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      There has been a big debate on BestGore about the shape of the earth. @thedre says the earth is flat. I think it’s round. Now, what is important is what is true. This topic for me is nothing personal. It’s just another debate topic.

      When I was in University, we would be given topics to debate. It was up to the professor to decide which side you were to argue in the debate regardless of what your beliefs are. It is about giving your best evidence. It’s not about arguing, name calling, insults, or character assassination. It’s about showing what your evidence is.

      So, I believe the earth is round. The best way to prove this @thedre is to get in your car in Ottawa, and start driving east or west. When you get to an ocean, get in a boat and continue travelling east or west. When you hit land, get in a car and continue travelling east or west depending on which way you initially chose to travel. Continue to travel in the same direction the whole time.

      If you end up back where you started, then the earth is round. If you hit an ice wall and a dome, then the earth is flat. It’s easy to do. It’s a trip around the world. No planes needed. You just need a car and a boat. I believe you would end up back where you started. The shape doesn’t matter to me. Only what is true matters to me.


      round earth

      Or this.

      flate earth

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      Another thing I would like to bring up is the Illuminati playing cards. There is a flat earth card. The elites knew decades ago that there would be flat earther’s because they are the ones that planned on bringing up the topic. It is my belief that the Freemasons who made the Illuminati game cards in Texas are the ones that got this topic started on the internet in order to discredit conspiracy theories and throw dust in the eyes of the public.

      Here is the card made by a Freemason in Texas.

      flat earth card

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      Excellent synopsis of Scientific Method and what an unbiased believer in the Truth is ;one who is lead where the evidence takes him/her.
      Great cartoon @despy . It is all a question of scale in the end.

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      You can’t prove it to flatter. End of story. EXACTLY like they cannot prove it’s flat to me. I’ve read countless articles about the FE movement, pro and con, and the debate won’t end. There’s money (for somebody) involved somehow, there has to be, otherwise what’s the use of spending every waking hour trying to convince others that the earth is flat? I’m just really amazed at the depths they sink to to try strong arm people into believing, who clearly have no interest in listening to their “facts”. THAT’S the definition of cognitive dissonance. When you state that people who don’t believe in FE are Jew agents, well, that says it all.

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        Don’t mock my world turtle!

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      GDPR Harvester

      There is one good way. Build your own home-made rocket, strap a parachute loosely to yourself, launch yourself upwards and when you get to five thou…….oh wait. 🙁

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        More flat earth claims being made in a song with a cartoon of a flat earth but zero evidence.

        Also dre, I’m going to watch every video you post, just so you don’t think I’m ignoring them. I will watch every single one and then comment on it.

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      Friends have often asked me why
      I’m sensitive about my height
      I will look around and say,
      hmm–I thought I was immune
      all my life I have waited
      to be given any word
      it was screaming to be heard
      please remember…
      the Earth can be any shape you want it
      any shape at all
      dark and cold or bright and warm
      long or thing or small
      but it’s home and all I ever had
      and maybe why for me the Earth is flat
      Turn the island to the storm tonight
      Who turned it?

      Then when they spill the demon seed
      turn and face into the wind
      all along you still believed,
      believed you were immune
      and if love is all you’re missing
      look into your heart
      is anybody home?
      please remember…
      the Earth can be any shape you want it
      any in the world
      but don’t you point that ray gun at me
      I might just explode
      there are stones buried in your soul
      and only a fool would blame the death of rock and roll
      and in time you’ll come to understand
      this flat old Earth is in your gentle hands

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        Oh, well if some guys wrote a song about it, it MUST be true.
        You know guitars can’t actually weep, right? It’s important to me that you know that.

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          A song is proof of nothing. It is just more claims being made without evidence.

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          Mkay, I thought the sarcasm was very much less than subtle but I guess I was wrong? 🤨😐

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          No, you were clear. My comment wasn’t toward you. It was toward the videos posted. I totally understood your sarcasm. You’re good.

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          Ah grand love, just didn’t want you thinking I was a flattard 😉 Songs are proof enough for them!

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      @thedre when you say the earth is flat, you are making one claim. When you say it is covered in a dome, that is a separate claim. When you say that that dome was created by the Christian God, that is also a separate claim. When you say that the oceans are held in place by an ice wall, that is an entirely separate fourth claim.

      You could start four different forums on these four entirely separate claims. You could make a forum on “the earth is covered by a dome”. You could make a forum on “The oceans are held in place by a big ice wall”. You could make a forum ” the christian god is real”. You need all of these things to be true for your theory to be true. If god doesn’t exist, then your theory falls apart. If there is no dome, then your theory falls apart. If there is no ice wall holding in all of the oceans, then your theory falls apart.

      We are talking about more than one thing here. You could debate all day long on just one of these claims, let alone all four.

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        A person believing that there is a dome would mean that they don’t believe asteroids/meteors have ever hit the earth right?
        I doubt that all those gaping craters in the earth came from within a dome lol…

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          There is absolutely zero evidence of a dome. The dome theory is based on religion. The Christian God, that doesn’t exist, made it. But no-one has seen it, and you can’t walk up to it or take a picture of it meeting an ice wall that holds in all of the worlds oceans? Do they know how much water weighs? ALL OF THE WORLDS OCEANS HELD IN PLACE BY SOME ICE? Nope, not buying it. It sounds absolutely ridiculous.

          How does a flat earther explain tides then?

          The weakest part of this flat earth theory is the dome and the ice wall. NO evidence has ever been shown of these things meeting.

          Also, no one has ever shown a video of the edge of the flat earth with a dome covering it.

          All I see are a bunch of claims being made with zero evidence to prove them.

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      Mr Spock

      The big question is….if the Earth was flat, is it really possible for billions of people to be fooled into thinking it was a globe? Fooled by whom? And what would be the motivation?

      What about Britiish explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes? This guy has been to Mount Everest, both Poles etc. Surely he’ll tell you it’s a globe?

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        @mrspock the only thing you have to do to prove the earth is round is start travelling east or west until you return to your starting point. This is simple to prove. It just takes an around the world journey by car and boat.

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          Mr Spock

          I take the view that Earth is a globe of course. That would be quite an expensive journey, lol.

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          That,,, it would be for sure my good B G Bro, with a great sense of humor.
          Ahh-Man,,, if all of our siblings had the same sense of humor as you do, and carries so much less hate around by ridiculing one of their-own 🙁 Man this site would be such a nicer place to belong to, and to be part of.

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          @thedre I’m not ridiculing you dre, and I don’t hate you. I’m challenging the idea that the earth is flat. It’s a debate. It’s not personal against you.

          Dre, you have to leave the option open for people to discuss and examine the evidence of flat earth claims without thinking it is an attack on you. I don’t know how you became obsessed with just this one topic. But if I were you, I wouldn’t take it personally when people challenge this theory. I simply don’t believe it’s true. I disagree with you, but like I said, it’s not personal against you, and I’m not trying to hate on you.

          But you are the one saying the earth is flat, so that’s why I’m addressing it to you. I can’t control how other people react man.

          Don’t take it so personal, it’s a debate, and the ultimate purpose is to find the truth, whatever that is. If you can prove your theories, I will accept it. But I’m going to follow the evidence wherever it leads.

          I think you should also be open to the possibility that you might be wrong dre. I mean, do you think it is possible that you got sucked in by some youtube videos by some government shills?


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      A SONG BY,,,


      It’s poetry in motion
      And now she’s making love to me
      The elements in harmony
      She blinded me with science
      She blinded me with science
      And hit me with technology

      Good heavens Miss Sakamoto
      You’re beautiful
      I-I don’t believe it
      There she goes again
      She’s tidied up
      And I can’t find anything
      All my tubes and wires
      And careful notes
      And antiquated notions

      But, it’s poetry in motion
      And when she turned her eyes to me
      As deep as any ocean
      As sweet as any harmony
      Mmm, but she blinded me with science
      She blinded me with, with science
      She blinded me with PSEUDOSCIENCE

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        Yeah, but saying that there is a dome made by a Christian God is not science. That’s religion. And there is absolutely no proof that there is a dome covering the earth. That video with the rocket going up that supposedly hits the dome doesn’t prove that there is a dome. Any rocket travelling thousands of miles an hour and then crashing into a dome would be demolished. Not in perfect shape just floating there.

