How do you do? I feel irrelevant

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      To whoever else feels like they’re socially inept do not feel like alone I am also in the same boat. I’m not a social butterfly I’m the fly on the wall you could say
      Sometimes it’s easy to stay in our comfort zones soo much it’s a hard habit to break out of. So anyways I’ll make sure I try and contribute so I don’t feel irrelevant. I’ve been to this website many times as thought mind as well make an account and all that shenanigans.

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      Raving Mad Pigeon

      I’m under the impression that quite a few of the folks here are stuck in the same boat, that being the socially inept one.
      A lot of the time I feel like a weirdo commenting and stuff. I mean, in most cases there are dead people and stuff and there’s just this strange compulsion in me to make light of it. Or something.

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