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    seventh grade I got boobs and every Wednesday during school we went to church and twice a week we had choir practice and we had to sing a song called “bloom where you’re planted” and every time song started up all the boys (and girls!) would stare at me and snicker.so many verses! it was mortifying and I would turn beet red. I was not proud of my seventh grade titties, they weren’t even that big it was just that I had them. then one day Maria came to class, Ave Maria indeed. what a save

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    titties are so nice.. its sad tk learn thd pain they can cause the user

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      share with me one of your horric grade school memories. unless it starts with “in seventh grade I got boobs” lol ug.

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    Road Pavement
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    When I started kindergarten I some good times but my idiot foster mother never picked me up so I took the bus home and yet my idiot foster mother was never home so I stayed on the dog house sleeping with and old dog also my idiot foster mother was too stupid to make me a lunch and too stupid to be alive.

    Later in the first grade my idiot foster mother with my idiot foster father singed me up to a special education school and they left and never came back later I learned to fight and got ass raped for the first time by the school principle that had the mind of Hitler later I was sent to a treatment center where children where frequently ass raped by the staff for a year until a whistle blower exposed the crime.

    Later middle school where boys with mental health issues grew breasts with underdeveloped testicles and low like really low IQ 40 was average but 60 was the highest I was the most intelligent kid they ever and only will have.

    Then came high school their was boys that remained and will remained boys after castration by their guardian’s request ( just to clean out the gene pool ) and did not know how to read nor anything for that matter.

    I realized I was ass raped my entire life and gotten ignored by the system for so long that I investigated and found out after all these years the school staff had mental illness also.

    The school board members along with the superintendent also suffered from mental illness

    Figures my entire school life was about the book “One that flew over to cocos nest”

    I was border line homeless for 20 years now and noticed everyone I knew while I was traveling the world was in the same shoes I was in. Shops closing for business all over the nation, Massive layoffs from all over the nation, I have seen almost all 50 states and everywhere I been their was the same thing mass layoffs and shops closing for business even factory’s are being shipped over seas and millions are becoming homeless.

    I see nothing but empty houses that are boarded up, shops closed for business, factory’s being shipped overseas and homeless shelters over burden with families that needing for assistance after losing their homes and jobs to the greedy Aryans that take advantage of the weak and disabled and now taking advantage of foreign workers that are under Communist government and enslaved by their dictators.

    Now I am seeing people being rejected from social services because they are not Aryan. I mostly see homelessness and a lot of people collecting cans and living in make shift shelters to make ends meet.

    The future is not all that bright but seem dim and disarray with people wearing rags and rust and eating scraps of food thrown at them.

    It sounds like suicide is the only way out but I have courage to move on to find what is left in the world.

    Thank you for your time reading this.

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      Suicide is not the only way out, I hope you continue to have the courage you need to stick around. I’m never sure if members are joking or not… I like seeing you around though. 🙂

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      Dream me better
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      The enigma that is roadpavement. If I win the lotto I will embark on a quest to find roadpavement and buy him ‘property.’

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