        You can’t prove there is a dome. There is zero proof of a dome.

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        They made up everything? Then they made up Christianity too. Therefore, there is no Christian God to make a dome, because they made him up.

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        What about travelling east or west until you return to your starting point? You don’t need a photo. Just a car and a boat.

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        I want to see the dome and the ice wall where they meet. Show that to me. This has not been shown by anyone. We have only heard a story, no evidence, no pictures or video of it. You say there is no picture of the earth. There is also no picture or video of an ice wall meeting a dome.

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          I want to see a pic of the flat earth.

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          GDPR Harvester

          And I want to see a pic of you naked, eating freshly-cooked scampi whilst baking peanut-butter cookies.

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      Flat-earthers are no-hopers. They are both never interested or smart enough to want to know the truth. They wantYOU to see what they say is the truth.

      Religious fanaticism and nothing else. Logic ,evidence and truth never enters into the equation with them. Belief,THEIR belief is all that matters and thus is truth. In a zombie apocalypse ,they would be food for starving others.

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      this thread devolved into bashing thedre and it has me down.I may not share his view but I can appreciate the passion. although, there seems to be other stuff going on I missed. feel free to state argument so I may take sides 🙂

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        You have made my cry. And this old, & sick man cried because for once in years,,, Years,,, i felt loved, instead of ridiculed, and hated so, so much all the time. All i want to do lately is to leave the site, and just run, and keep running until i cannot run no more,, but i just can’t do it, as i have tried hard lately.

        So Yourself, @despy ,, @spock ,, and @vincitomniaveritas have never ridiculed me, or shunned me because all i ever wanted to do was to share with you’s what i have found-out/learned about The Flat-Earth. And all i want to do is to share my passion with all my fiends and (Real Family) at least i thought you’s all were, except for you 3 kind souls above who do not want to hurt me. But no matter how truly try hard with the rest of them, by showing that *(I DO LOVE & CARE FOR THEM ALL)* It seams that they just want to hurt, and hate me more.

        And Now that i am completely alone with svarg26 gone, i have never felt so lonely in my life again, and just like when i ran away from my violent childhood home as a young 14 year-old boy,,, i am constantly contemplating doing the same, by running away from the ones that i care for. But after seeing more, and more everyday that the feeling is not mutual,,, why stay for more hurt, and embarrassment/// Why?

        I Am so tired of being tired, and sad all the time that when i am not on here, or at my doctors,,, i sleep all the time and getting very sick, and depressed over this. I Thought that i could depend on You’s for love & support when i needed-it most, but it always ends-up being that i end up getting embarrassing comments like Oh,,, He Sounds So Needy,,, Or lets feel sorry for poor little Andre,, & oh,, i feel sorry for him, lol. 🙁

        You know Guys/Gals,,, i have spent so many of my years here quietly sobbing because of the many stories that i have heard from other members that were so abused, and mistreated, that i spent multiple hours conversing with them, and reassuring them That *I LOVED THEM*, And that things will be ok, and get better with time. These poor (kids mostly) were so lost cause they never had a Father Around while growing up in a single parent violent home with men coming in and out like revolving doors.

        And Because it reminded me of my troubled childhood,,, i felt i had to help them at any cost, which i did even though it brought back many of my past horrors, as i explained to them that they were not alone. Now because many were only looking for acceptance, and love,, or they simply needed a Father Figure/Role Model. So with many,,, i took on this role and helped them see that life is good and that there is lots of good people out there. And because they now had somebody to speak to, and get good advice from,, once given to them, most of them simply moved-on with life, and kept in touch with me whenever they felyt down, or needed to be reassured that they had, and will always have a loving, & sincerely caring friend to show them that they are still loved today.

        So i could never understand how you’s (except for the 3 above) all could hate somebody that Love’s You Guys/Gals so much. How could the others be so cold, and heartless to me, and have so much hatred towards me i will never come to fully understand,,, Ever! And i say this because besides my screwed-up and incredibly violent childhood that i went through,,, i still today look for love and reassurance from others. And that has consumed my life entirely, and it has had me forever, and still today, searching for answers.

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          But yet you still attacked me when I never once ridiculed you in any way you damn hypocrite.

          Don’t play innocent when it’s you who is the aggressor when you think somebody is not on your “side”.
          That’s your problem, you think this is a my side, your side kinda thing.

          If you can find any comment where I bad mouthed you or ridiculed you in any way, I’ll buy you a new fucken rocker since you broke the other when you fell out of.

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          There you go with your “my side” “their side” thing again.
          You take everything too personally.

          Two-faced?? Really?? So I’m not allowed to laugh when someone says something funny or else I’m taking sides and am two-faced? You’re delusional pal.

          All she said was do more research and then you went off on her (@Acidicly). Oh, and the rocker joke as well which I even told you was funny and you thought so too.

          Then I had to correct you after you said she had only been here for 2 years when it was really 8 years, but that was two-faced to do too huh lol..smdh…

          “Put a bid in with Mark”??
          Dre, in all seriousness, I don’t care if you plan to purchase this site from Mark, you’d probably be worse than @Slicer combined with @Fighting Irish on crack with an itchy trigger finger, but hey, I still wouldn’t give a shit.

          It would just be a question of how many weeks would it take for Mark to come back out of retirement and save the day.

          We have more important shit to worry about, why do you even continue to press all this flat earth shit?
          How much are they paying you?
          What’s in it for you?
          Have you been targeted and they made you out to be a flat earth freak?
          Did they put something in your hash??
          I mean what the heck man?
          Oh wait, you don’t answer questions, nevermind.

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        This forum post is about proving what shape the earth is. Everything else is irreverent to the topic of the post. I asked for evidence that the earth is flat. That’s not attacking you dre. It’s a quest for knowledge and truth.

        If you are wrong then you should just admit it, instead of throwing a pity party. You are sticking to this flat earth thing as if it is a religion or something.

        Yeah, it’s cool if you share your discoveries and beliefs, but if what you have discovered is wrong and your beliefs are wrong, then it is only right to show you the errors and correct your beliefs so you know the truth. I don’t want you to be steered in a wrong direction, and I think you’ve been conned into believing something that is not true.

        And dre, you can’t guilt people into believing what you believe with stories about your childhood. How is any of this relevant to the topic of the thread. You have gone off topic with personal stuff about yourself. These personal things have absolutely nothing to do with the topic of this thread, which is flat earth or round earth.

        Are you seriously saying that you would leave BG because you are wrong about the shape of the earth? That’s your pride fucking with you dre. Your ego. You can’t stand being wrong.

        We’re here discussing the shape of the earth and you start writing about personal issues. One has nothing to do with the other.

        Dre, you are mixing up people being your friend and supporting you with scientific discussions and research. Dre, emotions don’t fit into scientific logical thinking.

        Now, you are writing about how people have treated you on here in the last year, but I’m not talking about that. I want to know what shape the earth is. If you are having problems with getting along with other members, that is one thing, but me having a debate with you about the shape of the earth has nothing to do with how you are getting along with others on here. They are two separate issues.

        So, I am open to debating you on the shape of the earth, but if you can’t handle being wrong about it, then let’s just end the debate.

