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      Muja Mi Rona

      Creating a phony world.
      Background info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/HyperNormalisation

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      Lord Wankdust

      This is a very beautiful and thoughtful film. It is NOT a quick watch or a film that gives you answers. But it will help you think. Even if through that thinking, you realise that there are powerful people and groups who have been thinking and working at this kind of shit for decades and decades and winning all the way. Before we even pulled our socks, underwear and shoes on.

      Adam Curtis has made a few other great documentaries for the BBC.

      Try to track down and watch “The Trap – What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom” which he made for the BBC a few years back. In the same vein as this “HyperNormalisation” film. Really excellent watching.

      You gradually understand how News is actually made, spun and written. Long before it has happened. Not a conspiracy… just how things get done. Nasty – but it is always better to know than not to know. Ignorance is not bliss.

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        Please don,t get me wrong brother when i say my statement below, because i watched about half hour of this cool documentary, but i see the Agenda Right Away behind it!

        After years of experience watching, and deciphering, “Anything From Jew-Owned Mainstream” i have learned one important key thing. And that is,,, If It Is Released To The Public, by the BBC,,, CTV,,, NBC,,,CBC,,, or The History Channel,,,to name a very few of these, You Can Bank On The Fact That These AGENDA-DRIVEN TV DOCUMENTARIES, are aired For Fear-Mongering Purposes, A Strategy Employed more than Ever these Days, That for Many (excluding Myself) Have Come To Accept as fact, instead of fiction, therefore keeping the masses on edge, and Increasingly Paranoid, as a result. And the more People that loose their minds because of it,,, the better.

        This Way They (The Establishments) have even more Control Over The Masses “in this” OUR POLICE STATES, and the more that The Cops Can Continue, And Even Intensify Shooting People At Will, labelled as sick on the Street, and kill them Outright, and without Question. You see by Labeling them as sickos, many more thousands become Institutionalized, which are really, and simply just, in your face New Death-Camps, where they will drug you to death. And, of course all because they are becoming paranoid as a result of watching and believing the half truths, as Full Truths. Documentaries like this one, and many others, including movies, and such are becoming a great tool for having many Guns Seized,(You Know, Because They Are Sick, and Dangerous To The Public now because of ALL Their FEAR-MONGERING TACTICS, and Bullshit!!! LOL, lol! **The EYES ARE USELESS, IF THE MIND IS BLIND** So stay sharp my good B G Brothers, & Sisters.

        In closing i must also add that it does have a great source of information, some very true, and well done regarding the Middle-East, Syria, and the U.S. So it is a great one if you can stay away from the fear-mongering aspect of it all.
        Kudos, @Caliban 🙂

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      I agree with @lord-wankdust. Lies run around the world before truth has put its socks on. Good post Legion!

      Four minutes in and i am already boiling! I am not american but the principles still hold.

      Why should a city borrow from banks? this only makes you beholden to banksters and their cronycapitalists! Raise taxes! Taxes buy civilisation! If you don’t want to pay more taxes then fuck off,don’t live in a first-world country.take your pissed -on underpants and move to a third -world shithole with your loot. See how far you will get there!


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      You know what Guys???? I Have to admit that IT IS INDEED One of “The Best Truth Documentaries” Regarding World Events, that I Have Seen in Quite Sometime. I am just starting The Glowing Orb in The Sky, Or The 1 hour mark and must be totally honest with you 3 that I Cannot Stop Watching It, lol. And it does NOT Even come Close to What I Thought it Would be Like,,, definitely One Of The MOST TRUTHFULLY ACCURATE ONES I’VE SEEN SO FAR! 🙂

      I JUST CAUGHT ONE OF THEIR AGENDA,s,,, It Is The Twin-Towers, and them Calling-It,,, You Guessed-It,,, Suicide Bombings, when we all know that it has been proven without a doubt to be Controlled Demolitions x 3

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