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      I’m having trouble lately. I only have one true friend but I’m finding that even he is starting to be less accepting of my opinions on society.

      I really want people to have philosophical discussions with but am having trouble finding someone who is truly interested in that. Overall I have trouble making friends that fit my criteria and have been unwilling to accept anything less, this has been making me feel hopeless.

      As much as I know there are people who I could enjoy talking to I cant find them and so I was wondering to all the people on here who also have or had troubles with this could possibly give me ideas on how I could attain these friends and or tell me how you were able to.

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      Hey Karma, I’m from Oz, snapchat me on remmedy888 to chat. I’m with you.

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      Oh no I don’t have trouble with this, I have trouble finding someone to be an all rounder not just one topic with different people and many who believe in aliens believe in them in a fanatical way which I do not find relatable but I have some people who understand my views on that though I’d like if they could enjoy other subjects too. I am just wanting one person who I can talk to about it all and have sufficient interest and respect for my opinions.

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      I gues I want someone who will look up at the stars the same as I do, be passionate about nature, interested in acient religions, love horror, love cartoons, go places like museums and aquariums and actually be excited about it all instead of thinking it looks pretty. I want someone who is both childish and mature. ( to like mature activities while enjoying them like a child). Honestly a lot of people don’t find learning something new to be exciting and that just bothers me.

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      I see that one a lot too, I also am out for a cone but it is cloudy tonight. I name the stars my own names as I can’t remember their real ones most of the time. I eat tons of meat like you though I feel a need to respect the animals I am eating as much as I can. I have killed heaps of animals for food and a few times I can say it wasn’t ideal, (in the islands we hit the piglet between the eyes with a rock then peirce it’s heart once it is knocked out, a few times it has taken a few hits to knock it out and one time the heart was missed so the pig bled out instead of instantly dying).

      The sloth part was the worst omg! Haha I love ones like the land before time and classics.

      I have always loved museums and history and have always had and easy understanding of these things. I found museums to be an interactive way of learning, my pop would take me and we would read every single plaque and information and anything I didn’t understand he would explain to me. At aquariums these days I don’t actually care much about the sharks, I find them boring as I see many when I go diving and snorkeling. I get excited to see creatures that are dangerous and rare like octopus and jellyfish because I try to avoid them while in the water.

      I don’t that seems to be a common practice among adults, I don’t drink much, I smoke pot. I think by childish is make bad jokes don’t act normal. Like for example dress as mummies while at an Egypt exhibition. Don’t worry I don’t enjoy maths either but I am good at it.

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      Yeah they are meteors, there is tons over here I have seen some pretty huge ones.
      In australia and surrounding islands guns are not easily acquired and I personalay don’t like them for anything really. I feel a bow or traps are just as effective at getting me food and rarely used for hurting others. The way we kill the pig in the islands is the most humane way available over there and between the eyes is where their skull is the easiest way to knock them out, stabbing the heart is more of an immediate death than cutting the heir throat if you know where the hero stab them (count 5 ribs down and stab up towards the head). I have no problem with killing for meat I just wish they didn’t have to feel it, makes me feel a little sad hearing the piglets squeal in pain when a hit doesn’t work the first time but still, tis life.

      I love most animated movies tbh aha but my avourites are land before time, smurfs show, Scooby-Doo, tangled, brave, Mulan and heaps more. I animes so love animes but not too crazily.

      I love swimming and always have, my mum would take me to the beach as a baby within my first year of being born and take me under waves with her, apparently I loved it and would laugh. I do feel scared when I am out deep alone but I also feel confident I can fight off a shark as most people who face sharks are unprepared and unarmed. My favourite sharks are tiger sharks, I have been swimming with one once or at least I happened to be swimming and it came along. They are really placid and beautiful, most attacks by tiger shark are just a bite and then disinterest. The ocean is terrifying to me full of things I am scared of but fear is exciting and facing the he seems things gives me stories then he Seoul tell and awesome memories.

      I smoke pot to get the sleep mostly (insomnia since like 5) but it’s calming aswell, I hate the world and it makes me cope but when I am camping and at peace I don’t need it unless it’s a rough night of sleep. Weed to me is a better alternative to taking pills which usually have worse long term effects. I all so believe people should try to fix themselves before resulting to a quick fix.

      And lol the mummy thing was and example but I do like to cosplay and I probably still will when I am 80 because then I can play and witch.