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          @proto zio / P.O.Z
          I think andre would rather leave bg than admit that he’s been bamboozled by the Flattard fake religion/* cult & totally wasted so much time watching their silly cartoon garbage, I think his wife already left him because of his obsession with f.e. ??
          And he really does consider his only family NOW,…
          IF YOU press him to abandon this false religion he ‘REALLY WILL*~ fall off his rocker/ round the bend*/& lose all his marbles and get committed to the funny farm ?????
          I hope he can admit he was wrong & maybe he can even save his marriage & apologize to those he has maligned as well ??
          Good luck to you for trying to have an honest debate though.

          !! I bet he’ll just keep on lying to himself & saying you’re attacking him personally ,…
          But hey you tried & so did @hamburgerbob
          Danke @protocolsofzion

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          I bet a defective rocker made by da damn devil JooZ was the reason andre fell off!!
          CuckOO CUCKOO CA CHOO JOO ~


          Said he’d by you a new one

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          I had this unbreakable Westminster Teak Rocker in mind but the damn thing costs $998.00 + tax 😬

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        I understand why you think everybody is ganging up on Andre, but to be fair, you missed out on two years of his attacking us in every way he could possibly do so. He is not innocent here. If you want some reading on what has lead up to this and can see his vile name calling in action, read a few of these. He is a pro at feeling sorry for himself and claiming he’s the victim. His anger all spills from a thread Nem put up.
        Andre believes only his beliefs are the correct ones, and just about anyone who debates him is the enemy. He turned on me and a few others SIMPLY because we defended Nem’s right to post his own forum thread. He has accused of us of being jew shills here on the site. He has told everyone that Nem was arrested for molesting his daughters, it goes on and on…there’s not enough time of space to write it all down. He has badmouthed, motherfucked, lied, and basically any other behaviour to make us dislike him…then he always comes back acting like he was just joking, then when we tried to forgive and forget, he launched right back at us. He is not the victim here. ..but he is very good at acting like one. Do not be fooled by his “woe is me” routine. Again, I understand why you, who did not see years of abuse from him to understand, because he is good at playing the victim, but I have every forum thread on my computer where he attacked us for months, he dished it out as well as received it, but the point I’m trying to make is that when HE is “tired” of it, he cries like a Fucking pussy to anyone who will listen. . .and members who didn’t see the whole story will be confused to why poor little Andre is getting attacked. No one cares what he believes, at least I dont, my problem is his lying and attacking others who won’t agree with his “truths”. He just wants to you to think we are mad about his beliefs…but really, nobody cares what he believes. He cries more than any bitch on this site. Sorry if it sounds mean and nasty, but I’ve been on the receiving end of his crazy rants for too long to give him anymore breaks…he’s used them all up.

        Also, I don’t pick my friends based on who they like or dislike, like he does…so I love you even if you’re his friend…but he doesn’t extend the same, so fair warning.

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        @illegalsmile55 hit it on the head, @desp.
        Not one of the folks on this thread had any issue with Andre’s beliefs and still don’t. Some attempted to engage, debate or question in good faith in the past and were subjected to vile abuse from him and svarg for their trouble. Some only tried to intervene and defend those were were being slandered and attacked by them and some, like @hamburgerbob, only made the mistake of commenting completely innocently on a thread where he was getting called out for being dishonest. They all got the same abuse.
        He has made numorous attempts at contrition which were accepted by his friends at the time but only until he gets bored or wants attention and then the attacks begin anew. They are quite right to be done with him, they afforded him more chances than I ever would.
        He will try to make seem as though he is being victimised. He’s only getting what he deserves in my opinion.

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        He’s attacked me twice before out of the blue. Once in a comment section on one of the BG posts and another time on a forum page that had nothing to do with the shape of the earth because I don’t share his views. Even though I’ve never mocked or ridiculed him for them. I forgave and forgot after the first time and had to stop myself from continuing to verbally abuse him after the second time. Part of me wants to join everyone here and let him have it but another part of me feels sorry for him. Old Jack would’ve been relentlessly hounding him across all of his forum pages after the first time.

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      @illegalsmile55 I am at work for next 8 hours . I will reply/ hang out later this evening! have great day! 🙂

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        ,I won’t lie to you . I saw your response many hours ago and chose not to respond. Not because I don’t like you or that I don’t respect you but because I am so disgusted and tired of this whole Dre/ flat earth situation. It was just too much trouble and I have made a conscious decision to get away from trouble.It was sucking the oxygen out of the site and out of my soul. I believe many others felt very similarly as well.

        In any case ,others have responded to you and I am sure you trust and know them more than me. I could not have said anymore than they did and certainly not as nicely.

        I don’t plan on saying anything else about this topic in the near future.
        Bravo to Protocols and Hamburger ,lately, who both also tried to reason with Dre and /or debate the issue logically and without Rancour. I tried ,as did others,as well earlier and failed. Hopefully though ,they will prove to be better men than I .

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          @Hopingfornemesis (The Double-Talking Hypocrite)

          I Might Stand Alone,,,
          But d’ya know what the difference is between you, & I Wittle-Boy Nemens Eh??? that is, And Will Always Be, That I (unlike yourself) Am No Fucking Lying Coward, and simply follow the ultimate truth in life, and i follow **My Very Own Path** instead of following the herd like The Sheep That You know you are deep down inside. And I follow my very own path of righteousness, and I Do So like A Fucking Real Man. And A Man That Will Never, Ever Give-In To Lies in order to have friends. But instead A Man who has sacrificed what he thought were his friends but Boy-O-Boy,,, was I Ever Wrong, and i’m not afraid to admit-it. I Will Continue Following God-Given-Truth That We All Share This Dome/Firmament Covered Flat & Motionless Earth, Cause That, and Love Are The Only Way To The Ultimate Truth, So At least I Stand Firmly Especially Knowing That I’m Right!

          Hey Nemes or whatever Da-Fuck you call yourself you did not Answer her cause you are to fucking much of a coward speak-up when someone opposes your fantasy’s And Furthermore,,, get Da-Fuck off of these Forum-Pages you pathetic little Brown-Nosing & Brown Balding Fucker.

          You say that you are sick and tired of me and Flat-Earth but you come on every fucking Flat-Earth Related Page YOU ARE SUCH A LYING FUCKING HYPOCRITE IT’S NOT FUNNY. ARE YOU NOT EMBARRASSED OF ALL YOUR DOUBLE TALK,,, CAUSE I WOULD MOST-CERTAINLY BE IN YOUR SHOES ***FUCKING HYPOCRITE IF I EVER SAW ONE****

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          GDPR Harvester

          Dre, you are a fucking joke. Just a few hours ago you wrote a whiny, woe-is-me post to Lisa. I’m not going to go into it, I’ll let others read the Encyclopedia-Britannica-length post for themselves. Now you come out with a fistful of flat-earth posts with the usual venom they entail and also a post of abuse at Nem. And you wonder why the fuck everyone hates you now? You are NOT the person you used to be; you have just turned nasty….no other way to describe it. I’m done with you for good, no matter whether you remain an asshole or if you become a mirror image of the Archangel Michael himself. If there were a blocking function on this site I would insta-click it for you. I don’t even want to see that you’ve posted, never mind read the shit you write.

          I really dislike having to speak to people like this but even if I get shit for it, whether it be from admin or members, sometimes things have to be said. You are your own worst enemy and there are times when you go from sycophant to nazi in just a single step with some people. If you want to be nasty then be nasty; just don’t fucking whine about it afterwards when everyone calls you out for it. I’m done here; from now on, as far as I am concerned, you don’t even exist.

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          He proves us right everytime. Give a man enough rope…..
          Why the vitriol condemnation at Nem? Because he dared to post a video about a global earth; something many others have done, but he hasn’t attacked them like he’s done to Nem for over two years. Now he’s telling others “to mind their own business “, to get off the forums! His forums! What he wants is us to all accept his religious bullshit, then smile while we chew that mouthful of shit he’s trying to feed us; but mostly he doesn’t want anyone to call him out on his bull shit behavior.
          I’m with you, he’s burned that bridge…. so I have to accept there is no helping him, or looking the other way, or forgiving his actions. He is deranged. Boo Fucking hoo.

