reels, etc), *also* didn’t happen? If “YES”, I’d really love some pointers to that data so I can read it, too – if “NO”, then what makes the evidence for the Holocaust circumspect while the others are not?

      Um, ok, I’ll stop there – I’m sure I have more questions but I don’t like overloading posts.
      – many thanks

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      Good questions, lol- considering how many folks here believe in the ‘hoax’, I’m a bit surprised that 8 months after writing this post, there are no answers.

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        The thread must have slipped the attention and got no replies. But I must protest the nefarious use of your phrase “believe in the hoax“. Perhaps you meant to say “don’t believe in the hoax because they believe in evidence based on such crazy things as the laws of physics“?

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          I wasn’t quite sure how to phrase it, lol But at least some answers are starting to trickle in, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing some reading.

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      Der Kopfsammler

      1) – As far as i know, if you question the verisimilitude of an event, its not exactly denying that it ever happened. However, (((they))) dont think it that way, because we’re just “goyim”, so fuck logic. So if you even dare to even dream or wonder anything that they even say, even if one has any evidence (and suffice to say, theres plenty of it already that they havent managed to erase), you’re immediatelly an “antisemitist”, even if you’re jewish like David Cole.

      Also, even their own Rabbis get under attack for questioning it, because they themselves know the true nature of the jew.

      1a) – Yes, that is called being an “alt-right”.

      2) – That can be easily answered with money. You have 3 people to hide a secret, but theres allways one outside that circle paying them to keep their mouths shut, even the interest of the lie benefits them globally, money will allways be that cement. But thats something that would take a while to write about. Every year we’re remembered about the “attrocities” of the german people, but never the attrocities the jews did to them during the Weimar Republic, people are waking up today because in the Era of Information, it is harder to contain the truth. The internet has become the main tool for the truth to spread, and (((they))) lack the ability to control it, even if Google, among other companies, already started deleting every Revisionist site links from their search engines. For them to be able to contain the truth they would have to control the internet, but its already way too late for them.

      3) – Yes, for example the Holodomor, the forced starvation of ethnic Ukranians by the bolshevik jews, where supposedly 11 million died. The thing is, since the victims were not jewish that time, and since the communists denied every claim of it to ever happened right after they joined the League of Nations, they dont matter. You can beat a dead horse, but you cannot beat one that can kick you in the gut, otherwise we’d have World War II.2 rather than a Cold War.

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      Muja Mi Rona

      Funny that it’s illegal to deny the holocaust in 16 European countries. This tells me that the Zionists must be hiding something.

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        Yep, truth doesn’t fear scrutiny. The sole reason people are threatened with jail time or assassination if they do independent research on Holocaust is because the originators of the myth fear their lies will be exposed and need to resort to extreme measure to keep the myth alive.

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          I thank God that there is people out there that know the truth,Like yourself I feel sick when I think about the Zionists. I feel that the Anti Zion and White Human are few and far between,And really a endangered species in the the 21st century. It brings tears to my eyes but thank you for making a stand

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          Muja Mi Rona

          Hopefully extreme measures don’t include the Samson Option.

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      its soul destroying now to see europe lke it is, it really would have been an amazing continent if germany had won ww2.

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        Indeed man!Even in statistics you can see chinese,japanese,koreans and white people have the highest IQ…there aint no place for niggers,mexicans or other asians.

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        Just watch a good British 50s war film you will cry and want to invent a time machine,Dambusters.Honestley Hitler was a Hero.

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          Of course me and my folk will cry,we will see what opportunity we lost and we would help Hitler.

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          We in England didn’t want a second war after losing thousands of life’s in the 1st. We share a common Saxon bloodline. Its Funny how the Jews got use all fighting.

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