      I and my only 21, sometimes I feel a bit uncomfortable telling people my ages as I fear people will take me less seriously as they often do. I don’t want to seem corky in anything I say. I hate being dishonest when looking for friends, that would make me the wrong type of friends. I really do have any things oder understanding of myself and what I want/ who I am. In high school, despite my overall childishness, I was not interested in what everyone else seemed to think was important (parties, sex and petty shit). Yes I drank and went out and did things if I felt like it but I never cared about it and it actually bothered(s) me how people think they’re so fucking great for doing something wrong when despite my thoughts and desires I try my best not to.

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      Thanks my mum brought me up “to be tough”. She has always been good with pain (any type) and taught me the same way. I am in Sydney but I have been to every state.

      Yeah that is sorta sad when someone tries to jump into killing an animal before watching it be done first. If it were up to me I would get the pigs drunk then kill them. We did it in fiji on accident once because they got into the brew lol but it was so easy and not a peep. Plus they get a good last night without the hangover.

      I was never bullied it was just having to hear them talk while it to was actually trying to focus actually do the things they discussed seemed so pointless to me I couldn’t see where they were going with their lives and one day I couldn’t just sit there actually did ignore it anymore. I went off about how pathetic they are and told them not to distract me anymore, I wasn’t taken seriously at first so I got in a fight with one of the guys (I had a shy type of reputation before all this) I beat his ass because my mum had me in kickboxing and taekwondo so it this was easy, after that I was rarely messed with and I was actually quite proud. After this the teachers could be yelling at everyone to shut up without anyone caring but if I did then it was instantly quiet, I ended up with a brutal rep but I got what I wanted and I actually helped a lot of kids too by getting people to back off and defending them, this became my group of friends for school. My problem is more of a psychological one as is have had it since I was a child and have been diagnosed so it will never truly pass.

      I love the cold, living here is hell for me. My favourite temp is 12°c for day time yet I do love warmth so I can go swimming but considering I don’t get to go swimming much I’d prefer cold. I get bothered by people who cannot survive if I am honest, I have an idea that anyone who growns up and can not survive without modern advancements should not exist (besides RANDOM terminal illness) because that is how it would be if ideas to were up to the world via natural selection. People who can do nothing to survive are often snobs who think themselves better than other people because of their meaningless jobs that help noone and it annoys me that people like that get to tell me that living naturalist style is “weird” and makes you not right when in fact it is the opposite. We need only a few things for life, food, water and temperature regulation and yet most people couldn’t get these things for themselves if the were dropped in the bush even ands fertile as australia is.

      How to train your dragon is fucking amazing. I love dragons but hated at first what they looked like but it was too good to hate and they made them weird for a reason, the tv series is even better than the movies.

      I didn’t have a choice with the shark, I was already in the water far from shore with no boat. Sharks actually attack us from a different angle than seals meaning they do know but doesn’t mean they angler entry hungry. Bullsharks though, they can fuck themselves coz they are just assholes on purpose.

      I think I am too self absorbed to care about bullying. When I was in primary I was called lizard girl for catching blue tongues and taking them home and carrying stinks around but I took it as a compliment because I knew that most of them were took over scared to even touch a lizard let alone catch one without it seeing them. I have always felt superior but I also respect those I know are better because I see them also way to be better myself. My mental conditions are also a reason I feel superior or the other way around oooo.

      Most people do take a while to figure themselves out. I think I got a head start because of my experiences in life but I do know I have done this better than many 50 year olds, I have had times in the past I thought I figured it out but not until last year it reached a full clarity where it just knew and since then I can control many things about myself, this has shown in my dreams I am now lucid 90% of nights compared to about 10%

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      I weigh about 105kg which used to be mostly muscle now it’s half half, I don’t do any training anymore. I grew up with cook islands kids so we would beat each other up for fun and it wasn’t a good night until we were covered in bruises. I was always friends with guys because that was the only way island need how to play and most girls didn’t like it rough but I have always wanted a girl friend.

      Yeah it has taken a long time to control my temper but these days it’s easy, or at least it control it to the it takes much willpower aha but I just walk away these days. And I was sort of the challenger that day and I saw it as my way of showing people what I am capable of. I felt a need to prove people wrong.