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          @illegalsmile55 Look how many people came out here to this post and pretty much said, Dre we don’t care about flat earth, you’re just a dick to people and you need to stop. Yet he STILL wrote to you with a sob story about how people hate him because of FE!! He honestly does not get it and never will.

          Anyway, the countdown to an apology is always on so I look forward to that!

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          GDPR Harvester

          @illegalsmile55 @lady-lexis The three of us have been around this site for a while and we’ve seen Dre around for some years. The Dre today is another creature compared to yesteryear; this flat-earth nonsense, along with Svarg, has fucked with his brain and turned him into someone you can’t even have a conversation with unless you talk about flat earth and agree with him. Sorry, it ain’t gonna happen with me. I hope he changes because I feel like he’s going to drive himself into his grave over it all by means of a stroke and I don’t wish that on anyone.

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          I know he won’t read this, but this thread is a wonderful example of how he never attacks other members. I hope others read it though…two years ago…and like the Energizer Bunny…he just keeps going. He does say (honestly) that he will never stop trying to convince us all of the truths. Fucking rich.

          You’re in this thread too @lady-lexis, it’s like having a deja Vu

          The thread is under socially relevant/politics

      • #289404
        GDPR Harvester

        Dre has made a rod for his own back. As others have said, he has brought all this upon himself and I have zero sympathy for him. He spouts his BS, has no interest in opposing opinions, and viciously tears into those who disagree with him. Worst of all he’s a liar. He has turned into one of the nastiest people I’ve met online and I for one have said I am done with him. He is not the same Dre that used to be around on here and his flat-earth nonsense and antics have turned him into a virtual tyrant. I don’t hate him, I just hate what he’s become and I really hope he changes.
        Sorry, @thedre, I know the truth can hurt but sometimes you just gotta hear it to recognise it. You’re entitled to your beliefs but the way you’ve gone about things – the insults you’ve thrown to people who were your friends on here, your fake apologies and the hijacking of virtually every thread made – has turned you toxic to everyone. I hope you see this and change things around because it’ll take more than an apology to fix this, you’ll have to show people you mean it.
        I’ll leave you with a piece of advice which I hope you take note of….
        “When you find yourself deep in a hole, stop digging!”
        If you do, you might find people here willing to help you get out of the hole.

    • #289518

      I knew the earth wasn’t flat from the beginning. I knew it just from looking at the horizon when at the beach. There is the ocean, where is the ice wall? It isn’t there.


    • #289525

      This picture here shows you everything you need to know. The horizon is the curve. Where you see the ocean meet the sky, that’s the start of the curve that you can’t see past. It’s obvious if you think about it for a minute. You are looking at the curve. It’s right in front of your face.

      round earth

    • #289527

      For a six-foot tall person, the horizon is a little more than 3 miles (5 km) away.

      Geometry tells us that the distance of the horizon – i.e. the farthest point the eye can see before Earth curves out beneath our view – depends simply on the height of the observer. For example, if you stood atop Mount Everest (which is 29,029 feet, or 8,848 meters tall), the horizon would be about 230 miles (370 km) away.

      Taken from:

      So, in this picture, you are 3 miles away from the point in the curve that you can’t see the rest of the ocean past. And it is the same distance no matter what beach you are standing on, or what ocean you are looking at. I would know, I have travelled all over the world and looked at the horizon at the beach in every country I’ve gone too. It looks exactly the same everywhere. The curve is 3 miles away if your are six feet tall. The horizon is the fucking curve!!!

      horizon is the curve

      • #291159


        Geometry tells us shit, and nothing but lies (When It Comes To The True Flat Earth), and see below!
        (EVEN THOUGH I KNOW YOU WONT) Give me that respect, as i have explained, and showed you’s all over, and over these same fucking stupid questions for YEARS AND YEARS Bro So don’t blame be for getting upset when all i do is repeat myself umpteenth fucking times man,,, C’Mon Brother, like fuck-man!

        And yes i said stupid cause after explaining-it, and showing it all to you’s for years, and years you’s still ask the Same Damn Questions.

        A Nikon Cool-Pix Camera, Or (to be more precise) The P-900 or The P-1000 Series Camera with x-84 digital zoom, which is an (almost unlimited Zooming Capabilities) has brought back, and continues to bring back today, these Ships that Should/Would Be Behind The Curve If One Existed. These Ships, And Even Planes That Are 40 some 45 Thousand Feet up In The Air which is (About,,, Again “About” 8 Miles-Up) instantly come into full view, and being able to read the planes name itself.

        are countless miles away and that should never be seen if there was a curvature that by the way,,, does not exist whatsoever.

        Now have you ever used The Auto Cad Computer application??? I Have used it for 20 years while in construction to make plans, drafts and so on. If you have not, let me know, and i will be glad to show you how to calculate distances and sizes for any shapes from a sphere, to a hexagon, and so on. So to calculate The Earth Supposed Curvature The Pythagorean Theorem Will Be The Only Way To properly do so in AutoCad anything i will give you a quick lesson on how to use it in order for yourself to be able to calculate Earth’s Supposed Curvature which at 25 Thousand Miles In Circumference adds-up to 8 inches for every Mile Traveled Squared

        • #291240

          @thedre, how do you know I won’t do something? I already told you I will watch every video you post and then comment on it. I just watched this video, where is the ice wall? I don’t see it.

          Also, I can post videos with ships and boats disappearing behind the horizon. Here is a video with the exact same camera showing it with the Nikon Coolpix P900.

          Also dre, let’s keep it respectful.

    • #289552


      flat moon

      moon is flat

      laughing moon

    • #289554

      moon comedy


      round moon

      • #291149

        If the Moon’s fazes were caused by the reflection of the Sun, then,,,

        #1- The Moonshine especially in the Full Moon Faze would shine it’s slightly warm rays down on us no??

        #2- Why is it colder when you are in the full view of The Full Moon’s Light which is supposedly The Sun’s Reflection. And when you are in The Full Moon’s Shade it is noticeably warmer??

        #3- If the Moons Phases Were caused by the Sun, As These Evil Jewish Sun-Worshipers tell us they are,,, then explain to me why they are not reversed (these so-called Moon Phases) when they would have to Be Inevitably Reversed every Six Months.

        #4- Explain to me also why the Moon which has exactly The Same Gas Formed Craters all over it. Cause you do know that it is technically impossible to have had it hit thousands of times, and dead-on straight every single time, as you can see no skid marks, or long trails tailing them which would indicate that it came in on an angle.

        #5- Why is it that you can sometimes see stars behind The Moon When you can actually see them move behind Te Moon In real time if you own a telescope. Fuck i’m tempted to ship you mine (In A Self-Addressed Big-Box) to your place in B-C or, in British Columbia for those who do not know where B C is. And just so you can see-it with your own eyes.

        #6- I And millions, upon millions of others now believe (as i do) that the Moon Is Nothing More Than A Molten Glass/Ice type of disc, which would then explain why you can sometimes see stars,,, clouds,,, and even the odd plane as they all pass behind it.

        #7- Have you ever thought why The Moon Only Shows One face??? because that’s all their is to see, as it is flat, and not a globe just like our earth. And because it has no Dome/Firmament it cannot contain the air, water, and life-sustaining oxygen that Our Creator/God gave us life with. That is why The Moon Is Super Cold, and high up above us.


        • #291413

          @thedre Dre, the moon is inside the dome with the sun, no? Why would the moon need a dome if it is already inside earths dome? So there is oxygen on the moon? It’s inside the dome right? So we can walk on the moon and breath the fresh air that’s inside the dome?

          What is holding up the moon in the dome? What is the force making the dome go in circles in the dome?

          Why does the moon have different phases? Example, full, cresent? It’s inside the dome, so what is causing the shadow on the moon?

