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    When I was a kid in the 6th grade I remember hanging out with two friends, Billy and Joe, one day at Billy’s house he asked us if we wanted to see something cool so we both say yeah. He takes us to and the first photo I even seen was dead guy soup. It didn’t bother me much at the time since it was just photos but it spiked my interest. I was searching stuff out on my own and found myself on sites like 4chan clicking on randome links. The very first time my stomach dripped out was when I found a video of military personal executing some men tied up on the ground. One guy went person by person and slit there throats. With the last guy they cut his hands free after they slit his neck and I remember watching him reach for his head to see if it was still there only to have the solder start stomping his head in. Now days I can handle anything.

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    Watched faces of death and traces of death like a lot of people did. There was a website that hooked me though. It was when the internet was pretty much in its infancy and dial-up was the most common connection. The name of the site slips my mind right now, but I’ll always remember the administrator’s name. Called himself psychonutt. I thought the name was hilarious. Like this site, he told the story behind the pictures if he had info. It was only pictures though. Streaming video wasn’t a thing yet. The pictures that most stood out to me were the pictures that a woman and her boyfriend took of them killing and dismembering her husband. They posed his severed head with his own dick in his mouth.

    Edit: Just remembered. The website was called “gore gallery”. It’s now long gone, but I always wondered what happened to it.

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    Rotten dot com was also my first time seeing gore, and then Ogrish. From there I downloaded random gore videos from peer-to-peer software. Now there are lots of gore sites around, but BG is my favorite.

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      Rotten was my first taste of gore too! I miss that site but it seems they are inactive now

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    I found this website in 2013 when I was searching for a video of a mexican woman being beheaded for snitching because someone posted it on facebook and I decided to look for it and after seeing the video i ended up at this website after doing some searches. I really wanted to see gore stuff because it’s uncensored and everything these days are basically censored to the max. My favorite gore sites are kaotic and best gore, I like kaotic a bit more because they include more fights and diverse stuff then just gore.

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      Aegrescit medendo
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      I was bored with Jizzhut and started searching for female autopsy videos. Best choice I ever made.

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    tas tiger
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    I found BestGore by searching for ‘guy gives himself a headjob’, before that I was on That’s Phucked, I saw Rotten too but it had already stopped posting new articles by the time I found Rotten. When I was about 8 I used to look through my mum’s Stephen King books, I would flip through the pages looking for swear words or pages where someone was getting killed in some gruesome way. I read The Rats by James Herbert when I was about 8-9 yrs old, I don’t have time for fiction anymore though, I love true crime.

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    Ogrish when I was ten years old. But around that time there was sites like funnyjunk etc

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    Lucien Lachance
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    I was actually in school and some acquaintance of mine introduced me to Rotten. I kept going back to it and by that time (2007ish) they had already stopped updating the site and everything. I searched around and found a similar website. I told my manager about the website at work one day, I forget why but we were discussing gore… anyway, he asked if the website was Bestgore. (It wasn’t but okay…) Obviously I had to check out Bestgore, I fell in love.

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    Started when I heard my mother talking about “ISIS burning people”, so I was interested, and looked that shit up. Then boom, through all my adventures, I ended up here.

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    Mama Gore
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    I started watching “scary videos” on YouTube when I was a Jr. in highschool, ended up on rotten . com and stumbled across a photo of a man who was decapitated by a helicopter, and it was all over. I was sucked in, I only recently found bestgore and OMG it’s like my crazy little mind has found a safe haven.

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    I remember being in primary school and learning about king charles who was beheaded. It fascinated me. Then when i was about 10-11 i found and then through my teens I put it to the back of my mind and concentrated on boys and drugs and shit. Then one day I googled beheadings and this site came up and the rest is history so they say. My fucked up mind is happy and content here haha

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    Family is huge on horror but what actually got me hooked was watching Traces of Death, Faces of Death and other shock vhs…then I got a computer and the internet. Made it so much easier and addicting.

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    Michael J Rego
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    Oh…I for sure remember the chopper chopped guy on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier pics…I think I was 14 and saw a young man and his sister shotgunned to death in a car…the image of his head transformation into mush stuck with me…I witnessed death and near death mutilations multiple times growing up in the cess pool of Camden Nj USA… It is a strange thing but I still have a curiosity to continue to see the result of violence.. Now and that type of thing rarely happens where I reside …greensburg…

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    I think my brother was on rotten and showed me a pic of this guy that had been mauled by a bear. I was fucking horrified but when everyone had gone to sleep I fired up the PC, logged on that dial up and frantically googled it again to examine every detail lmao

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    Always been a horror fan – movies and books and a mate told me about first picture I saw was a man with his head blown in two by a shotgun blast and I found I was very interested in learning more.
    Watched some “real” pm’s when they had them on the TV but only came across this site a few weeks ago as it was mentioned in a YouTube video.
    And now I feel right at home.