      For me i never really wanted to see professionals and only last year I got on top of it. I was sent to a psychiatrist and eventually he sent me to a neurologist for a brain test thing and then a few other tests I’m not really sure of to eventually be diagnosed as psychopath, which isn’t as bad as it sounds. In the end nothing can be done and I have to deal with it myself even though they suggested meds I am able thought control myself unlike others, this is assumed to be because I was brought up in a decent environment. I think hunting helped too though. I have no empathy for others but I know how I should feel and I also wouldn’t want to kill someone innocent, my God complex makes me want a perfect world where I obliterate specific people and some people who I am close to would have to go down too if I’m honest.

      I know there are kind people but sadly it doesn’t mean thereby deserve to live though I would never hurt someone who has tried their best to be good their whole lives but if they am really weak I don’t believe they should exist unfortunately. Kindness is a weakness you have to find the balance, I am nice to anyone until they annoy me or are rude in general which then I, depending on how bad they are, would love nothing more than to be the one to end their life. I am also for the most part racist but I’m not ignorant enough to think they are all same, just most Indians are perverted douchebags but I have met really nice ones too.

      I also feel this way but I know I can do nothing, this is part of my struggle as it is so not in me to accept my worthlessness, just because I am aware of something doesn’t mean I am ok with it and this does put suicidal thoughts but then it think its I kill myself I might as well be a murder first. Then I struggle with those thoughts.

      And I know I told you but to sum up I have type 1 psychopathy, which is considered the most dangerous but I only just slipped into that category. If you want to know more maybe talk on my page haha.

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      The thing that makes me feel superior enough to make that decision in my IQ and the fact that I am able to manipulate people with ease, pretty generic psychopath to be honest. I don’t see how some junkie who sits there drinking all day and robbing people isn’t someone who should die. The world should consider itself lucky that I have specific people I would only kill and that happens to be based of the general publics idea of what right and wrong is. Yes is know is doing be doing something technically wrong but by doing it for a just cause seems fine in every other situation I have witnessed.

      I know there are people who think like me and that is sort of what I am looking for but I don’t push anyone away, I actually do give everyone a chance as I have previously said. Once knowing that person I then make my decision unless I have sufficient and accurate knowledge of them. In most of my comments on here I often say IF he did it, he deserved it so my problem isn’t making friends it is making like I originally said an all round friend. My temper and everything is at the best it can be with my condition according to my psychiatrist so to be honest I have done all I possibly can, my thought processes will never change and I will continue to feel like this as long as I live a normal lifestyle. Because this is a neurological issue yhe only way to change my thoughts is drugs which change my personality and is am unwilling to subject myself to this.

      I understand what you are saying but I am already doing these things my problem right now is I’m fucking sick of wanting to do things just to think about the consequences. I’m afraid I will have to live a life where I feel all this but have to pretend i dont. I have a lot of friends but I am sick of them, they bore me. I do think logically to avoid doing something bad but still it doesn’t stop the overall thoughts and having those thoughts, knowing you may never get to achieve those goals seems like a worthless existence and that is why I am looking for just one person who can understand all of that and not be caught up in emotional bullshit. My psychiatrist tends to not want me to find another despite my wishes. It is fine if I find them alone of coarse but they will not actively find one for me.

      Despite all this it has been an interested conversation to take my mind off things and though I don’t seem it I can be more understanding of others than you may think, logical thought processes allow you to understand why people are the way they are which helps people when they need to talk because I am able to provide suitable suggestions to make them better, I just cannot fully empathise with them because of how I am.

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      It did not seem aggressive, I see your point but I also am a very cautious person by nature and don’t really hang around people who are more dominant than me because I find it confronting and I feel the need to be cautious around them. I feel talking to a similar person would be a beneficial way to release my frustration as I at least know what I am saying means something to them.

      Unfortunately martial arts doesn’t change much simply because my anger isn’t meant for that person but it is an overall good stress relief, alas I cannot afford it anymore and I’m practically homeless right now.

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      Aw thank you i will think about this, just right now I’m not in the best situation but I will maybe consider it afterwards. My only quarrel is the overly cheerful shit and it does seem directed at teenagers but thank you for trying I am in no full on rush and talking to has been nice too.

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      To be honest I find even the people who seem interested really aren’t and these topics usually include alien life and general worldly questions, also history. There is more but I find I can be annoyingly picky, if they talk about something I have no interest in I no longer pretend I am.

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