          If the moon is a molten glass/Ice type of disc, how is it floating in the air inside of a dome? Wouldn’t it fall to the ground? What’s holding it up? Space doesn’t exist right? It’s just a bunch of water above the dome.

          So the moon is inside the dome. Please explain.

    • #289564

      If the sun were inside a dome covering a flat earth, it would get hot as fuck, as hot as an oven, because the heat would be trapped inside the dome like my grandmas oven.

      flat earth bullshit

      Just like this guy baking cookies inside his dome car!

      baking cookies in a car

      And all of that trapped heat would melt the “ice wall”.

      melting ice

      • #291142


        How many times will you ask this same question but in different ways bro. Man-O-Man, this is becoming quite boring, always the Same damn question 3 times now telling me that you can bake cookies in a car,,, very scientific @TheProtocolsOfZion very well done.

        Now here comes the same damn answer for a third time.
        #1- Heat Rises, And that at only 35 Thousand Feet (NOT MILES) But Feet Dude, above us it is cold enough to freeze the balls off of a brass monkey.

        #2- And Furthermore Did You Not know that at 35 Thousand Feet It Is -54.3 Degrees Celsius dude, And -65.8 Degrees Fahrenheit.

        • #291248

          I have never asked this before ever. This is the first time I’ve mentioned it. What are you talking about dre, I’ve never asked you this question. Show me where I did? Let’s see it. Post where I asked this question.

          And you call the bible scientific? I could say the same thing to you about the dome. God created the dome? Very scientific @thedre very well done.

          You’re being pretty sarcastic buddy.

          To 1# and #2 that’s because there is no dome. I know how cold it is up there, I see the frost on the airplane windows when I fly.

    • #289572

      And what about volcanic eruptions giving off all of that heat? The heat would also be trapped in the dome.


      • #291136

        Holy-Fuck @TheProtocolsOfZion

        Are you just fucking with me now? or are you really telling me that you did not know, & whatsoever that,,,
        #1- Heat Rises, And that at only 35 Thousand Feet (NOT MILES) But Feet Dude, above us it is cold enough to freeze the balls off of a brass monkey? Or as evolution would have-it, The Neanderthals is where You have Been led to believe that we all descended from.

        Did You Not know that at 35 Thousand Feet It Is -54.3 Degrees Celsius dude, And -65.8 Degrees Fahrenheit.

        • #291254

          I don’t know what you’ve been reading, but I made a post about the Jews being descended from Neanderthals, and whites are descended from Promagnum Man. You’re not paying attention.

          Yeah, I know how cold it is up there, that’s because there is no dome. Like I said, if there were a dome, it would be hot as fuck, but it isn’t, because there is no dome. And in the video, that’s a close up of the arctic, let’s see it from space. I thought you said the Ice wall was guarded by the military? We’ve all seen glaciers before dre.

    • #289577

      Plus all of the heat given off by cities and everything in them all over the earth. That supposed “ice wall” wouldn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell.

      melting snowball

      • #291122


        Again, and as always as all due respect i will answer your question honestly, and to the best of my ability and knowledge. So lets get started shall we??

        #1- You do know that heat rises right?

        #2- you do know that at Only 26 Thousand Feet,,, were talking Feet Here Brother, and (Not Miles) high it is -36.5 degrees Celsius, or -33.7 degrees Fahrenheit right?
        – And that at 35 Thousand Feet it is -54.3 degrees Celsius or, -65.8 degrees Fahrenheit or death in mere seconds?

        #3- So the Ice Wall is standing strong, and i guess the Real Authenticated Pictures of The Ice-Wall that you can check have not been photo-shopped as there is no square box around it meaning that it was not copy & pasted like the fake Apollo Earth Pictures Have all been found to be, right???

        • #291260

          I’ve already addressed the temperatures, but I’ll do it again. Yes, it is cold up high, that’s because there is no dome, like I said, if there was a dome, it would be hot as fuck, but it is not, because there is no dome. What you are posting just proves what I am saying.

          I said if there was a dome, it would be hot as fuck. There is no dome. So it is not as hot as fuck. That’s why it’s so cold up there.

          The only things those videos show is a close up of a glacier. And, you said that the military is guarding the “ice wall” so how did these people get a video of the “ice wall” without getting killed?

          I know already, there is no ice wall. There is no military guarding anything. You have a few videos of a glacier.

          If they could get that close to an “ice wall” that is supposedly guarded by the military, then they could show the dome from there. If they are at the “ice wall” then they should be close to the “dome” edge and the edge of the flat earth. They could fire a rocket at the dome from there and video it.

          Let’s see someone go to the “ice wall” and send up a ballon with a camera attached. Let’s see what we see up high.

          If they could go to the “ice wall” then why not go a little bit farther and show the actual edge of the earth? After all, they were smooth enough to get past the military guarding the “ice wall”.

          If they got that close to the “ice wall” in a plane, they could fly over and show the edge of the flat earth. They didn’t, because it doesn’t exist.

    • #289728

      I am going to be brutally honest and say not only do I not believe the Earth is flat I find the idea of a flat Earth absolutely absurd. I could very well be wrong, but I am completely willing to take the risk.
      and as my friend Dre if one day you are proven correct I give my full permission for you to personally toss me off the edge but even then I feel likelihood of flying pig swooping in and gliding me to safety extremely high

      over the years I have watched probably 10 of your recommended videos and not single one convinced me of a flat Earth ,nor has one even made me slightly question it

      as much as you believe in flat Earth I match your passion with belief Earth is round so everytime you post video it is, my opinion, redundant bullshit. it’s like you ringing me up at noon and telling me to look outside it is dark. you keep calling and calling and insisting it’s dark when nothing you could say could convince me otherwise cause I am completely surrounded in light

      we are so far apart on this that yes you are correct I ignore it/you
      and I think you feel everyone ignores you and maybe they do because nowadays 90% of your posts involve flat Earth and 100% disagree with you.

      I got pretty well sidetracked this evening clicking on latest posts “related gore” and you were all over these old posts engaging with others and having good time. why? because not once did I read any flat Earth. it was just you being you without that and made for a great read. everyone is not against You. it’s the constant bombardment. it’s like it’s all you want to talk about.

      nothing has changed, I consider you a great friend and I hope after sharing this you can say same

      • #291124

        I Love you my B-G sister, but please do not hate like the others for perusing what i know to be the right thing
        for myself to do. And Love,,, you cannot fall off of the edge, and you will see below why. 🙂

    • #289737

      @thedre This is meteor crater in Arizona. How did an asteroid from space make this massive crater if there is a dome covering the flat earth? Did it smash a hole in the dome? I think this makes it very clear to any honest rational person that there is no dome.

      meteor crater

      • #291099


        With all due respect sir,,, A Rational and extremely honest person would look at all aspects and without bias, or ones ego interfering it would come to realize that you can never trust the Jew-Muricans with their Many lies so they can not veer off while perusing their agendas that must conform to their continued stories and (Comic Book Space Cartoons). One must learn to “Separate Fact From Fiction” in order to see more clearly the whole and truthful picture that has been in front of them all along.

        So out of *Respect For You’s All* and i mean (all of the other Non-Believers to) i will at least have the decency to answer all of your questions (honestly as always) and to the best of my ability, even though i have already answered & explained most of these questions, if not all of them, in previous discussions that i had with Nemes quite some years-ago. And we discussed-it with each other (back then) while i answered his many questions while always being open-minded, remaining completely unbiased, & doing-so respectfully.

        And this is something which i truly believe everybody deserves, and that is to be herd, and that is for anybody to have the dignity of at least having the right to voice their opinion, and having the person questioning it do it respectfully, while doing lots of their (Own Research) on the subject before Passing Judgement on them, and simply just calling them stupid, unintelligent assholes, and the like.

