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      GDPR Harvester

      This is by far the best game I have ever played and I’ve been playing video games since the 1970s. Awesome story, graphically superb and the gameplay is just fantastic. If you’re an RPG player then I highly recommend playing this game.

      Set in a post-apocalyptic world, a young girl, Aloy, an outcast from her tribe since birth, starts off armed with only a bow and spear and sets out to to find her mother who she has never known. She also wants to find out what happened in the past and why the human race faced a disaster. The world is full of machines that roam free and these are the main enemies in the game. The map is huge and there is so much exploration you can do. As well as the main story there are a multitude of quests that can be undertaken. There are 5 degrees of difficulty in the game: Story-mode which allows you to focus on the story and exploration whilst dumbing down the combat, Normal, Hard, Very Hard and Ultra Hard. Of course, because I have many years of gaming experience with RPGs, I went on Ultra Hard and boy is it tough! What makes it even harder is they increased the cost of weapons/armours/resources considerably. There is also a New Game+ where you carry forward your inventory plus there is also DLC available. Apparently there is a follow up in the making. The one thing I liked about this game was the final sequence of battles. Most RPGs have a final Boss battle that isn’t that hard; there is usually a tough, optional Boss somewhere else in the game. However, the last battles here are hard as hell – at least they are on Ultra-Hard mode – and it’s very satisfying to complete them all.

      Something else I liked about the game is that although there are levels, your stats don’t increase with your level. Each level gives you a skill point and Aloy learns new skills as the game progresses. Damage and defence comes from equipment which has modification slots and these mods are found in loot from defeated machines and other assorted places in the game. The only thing you do get from levels that helps you combat-wise is an extra 10 points of health for each level. Levels cap out at 50 (60 in the DLC) but you need 81 skill points to fill up the skills board. Extra skill points are gained from some quests and some of the stages of the story.

      This game is a must for RPG players.

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