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    Ever since childhood I was fascinated by abandoned things, decay, mummies, skeletons and diseases. My family had several medical encyclopedias, books on ancient medicine and graphic books about the victims of war (e.g. severely disfigured WWI soldiers). I loved looking at those secretly and also sneaked to the television in order to watch documentaries where you could see the real stuff.

    Growing up in the countryside there were also plenty of chances to see decaying animals. In my free time I like to explore the margins and off sections of society and there you can see a lot, too.

    Ever since we had Internet I went to and searched the web for medical curiosities. I’ve also ventured down into abandoned ossuaries and had parties there. Somehow I ended up meeting someone there who had posted something Pro-Bestgore on Facebook. This page is paradise.

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    E. Verde
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    I’m not going to get all deep with this. It’s just gore. But all my cousins and I would visit rotten dot com, crap website compared to all the ones around now. Then it snowballed into other websites that have since been shut down or people stopped using them. Then a while ago I can across this site. I love it. Kind of strange as most people I know who don’t look at this stuff are shocked when I know about it.

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    I can’t remember exactly how old I was but the first gore site I found was CharonBoat – showing beyond, there were a lot of firsts for me on that site, seeing how long it actually took someone to die from having their throat cut, a 12 year old killing a 9 year old, cutting him up and trying to hid the body all over video game money, and 3 guys one screwdriver killing that guy just because it was fun. It was a shock how real it all was, and surprised me that people wanted to pretend these thing were not happening like by not seeing it themselves it didn’t exist. I knew I never wanted to be blind like that and I have frequented gore sites since.

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    Sphincterpiston #59535
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    My mom……

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      Ha, you took my answer- my mom made us watch stuff… my brother found the best sites though.

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    Hoping for Nemesis
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    “Shocking asia ” VHS videos i found in a second hand/thrift shop.

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    Road Pavement
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    When I was little I noticed a group of hard core killers tied up a 1900 pound fat fuck and put a meat hook through his nose and out of his mouth and started gutting him like a pig, It so shocking I just stood their not knowing what to do. Later I gotten an biology course on human body parts, of course they where nice about it and let me go home.

    Another time when I was high school I gotten into basic boot camp training with a friend in the national guard and learned the shit like everyone else. As month went and came I was almost good with a sniper rifle, Until someone noticed the Ku Klux Klan out side of town with hunting rifles looking for niggers to kill everyone in the community hid, As the national guard base I worked at had their troops armed and run out of the base to check what is going on the police also gotten their rifles to defend the town, The gun vault was still open and I noticed a Vietnam era M1-A3 rifle with a scope, This where First Person Shooter games come out, Due to mind less bullshit I grabbed a 50. cal pistol and cock and loaded it and shot a special education teacher in the face that was out looking for me.

    So Did what I did a forest gump grabbed the rifle and other shit and pulled the greatest bullshit ever.
    I went out shooting Klans men in the head, Everyone wanted to know if I was tripping or gone plain nuts, to make the story short I killed so many Klans men that their was none of them left until my psychiatrist told me it did happen but I was not cut out for the military due to my disability and I shot him in the face, I left the building and knowing no one is going to believe this shit I am talking about.

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    Reddit 50/50 there was a link that would either show a girl getting a cumshot on the head or a dead guy who got shot through the head and the comments from that thread led me to best gore or something similar; therefore, I started using this website,, as a means to an end for desensitization then I kind of got used to this site either as a morbid curiosity or genuine curiosity potentially leading to a normalization, yet there are still some things on best gore that I don’t really care about watching.

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    My friends and I would ride our bikes to go look at the fresh roadkill. Then there was the “Faces of Death” movies. Then the internet came along, ogrish, rottin. There used to be a website called “Consumption Junction” similar to bestgore but it took forever to download anything at 56k.

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    GDPR Harvester
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    I’ve never been a gore freak, I like the doses of cruel reality. It keeps me aware of how fucked people really are.

    Also the thing that makes this site stand out from others is the contributors. There are some smart people on this site so it offers more than just gore.

    That’s a big reason I keep returning. I might learn something interesting.

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