        So first-off this was not, and has never been created by any Asteroid/Meteor whatsoever Brother, as the Masons, and Their Jewish Overlords at At NASA Would like us to believe. And i will explain, and show you in complete detail why this is the case (as i always do) with pictures, & proof below, the many reasons why.

        #1- When you see an Asteroid/Meteorite (or the like) most times they break-up into tiny piece before coming to rest on the ground. And what remains if any are these small basketball sized and smaller rocks. But every single time in recorded history, and in every single video “Ever Taken” of them they always come-in on an angle, therefore these perfect circular holes would be impossible to have formed always,,, always come in on an angle. So for all of the holes whether sinkhole or gas hole they are always

        #2- The exact same craters like the one in Arizona was created/formed some time ago by gas that bubbled-up and therefore surfaced the earth. This as a matter of fact still happens to this very day with the recent craters that were discovered overnight for A Russian Eskimo’s or Russian Siberian-Natives appeared overnight some were seen in mid-July and in 2014 having the same dead center (impact lookalike) when as we discussed above would have a long dirt ditch and would drag on the ground for hundreds of meters and have (A Huge Hill) at the very end of this drag mark, or tail where the supposed Asteroid/Meteorite would have lost it’s speed and come to a
        complete, and full stop. Therefore it would have stopped pushing up the earth at the end like a huge plow pushing a snowbank, and it would have came from the exact opposite, to the angle that it would have came crashing down from.

        #3- And if you take a close-up look at the moon if you have a telescope as i do, you would see much closer, and clearer that the exact same craters that are on the Moon Look like they have all came in dead-straight (sort of speak) having zero, or none of them coming-in on an angle whatsoever when the chances of this happening even once would be one in a million, as 99.99.999% would be coming-in on a definite and pronounced angles that would make it look like our moon was full of highways instead of all these perfect circular shaped craters.

        This write-up below was written by the Siberian Times wrote on February 23, 2015

        In mid-July 2014, a mysterious hole in permafrost, spotted by helicopter pilots in the Yamal region of northern Russia, captured the world’s attention. Reindeer herders reported a second hole some days later, and still later a third Siberian crater was found. Weird explanations ranged from meteorites to stray missiles to aliens, but by late July a team of scientists reported that they had measured unusually high concentrations of methane inside the first crater, which is now known as B1. The journal Nature published a story on its website on July 31, 2014 featuring those findings, and many accepted the unsettling idea that an explosive release of methane, related to global warming, caused the craters … until February 2015 when the Siberian Times reported more craters in Siberia. A Russian scientist speculated that there may be “20 to 30 craters more.” The report of more craters has led scientists to offer a different, simpler explanation for them, one that is still related to global warming, but does not involve a powerful and explosive methane release.

        More links will be provided below, and (On Another Page) as it will only accept a couple at a time.

        • #291268

          The links are both from mainstream owned media which is Jewish owned. The craters don’t look the same. The ones from the links are not rounded, they are straight up and down at the wall .

          Not conclusive proof of anything. They don’t look the same.

        • #291287

          @thedre so how do you explain this? How did this get through the dome?

        • #291289

          Also, look at the hole it left in the ice. A perfect circle, no tail because it came in on an angle.

    • #289740
      • #291128

        Pssst’ @desp
        It’s just a “myth,dream or
        According to dopey dre’,….
        I’ve been there 3 times
        When I lived in Arizona.
        Supposedly some rich guy wanted to mine the crater for iron,but never found much because it was all blown into tiny bits from the explosive impact !!
        The grand canyon is much more impressive & that was created by a river.

        Poor andre , his flat earth theory* is just like a GIANT TURD, stuck in the toilet bowl of his Brain.

        He really NEEDS to Flush it down & move ON to something else to obsess with ??

        Maybe you & lisa can get him some XTRA STRENGTH
        DRE’ NO®️


        • #291132

          Hey @boasp
          Try minding your own business, and trying to sway members one way, or another. Cause when someone are nice, and kind to me, and (for once) by not hating, or judging me before at least looking at, and/or reading what i have to say, or show.

          And B.T.W. Is it not Pig Shit Shoveling Time ???

        • #291452

          #1.) There is NO pig shit at a CATTLE farm !!
          #2.) I’ve never used a shovel for shit here.
          (Skid loader)*

          But ,I cannot tell a lie,
          On a dairy farm many many moons ago (last century in fact) I think it was 1973′ we had an ARMSTRONG®️ Barn cleaner*
          #3.) I’ve asked you before,… why can people in the northern hemisphere* see the star named POLARIS ‘,
          BUT people in the far southern hemisphere* CAN not’ see it ever ???

          HINT #1.) “if”*
          The earth was’*
          Flat everyone could see it !!
          Hint #2.) Because The fkn EARTH IS A SPHERE !!
          Wake up andre!!
          (an ARMSTRONG®️ Barn cleaner is a teenager with a pitchfork)
          USE Dre-NO’®️
          BRAIN CLEANER !
          Flush out those FlatTURDZ*

          Again Kudos to @theprotocolsofzion your patience with andre is admirable,
          Even though He still refuses to answer your basic questions
          With any thoughts of his own,..
          Just garbage from those Hucksters on jewtube ***
          Keep hammering away, one day he may snap out of his delusional *dre’am*….

    • #291105

      Page #2-
      Continuation of the Arizona Asteroid/Meteor which has now been proven to be at best A Myth/Legend/Folklore.

      The Masons/Jews/NASA Have been hell bent on keeping these lies undercover because it does not work with their fake space agenda. You will see in the link below, that the English Version of the video that i wanted to show you, (that i have seen myself, and just a couple of short years ago) has been quickly removed by the Jews, but you can still see (The Russian Helicopter Pilot Video Below) it that you can use to see what The Helicopter pilots saw that fine morning.

      Here is a short write-up on it below.

      What Created This Huge Crater In Siberia?
      What is it with Russia and explosive events of cosmic origins? The 1908 Tunguska Explosion, the Chelyabinsk bolide of February 2013, and now this: an enormous 80-meter 60-meter wide crater discovered in the Yamal peninsula in northern Siberia!

      To be fair, this crater is not currently thought to be from a meteorite impact but rather an eruption from below, possibly the result of a rapid release of gas trapped in what was once frozen permafrost. The Yamal region is rich in oil and natural gas, and the crater is located 30 km away from its largest gas field. Still, a team of researchers are en route to investigate the mysterious hole further.

      Watch a video captured by engineer Konstantin Nikolaev during a helicopter flyover below:

      Now in this video below you can see one that has been burning since opening-up years ago, it is exactly the same shape with no tail or skid mark cause it came in on an angle, it’s all just gas that is coming-out.

      So rest assured @TheProtocolsOfZion that any, and all almost perfectly round hole on earth is caused by gasses escaping, and sinkholes. ***SEE BELOW WHAT ELSE THESE GAS-GIANTS HAVE BEEN RESPONSIBLE FOR ALSO***

      High concentrations of methane, and natural gasses are also know thought to be responsible for most of The Bermuda Triangle Disappearances. Traces have been found at the bottom of the ocean where many ships, and planes disappeared ever to be seen again.

      A- SHIPS,,, When these huge gasses come up, it leave the ships underside with a huge empty pocket or space that can no longer support it’s weight, so like a twig, or toothpick, it just simply snaps in half and sinks quicker than they can even make a mayday call. which because of no support underneath it, it simply snaps in two like a twig, and super quickly sinks to the bottom so fast that not even time for a mayday call.

      B- PLANES,,, As for the planes That went missing, the scientists now believe that they could have either disappeared by A Downdraft, A Microburst, or an Explosion in the sky right above where these massive pockets of odorless gas have came out of the water and ignited above by lightning, or even the planes electrical system itself sending-it crashing to pieces and coming to rest at the bottom of the Southern Atlantic Ocean. concentrated in the sky above.

      • #291270

        Also dre, why would the Jewish owned mainstream media reveal that asteroid impact craters are just from gas releases from below if they are trying to hide the flat earth? If they wanted to hide it so bad, wouldn’t they just ignore them or say they’re from meteor to match their fake coverups?

        As for why all craters have no tail mark or seen to not come in from an angle, I don’t know the reason for that. I’ll research it.

        • #291334

          I mentioned this in our FE talks over two years ago . Why? Maybe because shallow- angle strikes are also not very deep so are rapidly eroded. Consequently, the only craters we observe are the hits that came in at steep angles,thus producing no tail ,have maximum penetrative power and thus depth. This means that they have had no time to be eroded all away like shallow -angle strikes ,voila ! The Only craters generally seen are those that are perfectly circular.

        • #291364

          Interesting explanation.

    • #291130


      As for **The Flat-Earth Truth** once you have studied-it,,, and saw it, and at length, 25 times over, as i have done for many, many years now, you will, and can never look back, unless you are lying to yourself.

      Cause way before (2 years approx.) i was even contemplating coming-out with-it or not,,, what i leaned, and saw with my own eyes can never, ever be unseen. And you cannot undo all the proof that has been presented to me that lots of it i have tested, and repeated it for my very own self which solidified it 100% more. Cause once it has been tested, calculated, and repeated time, and time again, and always arriving at the exact same true answer, there is absolutely no turning back to UNFOUNDED & BASELESS THEORIES THAT THE WHOLE GLOBE EARTH IS ABOUT 100%

      Also now that we have surpassed The 1 Billion Mark in people Who Know, and (Not Just Believe) that our Earth Is Flat that it is Spreading, and Even Quicker That A Blonde Drunken-Virgin On Her Prom Night. 🙂

      ************SO ENJOY TRUTH, AND WELCOME TO THE FLAT-EARTH************

      • #291272

        Where do you get the one billion number from? And if a billion people now know, and they can get close enough to the ice wall to get video, then let’s see where the ice wall meets the dome and let’s see the actual edge of the flat earth. That would be real proof.

        And the bible is not science. The Christian god creating a dome is not science. That’s magical thinking.

        • #291276
          GDPR Harvester

          It comes from Google search stats. The flerfers make them all believers.

        • #291283

          Google, Jew owned google? Can’t trust their numbers. Also, just because there have been a billion searches for flat earth, it doesn’t mean all of the people searching it agree with it. I would say that most of the people who search it don’t agree with it.

          Take BestGore for example. I have not seen one person agree that the earth is flat. Only Dre believes this. So if it was so easy to convince a billion people about flat earth, then why can’t dre convince anybody on BestGore. Are we all retarded? Everybody on this site is into conspiracies.

          Everybody on this site are seasoned truther’s. But none of us believe flat earth? Seems pretty conclusive to me.

          We have all been discussing conspiracy theories for years, yet not one of us agrees that the earth is flat! NOT ONE! This site is full of super intelligent people, all of whom have been discussing conspiracy theories for years. The people on this site know more secrets about this world than any other site you could compare it to. Yet, not one of us agrees with dre about flat earth?

          Sorry, I’m not buying that everybody on this site is too stupid to figure out flat earth, and dre, and only dre is the only one who is smart enough to understand flat earth. It’s the opposite. Everybody has seen all of the evidence presented for years, and it hasn’t convinced ANYONE! IN YEARS! It’s not our egos, it’s not our pride. It’s the complete lack of evidence!

          All we have is a claim that the earth is flat and a bunch of stories with zero evidence.

          Flat earth can’t be proven. A big dome can’t be proven. A big ice wall guarded by the military encircling the whole world can’t be proven.

          Flat earth is bogus. Nothing has been proven in years.

    • #291238

      C’Mon Poz,,, You Must Be Able To Shoot me a question without me debunking them as i did to every question that i have read so far, but there boring, and two damn easy man.

      Give me some really intelligently thought-of way to prove to me that The Earth Is Not Flat then Poz Try me.
      I Dare You as i will debunk all of the Theories that (I Already Know) that your, or the Globe is all about,
      cause iv’e only studied (BOTH,,, YEP,,, BOTH) Now for about 7 + Years, & Almost 7 Days a Week Brother,, and finally about 12 hours a day, every day 365 days a year more, or less.

      You can minus a few days from that for holidays and the like, and that is when i’m not on here. That Is All I Do Eat Sleep Drink The Globe & flat-Earth in order to keep finding (which b.t.w. i do find new proofs on a daily basis), lol, true-this that keeps-on deflating That Damn Ball of yours it ain’t funny anymore, it’s just downright tragedy that even up to the early 30’s,,, they were still teaching-it in Schools.

      And guess what the students did when they first herd that (Our Earth Was Not Flat Anymore) but that it was instead become this galaxy-dragging at 1 million miles an hour, and **Spinning on Itself** like,,, get this,,,like a fucking Toy-Top lol, lol, spinning on a table at 1039 miles an hour fer-fucks sake. A BALL,, **A FUCKING BALL** THEY SAID, AS THEY ALL LAUGHED, And some including myself and over 1 billion, or 1/7th. of the words population can now laugh along (With Them), and not Instead Laugh (At Them) our intelligent, and quite recent ancestors. A Fucken-Ball They Laughed, And hard.

      But Poz You Must First (Put Your Ego away & Admit To Yourself) and the others that your Ball Is In Trouble, and that (if you have not already noticed) well Pozzy-Pal it has been Deflating Along With All Of It’s 100% Theories and Quite Rapidly Might I Add? lol, lol??

      But i must say this in Closing,,,
      That honestly, those *Sons-O-Bitches Dirty Jew-Cunts* they really Outdone Themselves this time them cockmunching Pigs Of Satan-Jews. Or at least (they thought they did) for awhile, cause they had played a Grand Trick on our Asses, with this started in the 1030’s Globe-Shiat! And now it has reached a new level that it is right in the open for all too see.


      So it truly has become quite ridiculous to say the least that they still have you Guys/Gals Believing In That (Theory-Based-Only-Horseshit) when you’s never felt our Earth ever move once,except maybe for an earthquake that by the way would throw any ball off and wildly out of control like a spinning top on a table a tiny blow from your breath, of drop a toothpick on it,, a weightless little toothpick would instantly send-it completely out of control. Why would huge earthquakes not fuck up this high speed spin,,, eh??? COMPLETELY-IMPOSSIBLE.


      So next time you go outside,,, and it is windless you will feel nothing but calm earth below, and beautiful blue, blue sky above, that like it says in The Bibles Genesis Section (The Waters Above) while we look up to the blue sky and firmly, and safely planted on this Immovable/Still surface. And just like the flat water surface on a nice calm &windless day, you will realize that we are indeed (Still & Flat) with a beautiful & God-Created Dome/Firmament Earth We Call Our Home.

      And You Know (More Than Anyone Else) That I Truly Respect & Love You Man, My Good Canadian B G Brother Poz 🙂

      • #291274

        I already gave you the perfect way to prove the earth is round. Start traveling east or west until you return to where you started.

        That’s it. What is your response to that? You have not debunked that. It was the very first post at the top. You didn’t answer it.

        My ego is not involved dre, I don’t know why you keep making that accusation. I’m all about the evidence. So could you please stop saying this is about my ego, because it is not. It’s science, the evidence. Like I said, I don’t care what shape the earth is, I just want to know the truth, and will follow the evidence. All evidence to me shows it is round.

        And you say the earth doesn’t move. I do not know whether it does or doesn’t. Maybe the sun goes around the earth.

        But it just goes to show that planets and suns moving in space is a fact. Because something is moving? Correct? So movement in this universe isn’t a big deal because we already know that it is either the earth moving or the sun moving.

        But let’s say it is the sun moving around the earth, and the earth is still, that still doesn’t mean that the earth is flat.

        Do I think that NASA is hiding shit? YES! What it is that they are hiding, I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s that the earth is flat.

        It could be something else that they are hiding. Maybe they are hiding a whole other continent or big island or something. Maybe the maps are not accurate. Yeah, I believe they are definitely hiding something, but I don’t think it is flat earth.

        Also, try and debunk this video of a ship disappearing behind the horizon.

    • #291407

      @thedre If the sun was inside of the dome, wouldn’t that use up all of the oxygen in a confined space? Oxygen makes fire burn hotter and brighter.

      If the sun is inside the dome, what is holding up the sun? How is it just floating there in the dome?

      What is the force making the sun go in circles in the dome and staying on the same track.

      Why doesn’t the sun melt the dome above it? Heat rises.

    • #291454

      If you take a close look at The Gleason’s Map Below, and look at Australia for example. Do you see how it would be so very easy to sail, or fly from east to west with only a slight turn of a bout 1 degree an hour. This is how they have claimed to be the very first to circumnavigate the Globe.

      And when they claim that Not Magellan Himself, but his crew, ended-up completing the supposed circumnavigation of our earth because he was killed by natives after a dispute. But do you not find it (Kinda Strange Poz) that because they still new then that the earth was flat, as it was (taught in school right up until the 1930’s) it was considered normal for them to take A Full 3 years to complete the journey seeing just how detailed, and 100% perfect this map truly was, and this one (in the video below) was from the late 1800’s. I Will also produce a still photo that i have saved somewhere in my bookmarks years-ago, lol.

      So just as it did with Captain James Cook When he sailed for three years too, and The 65 Thousand Miles required
      to go around our ice-wall all the way in order to stop and board smaller row boats to shore where all of his surveying, and mapping took place, while knowingly going Around our known, and mapped Flat-Earth. And because ha was tasked with never loosing sight of the Antarctica and it’s surrounding ice wall where no land exists,,, he ended-up naming the many places that you can see on this map. And of all the land masses, and the vast Ice Wall Shorelines, that they completely circled (63 to 65 miles) is called Antarctica in Alexander Gleason’s Map.

      You guessed-it, it Was none other than Captain James Cook who was born in England in 1728, and died early in life in 1779 at the young age of 51. But during his short stay on Earth he was an Accredited Land, And Marine Surveyor,, A Certified Map maker,, A Certified Cartographer,, he also studied Algebra,,, Geometry,,, Trigonometry,,, Navigation,,, and Astronomy,,, Which all came in handy to Captain James Cook later when he was tasked again by The British Royal Society with mapping-out Venuses exact path in the sky, and in the Pacific Ocean, which would “When Combined with His Sextant” Help Him Determine The Distance Of The Earth From the Sun. He was a Legend,,, A great map maker, make maps of Newfoundland,,, The Eastern Coast of Australia,,, New Zealand,,, the Hawaii Islands. His …. He was first to survey and map North Carolina also before he was tasked with Hydrography.

      which is The Science that measures and describes the Physical Features of bodies of water. By mapping out water depth, the shape of (The Seafloor And Coastline) And the location of Possible Obstructions, and Physical Features of their Water Bodies. And because of Hydrography,,,it helps us, (Even Today) to keep track of all of our Maritime Transportation Systems, and to ensure that they are Moving Safely and Efficiently. He was tasked by Britain’s Royal Academy, or Society, with mapping-out Earth Surrounding Antarctica’s shoreline in order to see if their was any passage in to possible other lands beyond, and if so,, to find a passage, or a way in. And this was all done while using a pre-existing Flat-Earth Map, that was similar to Alexander Gleason’s. 1891 map below.

      Hydrographer definition,,
      The Science of the measurement, description, and mapping of (The Surface Waters of the Earth), with special reference to their use for navigation, It is sometimes/oftentimes used with a sextant to calculate time. And this is simply impossible to do if the water miles, and miles away, and below the sun would have any curvature, as it would reflect backwards and up behind the sun, instead of it’s reflection, and rays hit the water between them and the Sun. **Completely Impossible**

      The Statement below written by James Cook says it All, and by itself My Good Brother Poz.

      “Ambition leads me not only farther than any other man has been before me,
      but as far as (I Think It Possible For Man To Go).”
      *Captain James Cook*.

    • #291540

    • #343044
      Johnny Blade

      Remind me to never challenge poz’s intellect. That shit scares me.

      • #343071

        Ok, please don’t ever challenge Poz’s intellect because that shit is extremely scary.

        • #343077
          Johnny Blade

          Thank you. I feel better now. Now how ’bout this dude’s logic? Pretty weak, amirite?

        • #343120

          You gotta give him credit for all the time and effort that’s he’s put into it, but I’ll say this, I can make both arguments on spherical and flat earth, but I won’t.
          I also know for sure that the moon isn’t 93 million miles away, I mean that’s just common sense.
          Oh and these tards also horribly faked the moon landing and the deaths of the astronauts on the challenger, so now I really have to reevaluate everything that’s ever been taught to me by..them.

    • #347450
      Cock Carousel

      @theprotocolsofzion @illegalsmile55 @hopingfornemesis @despy I have not been on the forums in a couple of years. Dre says he is all alone… What happened to his wife? I can’t remember her name but he used to mention her in nearly every post. “‘Wife’and I are doing this”, or “‘Wife’ and I think that”. I hope everything is ok. The loss of a wife or girlfriend can make a man extremely bitter.

    • #347462
      Cock Carousel

      As for the flat earth topic, I will give my honest opinion. I do not know whether the earth is flat or round. What I do know is that there are definitely questions raised by the flat earth community that need answering. Where are the stars in the pictures of earth from space? Why did they fake the moon landing? Why are there no stars in the moon landing video? Why do some Nasa photos of the earth from space have cut and pasted clouds? Why have numerous politicians, royalty and military bigwigs been visiting antartica so much lately? Why did Admiral Byrd say the things he said on national television upon his return from antartica? There is something major that we dont know and these questions are only scratching the surface of it. Flat earth? Probably not. But it is something. If anyone has any input I would love to hear it.

      • #347491

        Welcome back Cock Carousal and i hope you have been riding many cocks since you were last here.

        A few thoughts.

        Many people necessarily believe the Earth is flat because they suspect the moon landings were faked.
        This is shit logic. The two are not necessarily associated. They may both be true but don’t have to be. One does not necessarily cause the other.

        The moon landings are starting to look fake, but no evidence has been able to break the Globe Earth Model. It still holds up.

        Admiral Byrd? He was a very old man and simply may have had a senior moment by then. It is known that the Allies raided the Antrarctic secretly and killed off Nazi bases there. It is known that both the Nazis and Japs did chemical and biological research on people. So could they have made chimeras like the ” Island of Dr Moreau? ” Creatures? Maybe . Supermen ,drugged on speed which was flooding Germany at the time?

        As for caverns ,well they may have dug whole bases into the ice and in the end natural means also make caverns in Antarctica. They are called crevasses and they can go on for ages and ages.

        • #347500

          I think @cockcarousel is the carousel, not the rider. I could be wrong though…let me go find a youtube video to prove the ***100%*** truth. 😛

        • #347508

          I know. Poetic licence…
          Hahaha I visualised a naked fairywoman hopping on to a pin-cushion of cocks ,from one to another streaming love juice like glistening spiderwebs in the morning.

        • #347510

          Went right over my head.
          You are more warped than I imagined…and that’s scary.
          I read this whole thread again and it’s really fucking sad. Like watching a friend self destruct and there’s nothing you can do about but walk away. Rob hit it on the nail head here. I hope he’s okay. I miss Beaker.

    • #347514

      Haha. You scared of me? I don’t think so. 😁
      He’s fine or was when I last spoke to him. He’s very self -sufficient as you know.

    • #347578
      Cock Carousel

      Yes, I have ridden many cocks, very kind of you to be so thoughtful

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